What Games Should I Play?

This is about as subjective a question as we have heard.  Still, there are a few things we can say that might put that question into better perspective.  The first idea is that sometimes you feel like playing a game of chance and sometimes you feel like playing a game of skill.

Before you play any game here at Everygame Casino, we invite you to avail yourself of the excellent Everygame Casino Welcome Bonus.

Games of Chance and Games of Skill are Fun to Play at Everygame Casino

How Does the Welcome Bonus Work?

After you fill out the quick and easy registration form, you will naturally want to deposit some money.  You will be assigned an account which will be your account for all things monetary at Everygame Casino.  This includes deposits for bonuses, progressing through the wagering requirement, collecting comp points, playing free spins, all gaming at the mobile gaming platform, and anything else that comes under the rubric of finances at the casino.

We will give you the details of the Welcome Package soon but first we want to point out a very important aspect of bonuses at Everygame.  If, for example, you wish to make a deposit, and you can get a 125% bonus of up to $1000.  It is totally correct to deposit no more than $800.  The 125% bonus would reach exactly $1000 which is the largest bonus you can get for this particular bonus offer.

If you deposit more than the $800, you will still get only the $1000 bonus.  In other words, it always pays to rein in your deposits to coincide with the bonus you wish to receive.  Even if you want to deposit more, we advise you to wait until your next deposit to do so.

It’s always good to play with the casino’s money!

Why Does Everygame Ask for Proof of Identity?

This is a great question and an easy one to answer.  We are always vigilant about protecting our gamers’ safety, security, and privacy.  These days there are, sadly, many people who are willing to take what legitimately is yours including your identity.

We ask for several types of identifying documents such as an electric bill because this gives us the confidence that you are who you say you are!

As inconvenient as it is to be asked to provide us with these identifying documents, we are sure that all of our hundreds of thousands of gamers appreciate the efforts we make to protect their assets.  We would like to be able to do the same for you!


The Everygame Welcome Package

This is four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus at the end.  The bonus rates are 125% and 150% and the bonuses range from $1000 to $2000.  The total dollar amount for the entire Welcome Package maxes out at $5555!

We also run many bonus promotions that often include free spins.  So, gamers here at Everygame can almost always play with the house’s money!

Now we are finally at the “starting” point which is “which games should I play”?

A Lot Depends on Your Personality

The games of chance are infinitely less competitive than the games of skill.  The primary games of skill are blackjack and video poker.  There is a small error that some gamers make in that they think that there is no luck in the games of skill.

There is a lot of luck in the games of skill!

However, there is no real skill at all in the games of luck!

If you play our casino games as a way to unwind and relax in the evening, then you are more likely to play the games of chance, slots being primary among them.  We carry close to 200 slots and we add at least one new slots game every month.  We have no space restrictions—unlike land-based casinos—so we never have to take a game out to make way for a new game.

Slots are great fun to play!  They all have themes that cover a lot of territory from ancient cultures to futuristic themes to simple, colorful slots where the color and the symbols are the theme in themselves.  Slots are the best online casino game for that half an hour or more of “just relaxing” that so many people need in the evening in these hectic times.

Some People Relax by Accepting the Challenge Presented by the Games of Skill

The best strategy for blackjack and video poker is a bit complex and takes some time to learn.   A lot of gamers love the challenge of learning the best plays in all situations and effecting these decisions in real-time.  This requires close attention on every hand.

Close attention on every hand is well rewarded as the return to player rates in blackjack and video poker are about 99.5%.

As we said, the games of skill require close attention and adherence to the best strategic choices analysis of millions of hands by high-powered computers can provide.  Having made the statistically best move, gamers then let luck take over!   In other words, if you hold four to a Royal Flush in video poker, even to the extent of giving up a winning pair, you are hoping that luck will shine upon you and give you the Royal Flush worth thousands of coins as a special bonus.

The gamer is also hoping to get another winning pair even if the Royal Flush fails to appear.  The gamer is also hoping for a flush or a straight to show up.  But it is luck and luck alone that will determine how the hand plays out.

So the games of skill are like strategy in a team sport where the coach or manager makes the statistically best decision and hopes that he or she will be rewarded even if it takes a lot of luck for the big reward to be realized.

Online Gaming Means No Waiting on Line

Of course, Americans say “in” line but then there would be no pun!

A lot of players have to wait to play at land-based casinos.  No one ever has to wait to play at an online casino such as Everygame Casino.  Cyberspace is infinite or so we think!  At any rate, we have not come anywhere close to reaching the outer limit of cyberspace!

Online gaming also means having a very broad selection of fun and challenging games to play.  We haven’t even spoken about our casual games Fish Catch and Banana Jones!  Get in on all the fun and JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!