How Everygame Casino Protects You

Whenever a gamer decides to join an online mobile casino, he or she should do some due diligence to find out which online casino might serve their needs best.  Here at Everygame Casino, we have gained many, many thousands of new gamers since the coronal virus crisis began and we are sure that many of them chose to play at Everygame after doing exactly this kind of due diligence.

Why Protecting Gamers is so Important to Everygame Casino

What are the Main Points of Due Diligence?

First of all, we should all be doing due diligence in many areas such as when we want to buy a new car or house, when we decide where to live in terms of where our kids will go to school, where we want to sleep when we are on vacation, and innumerable other examples.

Here are the areas where due diligence is very important in choosing an online casino:

  1. The number, quality, and variety of games.
  2. The variety of banking methods.
  3. The variety of promotions including the Welcome Package.
  4. The availability of a mobile casino.
  5. Whether or not the casino has a blog, a section of articles, or both.
  6. Is the casino’s customer service responsive and helpful?
  7. If the casino requires a download or if they offer Instant Play.
  8. How the casino protects you.

In this article, we will talk about how Everygame Casino protects you.


At the bottom of the home page, we have a section on privacy.  To demonstrate how seriously we take your privacy, we wrote this section in laypeople’s terms so that you can read it easily.

We will quote from this section but we encourage all gamers to read the privacy section for yourselves!

Aims and Principles

We begin the privacy section with a simple statement of our aims and then we have several sub-categories that we define as principles.  Here is how we describe our commitment to your privacy:

“Everygame aims to provide its clients with the highest levels of privacy available from any internet business in the world.”

We feel that that is a very strong commitment to your privacy!

Here is how we continue: “We collect only information needed to accurately pay your winnings…We do not sell, trade, rent, or share the personal information you have entrusted us with.  We use state of the art security technologies to keep your credit card information safe.”


What Does “Accurately Pay Your Winnings” Mean?

We need here to look at the second part of the above statement, that we use state of the art technologies to protect your monetary information.  This technology is called “encryption”.  The purpose of encryption is to scramble any message sent over the internet to such a degree that no hacker can hack that information.

When we are asked to pay out gamers’ winnings, we need to be sure that we are sending the money to the correct person and account.  We will ask the gamer to send us something as proof of their identity and the account that they want us to send the money to.

So, while we may ask for a paid bill or some other document, we are doing so only to be absolutely sure that the person we have been asked to send the money to is the rightful owner of that money!

The Purpose Specification Principle

We won’t use any personal information without your consent.  This is the basis of a trusting relationship between gamers and Everygame Casino but we go further and specify more.

  1. We ask for your name and address so we can make payments directly to you through the mail.
  2. We ask your age to make sure that you are of legal age to play our games for real money.
  3. We ask for your email address so that we can send you your exclusive username and password.
  4. Any personal information you give us as the result of an interaction with our customer service office is used only for the purpose of that interaction.

Here are the five other Principles we have included in the privacy section.

  1. Data Collection Principle
  2. Use Limitation Principle
  3. Security Safeguards principle
  4. Openness Principle
  5. Individual Participation Principle.
  6. Accountability Principle

Responsible Gaming

We take our role in making sure that you play our casino games responsibly.   “Everygame’s aim is to offer a superb gaming experience for recreational purposes.”

In other words, gaming at Everygame Online Casino should be fun!  When it ceases to be fun, we can help gamers manage their gaming so that either it becomes fun once again or the gamer, with our help, restricts himself or herself from playing at Everygame.

Gamers and Everygame can cooperate with each other to manage your account, restrict the games you play, and, in the most extreme cases, disallow you from playing at all!

Managing your account can involve depositing restrictions that you impose on yourself.  Everygame Casino will go along with any such restriction on a gamer’s deposits since we know that when a gamer resorts to this kind of restriction, they really need the casino to help them restrain themselves.

Some players need to take themselves out of the player pool altogether since the more benign restriction described above is not effective enough.  Gamers can remove themselves from playing for any period of time they choose.

The most important element needed for a player to set extra restrictions on themselves is self-awareness.  A player who can’t have fun at the casino is already far down the path to irresponsible gaming.  We can also point out that a gamer may be playing above his or her means if they show a dramatic change in their gaming and, especially, in their betting behavior.

Gamers can restrict the games they play.  We are flexible in placing players on any prohibited list.  For example, in order to win a progressive jackpot in slots, the gamer has to bet the maximum.  We allow and even encourage gamers who spend too much of their gaming budget on progressive jackpot slots to drop those games altogether.

Some gamers may wish to take a complete break from gaming.  When a gamer feels that such a break is the only way to get their gaming under control, we are fully in support of their desire.  We feel that gamers who don’t have fun at the casino need a chance to find fun in other activities.

Hobbies are a great way to have fun for many people and, eleven to an extent less than a full-fledged hobby, there are myriad ways to have fun!

Safety First

Everygame Casino does everything we can to keep your money and your personal information private and safe.  We hope that you are ready to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO