Why a Well-cultivated Sense of Humor is So Important

Online casino gaming at Everygame Casino Red is connected to mental and physical health through the many benefits of maintaining a strong sense of humor.  People have played games for thousands of years and the very act of playing games is directly connected to one’s sense of humor.

Let's see How a Good Sense of Humor and Online Casino Gaming Intersect

Smile and the World Smiles with You

When we play any game with a sense of humor, we smile constantly.  During the ebb and flow of the game we may joke around with the other players or with kibitzers standing around watching.  It is this banter that makes a game an enjoyable pastime for most people.

What about Chess and Other Games of Skill?

Chess players are notorious for being dour personalities with little sense of humor.  Chess is so cerebral that it seems to squeeze all of the fun out of the game when it is played at the highest levels.

On the other hand, chess is a great game for average players.  There is plenty of time to talk around the moves.  There is a cliché of sorts about the “Russian Soul” which is considered rather humorless.  Maybe that is why the leaders of the Soviet Union made chess part of the standards school curriculum!

But chess does not have to be a humorless game.

How Does a Sense of Humor in Gaming Help Maintain Good Mental Health?

We all have heard the term “sore loser”.   This is a person for whom the essential purpose of games is lost; they so much hate to lose that they make it uncomfortable whenever another player wins!  These people take playing a game as a serious matter; there is no sense of humor in their attitude towards games.

A good loser maintains his or her sense of humor despite the loss.  Here is where the vicissitudes of online gaming and sense of humor come together to keep our mental state strong and healthy.

In every game, we have winning streaks and losing streaks.  We all take the winning streaks well although some do make a lucky winning streak into a discourse on their own superiority.  It is taking losing streaks with a grain of salt and smiling through them that we keep our mental state strong and healthy.

Tilt is generally considered a poker term. It refers to a player who cannot see the humor in a truly bad beat by a rank amateur on the river card.  Are you listening Phil Helmuth?

In everyday life, tilt is called rage.  We need to play games the correct way with humor and joy to avoid rage.  The fun we have playing games can lead to seeing the humor in a bad traffic jam or any other situation where a person might succumb to rage.

How Can We Play Online Casino Games with Joy and Fun?

There are several techniques gamers can and should use to enhance fun and reduce the tendency to tilt at a losing streak.

  1. Set a reasonable time limit for gaming and stop when the time is up.
  2. Set a reasonable betting limit and general bankroll and stop if your bankroll runs down close to zero.
  3. Play a variety of games.  The old cliché is: variety is the spice of life.


Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Institute

There is a movie from the last century about a young medical student named Patch Adams who felt that the medical training he and his peers were getting took all the joy out of medicine for the doctors and all the joy out of healing for the patients.

He was convinced that having a sense of humor even despite physical ailments that may be life-threatening was a big part of healing.

After he graduated from medical school he founded the Gesundheit Institute which gives patients excellent medical care with a large dollop of humor.

There is a reason that one of the most popular sections in The Reader’s Digest is “Laughter is the Best Medicine”!

Online Casino Games Can Enhance One’s Self-esteem

The way is the way we stated above: time and money limits and playing a variety of games.  Playing a variety of games is good for both those gamers who like games of chance such as slots and those gamers who like games of skill such as blackjack and video poker.

If a gamer likes slots and plays video poker, he or she will instantly feel better about themselves.  The fact that they are willing, even for a short time, to take on the challenge posed by a game of skill is a boost to their self-esteem.

The sane holds true in the opposite direction and may even be more significant.  A gamer who plays blackjack or video poker will have to relax and let their hair down to play slots.  By doing so, these gamers are saying that they are willing to relinquish all control of the game to the Random Number Generator in the same way that people who play a lot of board games relinquish control over the outcome of the game to dice.

Good Self-esteem Produces Genuine Joy

The way we show our joy at anything is by smiling.  Smiling makes a person more attractive.  When we smile when we are playing casino games, we are training ourselves to…..smile!  In other words: The more we smile the more we smile.

Given that smiling breeds more smiling, we might see that smiling at games leads to being more sociable in everyday situations.  A sense of humor is an invaluable tool for reducing tensions that naturally arise in the course of a day.

James Agee and Humor

James Agee was a great eclectic writer of the time before and after World War Ii.  He wrote about the kind of humor that made silent movies so popular.  He spoke about a man who was employed by one of the studios who was not able to articulate in any way his idea for a humorous sequence in a movie.

Agee used the term “ to top the topper” which is what this particular employee was trying to convey to a clueless executive board.  Finally, he was able to convey to them that as the heroes of the clip would run across a narrow planks and ropes bridge to escape their pursuers, they would suddenly encounter a gorilla going the other way!

Such is the great power of humor!  And such is the great power of online casino gaming here at Everygame Casino Red: to make gaming so much fun that the pleasure it gives carries over with great enduring humor into gamers’ everyday life!