Hear Ye Hear Ye Read All about the Large Selection of Everygame Casino Bonuses

The Everygame Casino Welcome Bonus is the first of many bonuses we offer gamers!  We will get into the details of the Welcome Bonus offer in a bit but first we would like to advise you on how to orient yourself at Everygame Casino.

Everygame Casino Offers Thousands of Dollars in Bonuses

Contact our Customer Service Team

We have very well-trained representatives at the customer service office.  You can contact the office by email, or chat.  The reps are taught the answers to pretty much any question you might have and we encourage you to try to stump them!

If you do ask a question that they can’t answer, they will post haste get the answer for you!

Here are a few questions you might ask:

  1. How does a casino bonus work?
  2. What happens if there is a power outage just as I was about to win a progressive jackpot?
  3. What does the term “house edge” mean?
  4. How does the casino “know” whether I have won or lost a spin or hand?
  5. How does Everygame Casino keep my money safe?

These are just five of the many questions our customer service team is asked every day!  Speaking about every day, the office never closes!  It is open on a 24/7/365 basis and has been for many years, even long before many other online casinos kept the service office open on weekends and major holidays.

Walk through the Casino

By this we mean click on “games” and take a look at all of the games we have on offer.  We encourage gamers to play as many of our games as they can over time with their casino bonus money.We have slots, table games, progressive games, video poker, casual games and many variations within each category.  Before you make that first deposit, you can try out any game in our free play mode.

Look at All those Promotions

After you have looked at the more than 300 games we have on offer, we encourage you to take a look at our long list of promotions.  The Welcome Package is one of the promotions and there are always many others that combine deposit bonuses with free spins for maximum fun.

Each bonus has a unique Everygame Casino bonus code so that we can track of the progress of the bonus. The bonuses we offer in our promotions are deposit bonuses but the free spins are functionally a free bonus of sorts.

Gamers often ask if they can get the bonus with a small deposit. The answer is that every bonus offer has a minimum deposit listed which is usually quite small.

One common promotion is the New Game promotion.  The key point to learn here, aside from the fact that it is a great promotion, is that we receive at least one new game every month from our exclusive game provider SpinLogic!

Can a New Game Every Month Fit in the Casino?

When Everygame Casino and other online casinos get a new game, no old game has to “skootch over”!   There is always room for a new game at Evrygame Casino.  There is also always room for as many gamers as want to play any one specific game at the same time.

This is, of course, not what happens at a land-based casino.  These casinos need to use every inch of casino floor space so when a new terminal is brought in, an old terminal has to be taken out.  And since a new game might bring in several new terminals at a land-based casinos, it would necessitate taking out several old terminals.

Look at the Many Different Banking Methods

In this section, we would like to focus on the newest banking method in town: crypto banking.  Cryptocurrency is a term that refers to currency, or money, that is not issued by any central bank of any country.  Cryptocurrencies are “mined”.


Why are there Cryptocurrencies?

It is fair to ask why anyone would own cryptocurrencies much less use them for online casino banking.

Briefly, cryptocurrencies are competitive currencies, competing with government money.  People who own cryptocurrencies do so for either of two reasons.  One is simply as a speculative investment similar to any other speculative investment of which there are many.

The second reason people have for owning cryptocurrencies is that they no longer trust in the long-term viability of government money.  This is similar to people owning and hoarding gold and silver in the form of coins or bullion.

These days, government money is not backed by anything physical so people own gold and silver coins and cryptocurrencies.

Can I Deposit with a Cryptocurrency if I Don’t Own Any?

The answer is No but the solution is to buy some cryptocurrencies so that you can then deposit them in your Everygame Casino account!

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrencies?

We walk you through he process.  It may be a bit confusing the first or second time you make a deposit with a cryptocurrency but then you will know the process well and it will become much easier to deposit with crypto.

Keep in mind that every online transaction can be made with similar methods to the banking methods we use and the first couple of times a person buys something online the process might seem confusing.  It doesn’t take long to get the hang of banking in cryptocurrencies.

Why Do Some Gamers Bank in Cryptocurrencies?

Aside from the reasons we gave above as to why people own cryptos, banking in cryptos gives gamers more anonymity than any other banking method.  Ewallets also provide a lot of anonymity while using a credit card, debit card, direct bank transfer, and other banking methods provide less anonymity.

Banking with cryptos is fast, secure, and private.

Now You are Ready for the Welcome Package!

This is really good news!

Whether you choose to deposit with a cryptocurrency or with any of the many other banking methods we have, your money is safe as it is protected by the strongest encryption software available.

Encryption software scrambles information so no one can read it except you and us!

Welcome to Everygame Casino!

The Welcome Package is actually four deposit bonuses and culminates in a modest no deposit bonus!  Here are the details:

  1. With your first deposit, you get a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  2. With your second deposit, you get a 150% bonus up to $1500.
  3. With your third deposit, you get again a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  4. With your fourth deposit, you get a 150% bonus up to $2000.
  5. At this point we give gamers a $55 no deposit bonus.

This brings the Welcome Package up to a whopping $5555 in bonuses put into your account!

How Much Do I Need to Deposit to Get All That Bonus Money?

Let’s break it down by your money out of pocket.

For the first and third deposits, you get the full $1000 bonus each time with a deposit of $800.

For the second deposit, you get the full $1500 bonus with a deposit of $1000.

For the fourth deposit, you get the full $2000 bonus for a deposit of about $1300.

And there is no deposit necessary for the $55 no deposit bonus.

So, with deposits totaling about $3900, you get bonuses totaling $5555 and you have $9455 to play with!

Join Everygame Casino NOW for the best in online casino gaming!