Can Gamers Combine Online Casino Gaming with Hobbies?

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Everygame Casino Sees Online Casino Gaming and Hobbies as Equally Beneficial

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How Does Online Casino Gaming Combine with Hobbies?

While we can assume that even the ancients had some kind of hobbies, we have to acknowledge that the modern concept of a hobby is only about 150 years old.  That’s because people simply didn’t have the time and energy needed to cultivate a true hobby until the Industrial Revolution reduced working hours and provided the average worker with some disposable income above and beyond what they needed to meet daily needs.

The first way that online acsino gaming can work synergistically with hobbies is that gaming can become a hobby in and of itself.  Furthermore, gaming can have a salutary effect on all of the many benefits of having a hobby.

What are the Benefits of Having a Hobby?

It might come as a surprise that many hobbies have many salutary effects:

  1. Hobbies reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Hobbies increase self-esteem.
  3. Hobbies allow more social interaction.
  4. Hobbies allow people to think out of the box.  This happens when we are mindful of our hobby but paying little to no attention to other aspects of daily life and, then, voila, the Eureka moment of inspiration hits!
  5. Hobbies channel people’s creativity.  Sometimes this is a passive form of channeling and sometimes it is a quite active form of channeling.
  6. Hobbies often lead to positive thinking and concomitantly to a reduction or elimination of “tilt”.

This Seems Like a Lot of Weight for a Simple Hobby to Carry

We should backtrack a bit and look at how hobbies were viewed not so many years ago.

Hobbies we looked down upon as a waste of time.  This was a general attitude toward hobbies even as little as 150 years ago.  The hobby horse was once a negative term long before it was an actual toy for kids.

Hobbies were considered to be frivolous obsessions.  Time was short and too valuable to waste.


Let’s Look at Hobbies in the Real World Today

  1. Many people took up hobbies during the Great Depression.  These hobbies helped keep the Great Depression an economic phenomenon rather than a psychological phenomenon.
  2. Many people took up hobbies during World War II to relieve stress and anxiety.
  3. Many people—well over 50% of people as shown in numerous in studies—took up a new hobby during the corona virus lockdowns.
  4. Many people have taken up online casino gaming as a type of hobby or as an adjunct to a hobby since online casinos were introduced starting in 1994.

Now we Can Look at the Relationship between Online Casino Gaming and Hobbies

Many people have changed their attitude from the gambling they did at land-based casinos to the gaming they do online.  This change in attitude pre-dated the corona virus pandemic and the pandemic actually enhanced the development of this phenomenon as many erstwhile land-based casino players saw that gambling could and should be rebranded as gaming!

Gambling has been popular for millennia but online gambling can and should turn into gaming.  This change in mindset has had an amazingly beneficial effect on people!

Some gamers have enjoyed slots so much that they began to brainstorm ways to create slots and to add missions to the wild and scatter symbols.  The broad proliferation of game providers is a sign that a lot of people are cultivating their creative side.  Creativity often germinates while we are doing something else!

Online casino gaming is available every day on a 24/7 basis.  This allows gamers to play for a relatively short period of time and to then segue into other calming activities.  Especially during the corona virus lockdowns but even before—as people had much more free time—many people learned the deep emotional and psychological benefits of de-cluttering their homes!

We used to engage in Spring Cleaning.  De-cluttering takes this a very large step further: to reduce the number of things we HAVE and to make room for things we DO!

A Hobby is a Leisure Time Activity

And so is online casino gaming!

As such, online gaming is truly a type of hobby.   It is important to understand that the concept “leisure time activity” also means that people have a lot more leisure time!

Online gaming connects to hobbies in this way:  We can’t finish a hobby and don’t want to.  In the same way, at work can’t finish most projects and if we do finish one we immediately go on to the next one!

In gaming, we do finish in the short run, meaning today, but not in the long run.  In contrast, at land-based casinos, players finish for months at a time if not years.

Serious Leisure and Casual Leisure

Some studies have tried to create a dichotomy between serious and casual leisure.  Serious leisure might be reading the Great Books while an exercise aficionada might call reading a casual leisure activity.

Bird watching involves getting out and possibly hiking to get to see exotic birds in action but a gardener might say that bird watching is just like television except you might get rained on!

The Long-term Effect of Free Time

Anat Keinan is a Professor of Business at Boston University.  She has studied the dichotomy of self-control and free activity.  She has found that in the short run, many people choose self-control over less well-defined activities (meaning more free activity) while the attitude in the long run is the exact opposite and people regret not having been more free with their activities and less self-controlled!

This apparent contradiction can be explained by online casino gaming!  We play in the short term.  We choose self-control and come back to the casino often for relatively short sessions.  At the same time, we see that gaming for 30-60 minutes releases a lot of other hours for other free time activities which we should cultivate for better mental and psychological health.

Online gaming can also become an obsession if we don’t have anything else to do in our other free hours!  In order to keep online gaming in perspective, we need to have other hobbies!

Here we will finish with a clip from the classic movie “Parenthood”.

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