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We are certainly living in “interesting times” as the old Chinese proverb says.  There is a high level of price inflation and energy prices for travel are still sky high.  That means that a lot of gamers are looking for interesting and exciting stay-at-home activities.

Online casino gaming here at Everygame Casino begins with our Everygame Casino welcome bonus and continues to include the full Everygame Casino Welcome Package!

Start Your Everygame Casino Journey with the Giant Welcome Package of Bonuses

How Good is the Welcome Package?

It is very, very good!

The Welcome Package includes four deposit bonuses for high bonus percentages and high maximum bonuses each time.  At the end, we give gamers a small but useful no deposit bonus.  The total package is worth, potentially, $5555!

We will give you the Welcome Package details and then we will segue to a short discussion about stay-at-home activities that everyone can enjoy as an adjunct to gaming here at Everygame Casino!

High Bonus Percentages

The bonus percentages are all over 100% and the highest bonus goes from $1000 to $2000.  Keep in mind that as you take the bonuses, you should be careful not to deposit more than the bonus calls for.  You can always get the next bonus in the Welcome Package or one of the many bonuses we offer regularly!

Now for the details:

  1. The first bonus in the Welcome Package is for a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  2. The second bonus is for 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third bonus repeats the first one.
  4. The fourth deposit bonus is for a 150% bonus up to $2000.
  5. The no deposit bonus is for $55 so the entire package comes out to up to $5555!

Stay at Home and Play Casino Games!

Of course, since we are an online casino, we think that online casino gaming is a wonderful stay-at-home activity!  The key is to understand the nature of online gaming.  Land-based casinos get players for a couple or three days and the players, having spent a goodly sum just to get to the casino and check into the hotel, are ready to play the casino’s games for hours on end.

Online casino gaming, on the other hand, is designed for relatively short sessions at frequent intervals.  That means that there is no pressure to play for hours and that releases a lot of time for other stay-at-home activities.

What Exactly Do We Mean by a Stay at Home Activity?

We mean an activity that does not require expensive travel to get there.  With airline tickets and gas for cars at their highest point in a long time plus the fact that the corona virus lockdowns depleted many people’s savings, travel is out of the reach of many people.

So, a stay-at-home activity doesn’t have to be done AT HOME!

Can you Cook Anything More than an Egg?

Cooking is a great stay at home activity!  It is way less expensive than eating in a restaurant and the food can be at least as good if not better than anything you can buy in a restaurant!

Cooking will introduce you to the vast world of herbs and spices not to mention the wide variety of vegetables and the many uses of fruit in cooking.

How Many Different Baked Goods are There?


Baking is similar to cooking as a great stay-at-home activity since it would replace buying baked goods with making them yourself!

Will I Need to Buy Cookbooks?

As we are about to talk about reading, we would like to point out that the internet is the home of thousands of recipes at hundreds of cooking and baking stirs!  That means that you don’t have to buy any cookbooks but if you can get one at a used book store at very low cost it might be worth it if the book has a lot of pages of explanations and really good illustrations.



We know that people don’t read nearly as much as they used to.  Still, used bookstores are great fun.  Also, a lot of classics have introductions written by critics or professors of literature.

The introductions to his plays by George Bernard Shaw are considered must-read literature.

A lot of people can read several non-fiction books at the same time, a few pages at a time.

Finally, there is a wealth of printable reading on the internet.  And many used book stores sell back copies of magazines that are worth the few pennies they charge.


Since we are talking about reading, we should segue momentarily to writing a journal, a blog, or simply your recollections of your childhood.

Join a Club or Group

A lot of people love playing games in a group setting.  Bridge and chess are always popular.  You can probably find groups that play other popular games as well.

You could arrange a monthly session with friends playing popular board games.

How about Music?

There are concerts but they are usually expensive so here we will concentrate on less expensive ways to enjoy music.

Learn to play an instrument ten minutes at a time.

William F. Buckley once said about the cost of music that a person could buy all of Beethoven’s symphonies for ten dollars and listen to them for ten years.  That was in the days of turntables and vinyl records!

Speaking about William Buckley, we have to mention languages in general.  You could learn a foreign language a few words at a time or improve your native language also a few words at a time.

Dance, Draw, Color

If you are learning a language a few words at a time, you could also learn to dance a few steps at a time.

A lot of people can draw and don’t even know it.  There are techniques for learning to draw.  Remember, Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was over 60 years old!

Adult coloring books are very intricate and require a great deal of patience.  That makes it a perfect stay-at-home activity!

Use the Needles in your Drawers

A lot of people “took up” knitting at one time and now the needles are sitting in their drawers.  Take up knitting once again.  Knit sweaters, Afghans, hats, mittens, socks, booties, and whatever else suits your fancy.

Might we say in the spirit of this article “one stitch at a time”?

Speaking about drawers, we could schedule a de-cluttering at your house and get friends to do the same so everyone helps de-clutter everyone else’s house!

Collect Things

The de-cluttering is meant to remove things that we all “collect” with little or no intention of using.  That releases energy that we can then use to start a sensible collection as a stay-at-home activity.

Picnics Require Picnic Baskets

Channel your inner Yogi Bear and have indoor or outdoor picnics with friends and family.

Look at the Stars

In an urban setting, it might be hard to impossible to see the stars.  So, we can use our time to plan a great vacation where we can get far enough away from the lights of the city so that we can really see the stars.

Join Everygame Casino

We have spoken about a lot of things people can do while the cost of travel is high.  Included in the discussion is online casino gaming as a complementary activity to many other excellent stay-at-home activities.

When travel once again becomes affordable, we hope that your experience at Everygame Casino will allow you to forego a trip to a land-based casino so that you can go on that “real vacation” you spent time planning!