Take the Welcome Bonus, Please

We read a lot of online casino blogger articles and a lot of writing is about new player bonus offers at online casinos as compared to a dearth of new player bonus offers at land-based casinos.  In terms of welcome bonuses, online casinos are where it’s at and the Everygame Casino Welcome Bemus has aspect that put it at the top of the pantheon of new player bonuses at online casinos.

The Welcome Package is Just the Start of the Bonuses at Everygame Casino

Why Do Online Casinos Excel at Welcome Bonuses?

The real question is what is so different between online and land-based casinos in terms of new player bonuses?  The answer is: time!  New players—and, in fact, all players—at an online casino have “all the time in the world” to play online casino games while players at a land-based casino have a very limited time to play!

All deposit bonuses have a wagering requirement attached to it which in fair online casinos such as Everygame Online Casino, the wagering requirement is generally about 30x the bonus and may at times be less.  The wagering requirement was set up in the early days of online casino gaming as some players received a bonus of any sort and immediately cashed out.

So, the wagering requirement states simply that a player has to bet the stated amount—normally 30x the bonus at Everygame Casino—before he or she can cash out winnings.  Players at land-based casinos never have enough time to fulfill a wagering requirement for a big deposit bonus so land-based casinos can’t offer them.

In short, there is an aphorism that applies well to the discussion about new player bonuses:  At an online casino, the more you play the less you play and at a land-based casino the less you play the more you play.

What Does That Mean?

At an online casino, since gamers can literally play every day, they will naturally play a lot more often over a span of months and years at an online casino than at a land-based casino.  Thus: online casino gamers play “more”.  But since the casino is so readily available—and has become even more readily available with the maturation of mobile casino gaming in recent years—online casino gamers can enjoy shorter gaming sessions, thus verifying the idea that as they play “more” they play “less”.

The exact opposite is true at land-based casinos.  The casino is available to players only for very small numbers of days at a time and perhaps one or two times a year.  So, as land-based casino players play “less”, meaning fewer times per year, they tend to play “more”, spending very long hours at the casino floor.

Shouldn’t this Make it Possible for Land-based Casinos to Offer New Player Bonuses?

Here we get at the size of online casino new player bonuses.  The Welcome Package at Everygame Casino of four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus to top it all off comes to a potential of $5555 in bonuses!

Land-based casinos cannot hope to match bonuses to new players of this size.  Only high rollers can complete a wagering requirement of 30x $5555 on a long weekend.  So, a bonus offer of this size would quickly be seen by players and transmitted by word of mouth from friend to friend as a way for the land-based casino to hold onto bonus money since it may be never before the player recipient of the bonus could ever hope to be able to complete the wagering requirement and withdraw some money.


The Percentage of Each Bonus is an Important Factor as Well

The percentage amount of the bonuses is also a factor in determining the bonuses’ overall value.

Let’s look at the details of the Everygame Casino Welcome Package to see this concept in action.  A bonus could have a percentage rate of 50%.  So it would require a $1000 deposit to get a $500 bonus.  The percentage rates in the Everygame Casino Welcome Package are 125% and 150%.

Here are the details:

  1. With your first deposit, you get a 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  2. The second deposit is for 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third deposit reflects the first with a 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  4. The fourth despoil carries a 150% bonus for up to $2000.

So, if a gamer were to take the full set of deposit bonuses, he or she would deposit about $4000 and get $5000 in bonuses.  Thus the amount of money the player would have to play with would be more than double their deposits!

To top off the package, Everygame Casino awards gamers a modest $55 no deposit bonus.

The Welcome Package at Everygame Casino is among the most generous at all online casinos.

Everygame Promotions Combine Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins

After a new gamer has passed the threshold of newbie, they can enjoy bonuses form our long list of promotions as we linked to above.  Here the bonuses may be a bit smaller so we add a large number of free spins to the mix.

Free spins are free spins!  So, just as a player can win a large sum of money by playing with the casino’s own money given to the player as a bonus, so the gamer can win sizable amounts through the free spins bonuses as well.

Comp Points are a Special Kind of Bonus

Comp points are not exactly free spins and they are not exactly deposit bonuses yet they are in some ways both!  As a player plays, every hand or spin gets automatically converted into comp points by our software.  We hold all of our gamers’ comp points information in our data base.

When a gamer has enough comp points, she or he can convert them into casino credits.  So, comp points are a long term effect of former deposit bonuses or a few such bonuses and the casino credits the comp points become represent a sort of set of free spins or free hands at blackjack or video poker!

Ironically, land-based casinos also offer comp points which accumulate on the player’s card which he or she has to always remember to use and to bring with them when they come back to the casino.  A lot of redeemable comp points lie in drawers at homes just waiting to be used sometime soon or never!

All in All, Online Gaming at Eveygame Casino is a Great Way to Play and Have Fun

Bonuses are just one part—albeit a very big part— of the overall great gaming experience at Everygame Casino.  You have to become an Everygame gamer to truly appreciate everything that Everygame has to offer!  That having been said we encourage you to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!