How Online Casino Gaming Turns Players into Businesspeople

Here at Everygame Casino, we often talk about our games, our promotions, our attentive customer service, and the flexibility gamers gain by playing at our mobile casino.  All of these points—and many more—are true and indicate how online casino gaming is a great way to relax, have fun, unwind, and possibly win money as well!

Online Casino Gamers are A Type of Businessperson

What a lot of gamers should realize and understand is that since online casino gaming involves placing real money wagers on the outcomes of games, the practice of online casino gaming makes every garner a businessperson!

We will talk at some length on this concept and we will start with a great story from Robert Townsend who wrote a wonderful book in the 1960s about big-time business management called “Up the Organization”.

As the CEO of Avis Robert Townsend Travelled a Lot

One time Robert Townsend had flown to a city for a business meeting and travelled from the airport into town by taxi.  He and the driver spoke along the way and Mr. Townsend wanted to have the driver drive him around again so he asked the driver for his business card.

The driver said that he didn’t have a business card.  Robert Townsend then advised the taxi driver to see himself not just as a taxi driver but as a businessman whose business was driving people around in his taxi.

The driver gave Mr. Townsend his phone number and Townsend called him the next time he was in that same city a few months later.

The taxi driver had taken Mr.Townsend’s advice completely!  He had business cards and did almost all of his business in pre-arranged rides!  He no longer had to cruise the streets looking for riders!

How Does That Apply to Online Casino Gamers?

Gamers place wagers on the outcomes of events.  Some of these events are called games of chance in which the gamer has little to no influence on the outcome.  Other games are called games of skill and the gamer has a great deal of influence on the outcomes of the games.

In both situations, when a gamer sees himself as a businessperson, he or she will understand that even in the games of chance, they have a lot of influence on the outcomes buy acting as businesspeople.

Time and Money are Essential to Running a Business Well

Gamers need to budget a smart amount of time for gaming and a smart amount of money for every session.  In business, a leader might want to explore a project but after analysis, the leader might decide that the cost of pursuing this project or the time needed to do a true analysis of the project may be too much money or too much time.

The same applies to online casino gaming.  If 60 minutes per session are too much, you can reduce the gaming sessions to 30 minutes!  If a budget of $100 per session is too high, you can reduce it to any sum that seems reasonable.

All businesspeople need to have reasonable time and money budgets for everything pertaining to their business and gamers need the same for their gaming “business”.


Businesspeople Need a Plan

This point is obvious as it pertains to a business and it is less obvious as it pertains to online casino gaming.  But gamers also need a plan!

A plan involves the actual gaming: the time allotted to gaming, the bankroll, the size of the bets, the games they will play and many other things directly related to casino gaming.

Gamers also need a plan for after gaming!  We encourage gamers to develop hobbies as pastimes that put one’s mind at ease after another difficult day at work.  We encourage getting together with friends or family after a session as a way to put the gaming in its proper perspective which is as a happy and fun pastime, one of many such pastimes.

Businesspeople Have to Prioritize

Gamers also need to set well-thought-out priorities. How much moment will a gamer budget to play for a progressive jackpot?  How many hands will a gamer play in video poker?  How much time will the gamer devote to learning all of the rules of all of the games plus how these many games play out? How much time will a gamer devote to learning the best strategies in the games of skill?

Gamers need to put sound time and money management at the top of their list of priorities.

Businesses Face Competition

In gaming, the competition is with the house and the house almost always has an edge.  A lot of gamers don’t always keep this simple fact in mind and that can lead to tilt and risky bets.

We also encourage gamers to see themselves as the competition in the games of skill.  How well am I playing is a good question to ask oneself!

Some Risk is Inevitable; Too Much Risk is Usually the Result of Mistaken Priorities

For example, in progressive jackpot games, a gamer might commit to winning at all costs.  This is a level of risk that makes gaming a get-rich-quick scheme rather than a fun pastime!  We encourage fun over getting rich quickly, which requires getting very lucky!

Nothing is Truly Free

In gaming, we offer unlimited free play but the “cost” of free play is that gamers can’t win while they are playing in the free play mode.  Some gamers are afraid of free play because they want to have money wagered when a big payout happens!

Nevertheless, free play is a great way to learn new games and there is no a priori cost!

Avoid Tilt by Looking Long Term

Tilt is an extreme form of emotion that a gamer might succumb to during an especially unlucky session.  In business, a short-term downward trend is often seen as an opportunity to figure out what the business has done poorly and to improve.

Robert Townsend spoke about the need for people to come to work expecting to work hard and have fun at the same time.  Gamers can make it a priority to have fun and when they are too unlucky, they can simply close the session and go on to another activity.

In business and in gaming, positivity is a key element in having fun and being entertained!

Online Gaming is Advantageous over Land-based Gaming

Most of the points we have mentioned are a lot easier to put into practice at Everygame Casino!   At a land-based casino, it is a lot harder to have a good time and money budgets, it is hard to prioritize, there are a priori costs that online gamers don’t incur, tilt is a lot more common, and many players play on after they are too tired or hungry to make good decisions.

The so-called free alcohol and buffet meals are actually quite costly as they reduce betting inhibitions and tire players out so they make unreasonable bets!

All in all, we think that a great decision you can make right now is to JOIN EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO!