How to Get Better at Online Casino Gaming

If you have recently joined Everygame Casino and have taken deposit bonuses through the Welcome Package worth up to $5555 culminating in the Everygame Casino no deposit bonus, you would now like the casino to give you a few good pointers on how to get better at online casino gaming.

What Can Online Casino Gamers Do to Have More Fun?

No one expects a land-based casino to offer such advice but a good online casino such as Everygame Casino will have a blog section or an articles section or both (scroll to the bottom of our landing page)!

So, we will give you a list of good tips for great online casino gaming.  Keep in mind that many of these tips, such as information regarding deposit bonuses, won’t work at any land-based casino!  They, taken as a whole, create the best reason for gaming at a reputable online casino like Everygame.

Play with Everygame Casino's Own Money

There are very good reasons why land-based casinos cannot offer large deposit casino bonuses. Players at land-based casinos stay for a couple of days at the most so any free money a gamer receives would end up sitting on their player's card since they would not be able to withdraw the money until they fulfilled the wagering requirement.

Everygame casino runs many promotions that offer a casino bonus and free spins. A deposit bonus is like free cash in the sense that the gamer has no risk when he or she is playing with the casino's money. With the free cash, gamers can play many games such as the more than 200 slot games we have on offer plus the many table games, casual games, and other casino games.

It is very rare that a player at a land-based casino plays as many as five slot games in a long weekend while online gamers can play many more every time they sit down to play!

Have a Life.  Really.... have a Life!

Online casinos are not designed for gamers to come home in the evening and spend hours playing casino games.  Online casinos are mainly designed to offer daily gaming in relatively short sessions so gamers can relax and unwind after their long day at work!

There is no pressure at an online casino to play on and on unlike the exact opposite that obtains at land-based casinos!  Online gaming is not the be all and end all of one’s daily existence.  In fact, nothing qualifies as that designation, not even taking care of one’s kids!

That is the essence of the modern turn of phrase “to have a life”.  Gaming at online casinos is intended to be one of many activities one can take part in overtime on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

How many people like to volunteer to help put on the annual summer pageant?  They have a life and have an activity that they do on a yearly basis!

This first piece of advice is not about strategy.  It is about keeping everything in perspective and it segues well into the next item on the list.

Gamers Who Play Well and Have Fun Have No Hubris

Hubris means self-promoting ego.

There is a great poker player called Phil Helmuth who has won many belts playing poker but we wonder if he ever has any fun playing.  He is famous for his outbursts.  He has called out amateurs for “playing the hand wrong” even though they won and he lost!

He once was caught on camera saying that if there wasn’t any luck involved he would win every hand!

On the other hand, a famous coach in American football once lost a championship game and saw his young daughter crying over the loss.  He simply told her that it was okay since “you can’t win them all”.

Here we segue to the next item which really does have a lot to do with strategy and game play.


Happy Gamers Never Tilt

You can’t win them all and if you try to win back the money you have lost, you will often lose even more.  If you are beset by a losing streak, the best way to continue is to end the session and go on to another happy activity!

Gamers who play well can come back the next day and have that elusive winning streak and get back on track financially as well as emotionally.  Tilt is so very destructive that we now have an everyday term that is basically the same as tilt: rage!  Avoid tilt or rage at all times and you will become a better gamer!

Another way of saying this is to always stay within yourself.  This is a term athletes use to urge themselves to perform as well as they can but to avoid trying to perform better than their athletic ability would allow.

The Gambler’s Fallacy is True

The Gambler’s Fallacy simply put means that a hand is “due” to hit, or a jackpot is “due” to come or any outcome that is beneficial to the gamer is “due” to happen.  Believing in the Gambler’s Fallacy as if it were not a fallacy has cost many gamers an exorbitant amount of money over the centuries.

In order to avoid the Gambler’s Fallacy, we have to understand the Random Number Generator.  This is software that determines the outcome of every game at Everygame Casino and all other online casinos plus all games at terminals in land-based casinos.

The RNG has no memory.  Every hand or spin is a unique event to the RNG.  Thus, no one can say that an outcome is due to happen!  The odds of any event happening are the same whether there have been ten hands or spins previously or none!

Happy Gamers Respect True Strategy

This is a direct corollary to the exhortation to understand and respect the RNG.  Strategy comes into play in the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker.  Strategy tells us what the best play is on every hand but it doesn’t guarantee the winning outcome because the RNG decides on the outcomes randomly!

Gamers who respect the RNG and game strategy never play hunches.  Playing hunches is a great way to lose!  Avoid it!

Work at It

Since we are talking about strategy, we have to mention the need to actually study strategy for the games of skill.  We see this in many other areas such as musicians who practice scales every day, athletes who practice the same thing every day, lecturers who film themselves and go over a speech out loud to improve their “performance” and many others!

Set Time and Money Limits

This single piece of advice has been explained all over the internet.  Still, many gamers do not put strict limits on their gaming.  When you do limit yourself happily, you will find that your gaming gets better and is a lot more fun.

Limits Create Enjoyment

When you set strict time limits, you will naturally spend a lot more time playing the games you enjoy the most.  One of the great advantages of online casino gaming is that it is possible for an online gamer to find dozens of games “they like the most”!  This never happens at a land-based casino where players tend to root themselves to a single terminal interminably.

Take Frequent Breaks

We have all read the advice given to air travelers: get up and stretch and walk around at least once every hour.  This is a health issue on long international flights.  It also applies to making your online gaming better.

The gamer who does not take frequent breaks will feel uncomfortable and feeling comfortable has a direct bearing on how well you play and on how much fun you have playing.

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