Why the Mobile Gaming Platform Has Become Number One

Mobile casino gaming here at Everygame Casino and throughout the online casino world has exploded in popularity in the last few years.  Some of the reasons are obvious and some are less obvious.

What Drives the Great Popularity of the Everygame Casino Mobile Casino?

Comfort and Convenience

These are the most obvious reasons for the fast-growing popularity of mobile casino gaming.  It is a lot more comfortable to play curled up on a soft sofa or chair instead of at a computer.  It is more comfortable—no to mention romantic— to play online casino games in bed with your spouse or significant other.

However, comfort and convenience were always present in mobile casinos long before they became so spectacularly popular.  Here is where the subtleties of mobile gaming shine through.

Graphics and Animation

Just as the graphics and animation have improved dramatically in all desktop computer casino games, so have graphics and animation improved dramatically in mobile games!

This is why comfort and convenience are so often stated as the reason for the growth in popularity of mobile gaming: it isn’t just comfort and convenience.  The improvements in graphics and animation became expected almost as soon as they hit the market while the comfort and convenience of mobile casino gaming continue to awe gamers.

Mobile Has Benefited from the Rise of Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile gaming would naturally increase in volume simply because there are so many more smartphones and tablets in use around the world.  A smartphone is now considered something that everyone “has” to own!  Where they were once considered a luxury, they are now considered a necessity.  And their affordability has translated into a boom in smartphone ownership.

The same is true of tablets.  When they first came out, many people thought that they were too big given that smartphones had come down in size.  Now, millions or possibly billions of people see the benefit of owning a tablet and they have been happy to discover how smooth the online casino gaming transition has been for them from desktop to mobile or tablet.


Mobile is Creating a Revolution in Online Casino Gaming

This is no exaggeration.  When online casinos came out, most computer games were simple games like the dear departed Pong.  Online gaming brought a casino to one’s home.  People no longer had to travel to a land-based casino at substantial cost to play slots, blackjack, baccarat, or other casino games.

Desktop casino gaming had many benefits that players never experienced at land-based casinos.  Most if not all of these benefits now accrue to mobile casinos with a few more that are exclusive to mobile.

  1. Online casino gaming made it easy to play for short periods of time a lot more often.
  2. Online casinos offer deposit and no deposit bonuses that land-based casinos cannot offer.
  3. Online casino gaming showed that with the internet literally everywhere gamers no longer had to travel to play.
  4. Online casino gaming allowed gamers to effect not just better time control but also better bankroll management.
  5. Online casinos offer a wider variety of games because they can add new games without taking out older games.  Land-based casinos keep track of traffic at every slot machine and take out the ones with little traffic while Everygame Casino and other online casinos can keep them as “classics”.
  6. As we said, gaming online has no travel costs.

Mobile Gaming Has Added Previously Unheard of Dimensions to Online Casino Gaming

  1. Game providers are now creating games, especially slots, exclusively for mobile devices.  The graphics and animation are designed specifically to look great on a smaller screen.
  2. Mobile casinos make it easy to just take a break at the casino.
  3. Mobile casinos make it a lot easier to control and direct gamers’ progressive jackpot gaming.  To win a giant progressive jackpot, a player has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This can get expensive.  Mobile gaming, by its nature a short gaming session milieu, helps to direct gamers’ progressive jackpot gaming.
  4. The availability of mobile casinos makes it the best way to practice the games of skill.
  5. Touch screen gaming is a lot easier than using a mouse to control the games.
  6. We speak of mobility ion many contexts.  While we can’t compare the mobility of an online casino through the mobile platform to upward mobility in a national economy, we can see some similarities.  Gamers no longer have to travel to a land-based casino to play casino games; in fact, they can take the casino with them when they travel for the many other “better” reasons.
  7. With mobile casinos, gamers have one casino account.  That is, there is a single account to track bonuses, to keep track of wagering requirements, to keep track of comp points.

This last point cannot be stated strongly enough.  Land-based casinos cannot give deposit bonuses in the range Everygame Casino can give so they don’t have to keep track of their non-existent bonuses.

Since land-based casinos don’t offer thousand dollar bonuses, they don’t have a wagering requirement to keep track of.  The wagering requirement is what makes it possible for Everygame Casino and all online casinos to offer big deposit bonuses.  It protects the casino from gamers who would accept a bonus and then immediately cash out.

Both online and land-based casinos offer comp points.  At Everygame Casino, the casino keeps track of your comp points.  Land-based casinos give players a player’s card that tracks the comp points.

The bottom line is that players may not come back to a land-based casino for months or years at a time.  We wonder how many comp points were stuck in limbo in drawers of erstwhile land-based casino players during the many months in which all land-based casinos were locked down because of the corona virus scare!

Stepping out on a Limb

We said that mobile casino gaming has revolutionized casino gaming.  We would like to finish by referencing a real non-violent revolution: the electrification of central Texas. Robert Caro talks about this revolution in the first chapter of his biography of Lyndon Johnson who became President of the United States after John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Lyndon Johnson was already in his thirties when central Texas was put on the electric grid in the 1930s!

That kind of progress is what a true revolution can look like.  The revolution in casino gaming brought about by excellent mobile casinos pales in comparison.  Still, we can say that it says a great deal about the progress people have made that a revolution in the 21st century can be about GAMING!

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