Music Can be a Kind of No Deposit Bonus

Many gamers know that the giant Welcome Package here at Everygame Casino culminates in an Everygame Casino no deposit bonus. The details of the Welcome Package together total a cool $5555.  The package goes like this:

  1. With your first deposit, you get a 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  2. With the second deposit, you get a 150% bonus for up to $1500.
  3. The next deposit brings another bonus of 125% up to $1000.
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Listening to Music and Gaming at Jackpot Capital is a Great Combination

Music Can Play a Helpful Role in Online Casino Gaming

We know that listening to music or playing music has many health benefits.  We will try to cover as many of these health benefits as we can and we would like to start with the calming effect of listening to music.

Gaming Also Has a Calming Effect

We are starting here because both music and online casino gaming seem to have similar effects and, when they are combined, may have very powerful emotional benefits.  We have spoken in the past about how online gaming in relatively short sessions can calm us down and help us relax after another stressful day at work.

We have said that this approach enhances the fun of online casino gaming.

The same holds true for music.  We can sit calmly and listen to great music, we can read while listening to music in the background, and we can play easy to play casino games with music in the background.

Slots All Have Music in the Background

This is one of the reasons game providers all have some easy-listening music in the background: the music is at once part of the fun of playing that particular slot and also enhances the calming effect of the game.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say that music can provide a complete brain workout in the same way that an exercise program can give us a complete body workout.

The science of music is actually quite complex.  Music creates sound waves that enter the ear and stimulate the eardrum which translates the sound wave into electricity that travels to the auditory nerve which sends the encrypted signal to the brain which unscrambles the encryption and the result is what we call music!

If a deaf person plays the saxophone in the forest but there is no one to hear it, is it music?

Music Stimulates the Brain Even if it is in the Background

In the context of online casino games, music in the background can stimulate creative thinking whichever game you play.  It is true that you will have to choose the music wisely if you want to have music in the background while your play blackjack or video poker, the two most prominent games of skill offered by Everygame Casino.

Gamers who like to play games of skill may actually be able to benefit more from having music in the background since the calming effect of the music will make it easier for gamers to take actions that are counter-intuitive but are statistically warranted.

Music While Gaming will Put You in a Good Mood

This can also be true if you have had a losing gaming sessions!  Now, if you play too fast or you bet too much money or the session is too long and luck hiss not been kind, you will have a losing session.

Responsible gaming, which means setting sound time and money limits on gaming, plus appropriate music is likely to put you in such s good mood that can last at least for the rest pf the night, can help you slurp more soundly and can carry over to the next day where colleagues might wonder why you are whistling music at the water cooler or coffee machine!


Music is an Aphrodisiac

Online casino gaming with a significant other while all curled up together on the sofa or in bed can be a prelude to romance.  With soft music that both partners like in the background, the romantic angle gets multiplied exponentially.

Music Stimulates the Memory Part of the Brain

The nature of music is that it strings along notes and chords.  These combinations of notes and chords often create a memorable sound that stays with us long after we turn off the music.  We all know the first few chords of songs from our childhood and can easily identify the song after hearing just a few notes.

Gamers who are old enough to have heard music decades earlier will hear a song or a tune and will remember exactly where they were and who they were with at the time.

Playing Casino Games While Listening Can Make the Listening Better!

In this context, having music in the background isn’t so much about making the gaming better, even though it most certainly does, it makes the listening better!  Listening to music even slightly out of context, which is what listening to music while gaming is, can bring to the surface long stored away memories.

Playing online casino games and listening to music are a synergistic combination in which they complement each other

And since music gives the brain a complete workout, we can also see that listening to music while playing online casino games can exercise the memory side of the brain and make that side of the brain fit for later use in work and many other situations.

Create a Musical Playlist

There are a couple of good reasons why a playlist is important.  The first is that the playlist is composed of songs and music you like.  You will not happen upon a song or music that kills the mood.  After all, gaming and music are supposed to work in tandem to put you in a long-lasting good mood!

Second, a playlist of say 30 minutes can help you set the kind of time budget for gaming that you want.

Third, sounds in the background can be distracting.  A playlist of sounds you do want to hear will serve to enhance the gaming and will not distract you from enjoying the fun.

There Are a Lot of Problematic Distractions at Land-based Casinos

While we can keep the distractions way down when we play the more than 300 games at Everygame Casino, playing at a land-based casino is accompanied by many more distractions.  Here are just a few:

  1. There are non-stop bells and whistles.
  2. Shouting.  This is usually the whooping and hollering that emanate from the roulette and craps tables but sometimes people get angry too.
  3. Women wearing too little clothing is a major phenomenon and a huge distraction.
  4. Men, usually, who have had too much to drink and are a nuisance, or worse.  Before security accompanies them out the door, they may become a lot more than a simple distraction.
  5. Other blackjack players who are constantly haranguing you for the way you are playing with 12 or more points to the point of blaming you for their losses.

Music and Gaming Equal Fun

The bottom line is that music and online casino gaming both serve the same purpose in different ways.  Adding some music to your gaming will have a big, positive effect on your gaming.