Online Casino Gaming Can Bring Gamers True Happiness!

This might seem a bit odd.  After all, we associate joy with love, marriage, the birth of a child or grandchild and other major life events.  So, how can playing the games at the Everygame mobile casino bring true happiness?

Gaming Online at Everygame Casino Is Relaxing and Fun

What is True Happiness?

For our purposes, true happiness is a sense of repose.  It is a calm feeling that the pastimes we enjoy are worthwhile and that we are being totally responsible in pursuing them.

How Does Online Casino Gaming Fit In?

Gaming at an online casino such as Everygame Casino is one of many worthwhile activities that people enjoy.  We often use the term “hobby” to describe an activity that produces inchoate happiness.  That there are literally thousands of hobbies is a given and playing casino games at Everygame Casino can also be a hobby of sorts.

Responsible Gaming

Here we address the very important fact that online casino gaming involves making real money wagers on the outcomes of games.  It is also true that we offer free play so that any gamer can play without making any bets.  Still, most gamers like the extra risk involved in making bets on the outcomes of the games.

The key to producing that sense of repose when making bets is to employ the virtues of responsible gaming.  When we play responsibly, the money we wager is money that we have earmarked for this exact purpose.  As such, we are at one with the possibility that we will win less than we lose.

Responsible gaming means that the money we “invest” in online gaming is money well spent, as well spent as money we spend on any other activity!

What are the Principles of Responsible Gaming?

The first is to know why you are playing online casino games.  In his great book “Up the Organization” Robert Townsend relates how he decided that he had to define exactly what business the Avis Car Rental Company was in when he became President of the company.

The team at Avis decided that they were in the business of renting out cars without drivers!  That caused them to sell a division of the company that rented out limousines and other luxury vehicles with drivers!

What is a Responsible Reason to Play Online Casino Games for Real Money?

In a word, FUN!

Online gaming is a wonderfully flexible way to play games online and to have a great deal of fun doing so!  Here are a few ways that online gaming can be beneficial to gamers:

  1. It helps people “get away from it all”.
  2. It produces calmness and relaxation.
  3. It encourages people to get out and interact with family and friends.
  4. It encourages people to be happy with small, incremental victories.
  5. It helps people stay in control.
  6. It helps people earmark money for real getaways and vacations.


We All Need a Major Break

Some people need a major break every weekend while others do well with a few short breaks every day.  Online casino gaming is one very good way to have those few short breaks every day or very often.  Gamers can play for 30-60 minutes and at the end of the session, they should be calmer and more relaxed than when the session started.

Some gamers relax with games of chance like slots while others can actuality relax while playing games of skill such as video poker and blackjack.  There is a well-known best strategy for these two games and after the player has made the best move luck takes over.

It seems that many gamers like the challenge of making the best strategy decision on every hand and then turning the end result of each hand over to luck!

Short Sessions Enhance Social and Family Relationships

If a gamer gets home and plays for 30- minutes or so, he or she still has the rest of the evening to get together with friends or family.  Thus, a few minutes of online casino gaming can be a conduit for sustaining strong interpersonal relationships!

Responsible Gaming Leads to Small Wins

The way online casino games work is that gamers win a little and lose a little and over time may have a little more money than they started out with or a little less.  Unless a gamer wins a giant progressive jackpot, all his or her wins will be in effect incremental.

By accepting the incremental nature of gaming, we can do the same in any work environment.  We may be working on a project that is expected to take a year to complete.  We may have started a business and work hard to make it successful.

We are reminded of the apocryphal story of the early days of Amazon when the employees celebrated the arrival of tables so that they no longer had to work on the floor!

Even the slots at Everygame Casino are the product of months of work by teams!  We see the final product and live playing them and we should realize that the final product was the result of many, many incremental wins!

Online Gaming Helps Gamers Stay in Control

We encourage modest sessions since gamers can play every day!  We also encourage playing on our mobile platform so garners can play in total comfort all curled up on the sofa possibly with their significant other by their side.

Gamers can easily stop a session if they are having a losing streak. After all, tomorrow is another day!  Gamers can budget a modest amount of money for gaming.  Gamers can play several games even in a short session.

Being in complete control is much more difficult at a land-based casino where players have invested time and money to gamble there.  It is a lot more difficult to stop a session after 30 minutes when the player spent several hours and a couple of hundred dollars just getting tie the casino and checking into the hotel.

Land-based casino players rarely play several games at those casinos since at every change they have to relinquish control of their terminal, seat at the blackjack table, or place at the craps or roulette tables.

Play Online, Save Travel Costs, and Take a Real Vacation

This is an amazing subject and we will look at it in a subsequent article.  For now, think of how much a long weekend at a land-based casino costs and put that money towards one or more “real vacations”!

You will quickly see why we encourage everyone to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!