Getting Started at Everygame Casino

By now we would expect that every adult in the developed world has been to at least one land-based casino and may also have opened an account at an online casino.  Believe it or not there are still many potential gamers in the most developed countries of the world such as the United States.

We would like to take you on a happy journey from the Everygame Casino no deposit bonus all the way to our promotions, our commitment to responsible gaming, and how the casino “works”.

Get the Most out of Gaming at Everygame Online Casino

Everygame Casino’s Welcome Package says Welcome in a Big Way

The no deposit bonus comes at the end of the Welcome Package which is four deposit bonuses.  When a potential gamer looks to open an account at an online casino, he or she should look at the bonus rates for the Welcome Package of bonuses.  At Everygame Casino, the bonus rates are for 125% up to 150%.

The next thing to look for is the upper limit on bonuses per step.  Our bonuses are for up to $1000, $1500, and $2000!   Combined with the no deposit bonus, our Welcome Package is good for up to $5555 in deposit and no deposit bonuses!

Customer Service Trumps Games and Promotions

This is not a political statement! LOL!

We suggest that to get started at Everygame Casino or at any other online casino, you should call or email the casino and see how efficient and proactive they are about answering you.  It tells a lot about any business when a potential customer simply calls them up and asks a few questions.

Now Can We Look at the Games?

Yes, of course!

Everygame Casino offers over 300 games.  These include all of the classic games and probably a few you haven’t seen before.  Let’s first consider who is checking out the games at Everygame Casino.

There are players who have played at a land-based casino but not at an online casino.  There are those who are looking for a new online casino.  There are players who have never played casino games at all except for the Friday night poker games with friends.

A player who has been to a land-based casino but is new to the online casino scene will be amazed at the large number of games we have on offer.  This is true in all games.  There are many slots terminals at big land-based casino but many of them are duplicates of the same popular games.

At Everygame Casino, we don’t need—as land-based casinos do need—many terminals to (hopefully) satisfy every player who might want to play that particular slot.  We have not yet reached the maximum number of gamers who can all play the same slot at the same time!

Cyberspace is as big as outer space we think!


Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette Tables Take up a Lot of Space

We can offer American and European Roulette while most land-based casinos can only offer American Roulette with a limited number of players at the table at the same time.

We can offer many variations of blackjack since each variation takes up a miniscule amount of cyberspace as opposed to the large area even one blackjack table takes up.

We also can offer many poker games that land-based casinos might not have room for.  In this category might go the three Caribbean Poker variations, Sic Bo, Pai Gow Poker, Tri-card Poker and others.

In Order to Play, You Have to Deposit Money, or Do You?

Everyone who joins an online casino wants to play casino games for real money.  We offer betting scales from the lowest to the highest so every garner can find his or her betting niche.

It is important to find one’s proper betting niche since money management at any casino is a must!  We want our gamers to have the most fun for the money they wager and learning the correct way to manage your casino account is a big part of having fun gaming.

Too often players at land-based casinos lose track of sound money management and bet way more than they should.  This turns gaming into gambling which is what we hope all of our gamers can avoid!

To that end, we also offer unlimited free play.  There are two reasons why a gamer might play in free play mode.  The first is to learn as much as they can about a game they have not yet played for real money.  The second reason is simply to continue playing even after they have reached their gaming budget.

New Gamers Have to Understand How Online Games Work

Many games at land-based casinos are live.  That is, they have real dealers or croupiers, the card are real, the wheel in roulette is real, the dice in craps are real and so on.  At an online casinos such as Everygame Casino, all of the games are digital.  An online casino may offer a live feed for roulette or blackjack but the overwhelming number of online games are entirely digital.

There are many aspects of online gaming that come from this single fact but for this article we will emphasize and iterate site the importance of avoiding using betting systems to (allegedly) win some money.

All online game results are determined by the absolutely impartial Random Number Generator.  This is software that selects numbers or cards to determine the outcome of a game.  The RNG has no connection to any previous spins.  Betting systems all rely on “the odds” or “it’s due to hit” or some variation thereto.

Since the RNG has no idea what happened on any previous spin or hand, it is imposable to gauge what should happen on the next hand or spin or soon.  The best known betting system is the Martingale which is used in even money bets.   The gamer is told to double his or her bet after a loss in an even money bet.  This continues until the gamer wins.

The problem is that the gamer wins only the amount of their original bet but, if the gamer has only a five hand or five spin losing streak, the amount needed to bet next to get back that original bet will be ridiculously too high!

Final Word on Mobile Gaming

Mobile graphics and animation have gotten so good that the majority of online gamers now play almost exclusively on a mobile device.  The mobile platform here at Everygame has also gone through many improvements over the short period of time that mobile casino gaming has been available.

One very ironic proof that online casino gaming is now superior to land-based casino gaming is that an increasing number of land-based casinos now have an in-house mobile gaming platform!

Our best advice at this point is JOIN EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO NOW!