Tips for Mobile Casino Gamers

It is by now a known fact that the vast majority of Everygame Casino online gamers play on the Everygame Casino mobile gaming platform.  In this article, we will look at obvious and not obvious aspects of mobile casino gaming and give gamers a few tips on how to make mobile gaming even better.

What Tips Can Gamers Use Especially for Mobile Casino Gaming?

How to Make the Convenience of Mobile Gaming Work for You

The most obvious aspect of mobile gaming is its convenience.  There is one side to the convenience factor that gamers have to keep in mind at all times.  That is the need to set a gaming budget for a day not just for a single gaming session!

Since mobile gaming is available wherever you are, there could easily be a tendency to see money wagered while waiting in a line, taking a cigarette or coffee break, or on the commuter train as not being part of the overall gaming budget.  this attitude will end up “breaking the bank”.

So set a one-day gaming budget and keep track of it.  Even if you want to continue playing after the budget is used up, you can play in our unlimited free play mode.

Conserve Budget Funds by Playing Video Poker and Blackjack

These are the two most popular games of skill here at Everygame Casino.  Playing the games of skill relates to the tip we gave above since the return to player rate in both video poker and blackjack is about 99.5%.

This assumes that you will play with the best strategy on every hand,  it also means that you can play longer and still have a lot of your budget left over when you curl up at home to play.

If You Play Carefully, the Time You Play on the Mobile Platform Doesn’t Have to Count towards the Time Budget

We have said many times that in addition to a monetary budget, we encourage all our gamers to set a time budget as well.  This helps to demonstrate the vast contrast between online gaming here at Everygame Casino and playing at a land-based casino where a time budget might run into many hours for each day the player is at the casino!

A time budget is important for when you are playing at home.  If you also play a few minutes here and a few minutes there during the day, it need not count toward your overall daily gaming time allowance.

A time budget for gaming at home actually frees time so you can involve yourself in other useful, healthy, and helpful activities that can range from family and work responsibilities to getting out with friends or simply taking a nice long walk through town.


Comfort is the Obverse Side of Convenience

The main reason that mobile gaming is now the most popular way to play online casino games is less the aspect of convenience and more the aspect of comfort.  Online gaming has been a lot more convenient than land-based casino gaming since the first online casino arrived in 1994.

At that time, players may have had less comfortable computer chairs than the ones we have these days.  But even then a good computer chair in terms of comfort cost over $1000 in today’s money.  So a lot of people bought a less comfortable computer chair!

When mobile gaming came along, gamers were thrilled at the idea of lounging while playing but the interface on those early mobile screens was not comfortable on the eyes.

It took another decade or two for the graphics and animation for mobile casinos to reach the point that gamers could comfortably play on their mobile devices.

The one tip we have to offer in this area is to have a very comfortable sofa or chair for gaming.  A sofa for gaming might be a bit small but that will cut down on the cost.  Similarly, a soft and cushy chair may be a one-seater but it is still well worth the cost since both sofas and chairs are “where people sit” when you are having people over!

Mobile Allows You to Play on Your Own Schedule

Here is another giant contrast between an online casino and a land-based casino.  Playing at a land-based casino compacts your gaming to the few days you have planned to be at the casino.

The tendency, therefore, is for players to play as much as they can during those few days.  They play when they are hungry, they play when they are tired, they play when they are feeling the effects of the free alcohol casinos are happy to give them, and they even play on when they really need a short trip to the restroom!

Playing when hungry, tired, slightly inebriated, and when in need of a bathroom break all lead to betting and playing mistakes.

The difference between desktop gaming and mobile gaming is that you can take the casino with you to the kitchen when you cut some fruit to snack on or make a cup of coffee.

If you are tired, better to avoid any tough decisions.  If you have had a few drinks or even just one, it is better to avoid any tough decisions.  And if you need to use the restroom, then pause the game and get your body as comfortable as it can be for further gaming!

Mobile Gaming Gives Gamers a Valuable Appreciation of the March of Progress

This is one aspect of mobile gaming that we almost never see mentioned in the literature on casino gaming.  We touched upon this a bit earlier when we said that even though mobile was available it was not popular because the graphics and animation were less than excellent.

It took technological advances to get mobile gaming to the point it is at today: the go-to way to play!  We take so much for granted and we really do need to appreciate the advances and progress technology provides!  Without getting political, we can see that every generation takes more for granted.  Our grandparents and great-grandparents had so much less than we gave!  We should be thankful for all of the benefits of technology.

Online gaming and mobile gaming are a lot more than signs of the times: they are signs that technology will open up amazing vistas that we may not even be able to imagine yet!

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