How Do Everygame Casino’s Many Promotions Compare to Business Promotions Generally?

Gamers are consumers just like everyone else.  As such, gamers are aware of the many promotions we offer here at Everygame Casino and the various types of promotions offered by businesses in general.

The Promotions at Everygame Casino Compare Favorably with Other Business Promotions

The promotions at Everygame Casino can be categorized as three separate types of promotions:

  1. The Welcome Package which culminates with the Everygame Casino no deposit bonus.
  2. The several combination promotions that combine deposit bonuses with free spins.
  3. The ubiquitous comp points promotion.

The question is: Do the promotions at Everygame Casino have comparative promotions from businesses in general?  The second question is: How do the Everygame Casino promotions stack up against promotions from non-casino businesses?

Let’s take a close look!

What is the Welcome Package?

Every online casino has its own version of the Welcome Package.  It pays to understand at the outset that land-based casinos cannot come close to matching the Welcome Package at Everygame Casino and at many other good online casinos.

Our Welcome Package is four separate deposit bonuses and ends with a modest yet welcome no deposit bonus.  The total value of these bonuses is up to $5555!

Here are two aspects of the Welcome Package that gamers should bear in mind.   First, the bonus rates are quite high!  Our bonus rates are either 125% or 150% depending upon which deposit bonus you are taking.

The second point to ponder is that it pays to make a deposit no higher than the maximum range where the bonus maximizes!  You can always get another bonus when you make another deposit if you need to.

This point applies to all of Everygame Casino’s deposit bonus promotions: it always pays to get the most out of a promotion without going over that topping-off point.

Do Businesses Offer Similar Welcome Packages to Customers?

The short answer is NO!

The monetary value of the Everygame Casino Welcome Package is far out of the reach of businesses for their customers!  However, businesses do give a kind of Welcome Package to new employees and the individual points of these packages do have similarities with online casinos’ Welcome Packages!

Employee Welcome Package and Everygame Casino’s Welcome Package Compared

A good employee package creates a kind of loyalty between the company and the employee.  The salary has to be high enough to grate this loyalty.  At Everygame Casino, the dollar value of the Welcome Package goes far to develop a great relationship between the casino and new gamers.

An FAQ section in the mew employee package also creates loyalty.  Here at Everygame Casino, we have hundreds of informative articles that explain a lot about our casino!  We also have a customer service center that stays open around the clock.

Human Resources and Public Relations are the business equivalents of our customer service center but HR doesn’t stay open 24/7 and public relations are designed more as advertising than as centers with information to generate employee satisfaction.


Press Releases are an Important Way Businesses Communicate with the Public

A press release from a business is a form of advertising.  The purposes of advertising are to keep the company’s name in the public consciousness and to attract new customers.  We send press releases to all of our gamers frequently!  We do so to keep gamers aware of the many new and exciting games and promotions we are offering or are planning to offer.

The Comp Points Promotion Has Many Equivalents in the Business World

The most obvious equivalent is frequent flyer miles.  Many hotel chains have similar deals on nights spent at a hotel in the group.  Some companies such as ice cream shops might have a punch card that records all of the sundaes you have bought and when you reach ten you get a free sundae.

The dollar value of this last kind of promotion is small but it does fit into this category of promotion.

Land-based Casinos Have a Similar Promotion that is Also Similar to the Ice Cream Shops’ Punch Card

Both the land-based casino comp points promotion and the ice cream shop’s free sundae have a major flaw: they require customers to know where their card is at all times!  We wonder how many free sundaes go unclaimed because the customers have forgotten where that ol’ card is!  We also wonder how many comp points lay unredeemed in drawers because they are buried under clothes and other things!

The accumulation of comp points at Everygame Casino is done automatically!  So you always know how many comp points you have and when it might be a good idea to redeem them!

A Deposit Bonus is Like a Sale

Sales are as common as winners in blackjack and video poker.  These two online casino games have a return to player rate of 99.5% or more!  We also offer many variations of these great games.

Sales come in many forms.  Some are simply a percentage off the regular retail price.  A deposit bonus is similar in that it is a percentage decrease in the cost of money. Some stores will advertise a “pay one amount and pay a smaller amount” sale such as buy for $400 and pay $300. A deposit bonus is also like this type of promotion as you “buy” with your deposit and you in effect pay much less.

Thus a deposit bonus is like a sale on casino games and gaming!

Free Food and Free Drinks

The most common promotions land-based casinos can offer are free food at the buffet which might cost the casino about $20 a meal and free alcohol which might cost the casino about $5 per drink!  The casino gets back a lot more than the cost of these promotions as players get tired after a heavy buffet meal and therefore make mistakes and players get tipsy after even one drink and make mistakes as well under that condition.

Promotions are important to all businesses and we prefer the ones that put money into people’s pockets!

Online Casino Gaming Has the Best Sales!

None of the sales we have mentioned here can compare to the thousands of dollars available at Everygame Casino and the hundreds of free spins available as well.  Everygame Casino offers a tremendous amount of fun at a low cost.  When gamers play blackjack or video poker, they can actually win as often as not!

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