Are there Games of Pure Chance and Games of Pure Skill?

All games are predominantly either games of skill or games of chanceEverygame Casino Red has a broad selection of games that are generally classified as either games of chance or games of skill.  The question is: do the games of chance embody pure chance and are the games of skill pure skill?

The games of chance are overwhelmingly games of pure luck.  However, there are a few parameters that, while not exactly “skill” are also not exactly aspects of chance or luck.

Are Games of Chance Pure Chance and Games of Skill Pure Skill?

Volatility in Slots

Most slots at Everygame Casino Red have a return to player rate of 96-97%.  But because of the matter of volatility the return to player rate has to be understood in context.

High volatility means fewer winning spins and larger wins per winning spin and low volatility slots are the exact opposite: many winning spins for relatively low sums.

The return to player rate in high volatility slots is a bit misleading since all of the cumulative returns to players are divided among fewer players and fewer spins.  The return to player rate in low volatility slots is more accurate as it reflects many winning spins among many players.

There is a measure of “skill” in managing your bankroll so you can take full advantage of the more accurate return to player rate in low volatility slots.

Play as Many Slots as Everygame Casino Offers

This may not seem like a skill in the strict meaning of the term.  Still, it is easy to get “stuck” playing one slot for 30 minutes!  This is what happens at land-based casinos although there the thirty minutes usually turn into several hours!

The simple fact that gamers can go from one slot to another so easily means that players should go from one slot to another!

We hear from many gamers that by trying out a different slot they “discovered” a game that they probably would never have played at a land-based casino but that they like a great deal!

All in all, there is very little “skill” in slots!


Skill in Roulette and Craps

These are games that are decided either by the roulette wheel or by dice.  At Everygame Casino Red, all outcomes are determined by the Random Number Generator which acts as the wheel in roulette and the dice in craps.

The biggest skill in roulette is to make the bets with the best return to player.  Some bets have a much lower percentage payout than the actual odds would indicate.  In addition, American Roulette has twice the house advantage as does European Roulette because of the 00 in American Roulette that doesn’t exist in American Roulette.

The biggest skill in craps is to stay with the most easily understood bets and the ones that are the most likely to score wins.

There is a Great Deal of Skill and Luck in the Games of Skill

This is something that spots players and fans know a great deal about.  In baseball, for example, a pitcher might make a great pitch, in a perfect location.  The hitter might be fooled by the pitch.  If the pitch is a fastball, the player might be late with his or her swing.  But, lo and behold, the hitter might hit the ball off the end of the bat, the ball might fly 120 feet, and land out of the reach of any outfielder or any infielder and the hitter is their team’s hero for the day!

As much as sill is involved in many games there is often an element of luck as well!

Top Strategy in Blackjack was Determined by Analyzing Millions of Hands

We know from the computer analysis of blackjack exactly what the best decision a player should make in every situation.  Still, many players play by hunch!  It is a less-well recognized skill to resist playing by hunch.  You might “feel” lucky but that doesn’t mean that you will be lucky!

In fact, it usually means that you won’t be lucky!

In blackjack, developing the skill to count cards allows you to raise the bet in favorable situations.  Now, many players might think that this is impossible as the bet is made and set before the hand is dealt.

These players forget that there are two ways to double the bet: doubling down and splitting.  By counting cards players increase their ability to recognize favorable situations.

Let’s say that you have six points and the dealer is showing a six.  By doubling down, you can make the hand even more to your advantage.  Both counting cards and knowing when to double down in situations where players might never consider doubling down are excellent skills for blackjack.

If you have seven and the dealer is showing a six; if you have eight and the dealer is showing a seven; if you have nine and the dealer is showing an eight; even if you have ten or an ace and the dealer is showing a nine, you can increase your chances of winning by doubling down.

Counting cards is a skill that puts you in a position to win more.

But the cards don’t always play out the way you had intended!  This is the luck side of casino games of skill!

Casino games of skill are not games of pure skill!

Luck Playa a Big Part in Video Poker

Similar to what occurs in blackjack, based on millions of analyses of hands, we have a solid idea of what to hold and what to exchange on every video poker hand.

All outcomes are determined by the Random Number Generator.  By the way, this is tier same at land-based casinos since video poker is all digital and gamers play it at terminals.

After making the right exchange, luck determines whether you win some, none, or a huge haul!  In video poker, the best strategy is to give up a winning pair if you have four to a Royal Flush or other high paying hands!  But a Royal Flush comes about only once in about 40,000 hands.  Still, if you have four to the Royal you give up a winning pair and then luck takes over!

Luck Plays No Part in the Fun Side OF Gaming at Everygame Casino

Luck is important in all casino games but we do everything we can to help you maximize the fun side of gaming at Everygame Casino. JOIN NOW!