Why is Mobile Casino Gaming Growing so Quickly?

A mobile casino is an app that gamers download to their smartphone or tablet.  It works basically like any other app but there are differences.  For example, a mobile casino app can handle bonuses and free spins in the same way that a desktop or laptop casino can handle them.

Mobile Casino Gaming at Everygame Casino Continues to Grow and Grow

The Need for Total Security

In other words, gamers who play on mobile devices need to feel 100% confident that the app is secure from hackers.  This the casino does by using the best encryption software to protect all of their gamers’ assets.

For gamers who have made the transition from land-based casinos to desktop and laptop caisson to finally arrive at mobile casinos, the confidence that their money is safe and secure is requisite.

Mobile Works Even when the Internet Doesn’t

Another new technology that is becoming ever more popular is Instant Play which we at Everygame Casino offer.  Instant Play allows gamers to play our more than 300 games directly on their internet server without the need to download the entire casino to their hard drive and taking on the “burden” of a casino “in” their computer.

The only drawback to Instant Play is when the internet I down for whatever reason.

Having a mobile casino app on your smartphone or tablet allows you to play even where a regular internet connection is not available.  By using data roaming, gamers can play even in the most remote areas.  This takes the idea of taking the casino with you to a totally different level!

One Account at the Desktop and Mobile Casino

Our mobile casino app is also synchronized with our parent online casino.  This means that any benefits the gamer accrues apply equally when they play on a desktop or laptop or through the mobile app.  This especially applies to the wagering requirement that is attached to all bonuses and to the accumulation of comp points which gamers ultimately redeem for casino credits.

How Did Mobile Get so Popular so Fast?

The history of mobile gaming is fascinating for two primary reasons.  First, it has happened so fast, and secondly because it has travelled from being an afterthought (if that) to the go-to way to play online casino games in 2022!

Do You Remember when a Mobile Phone was a Giant Monstrosity?

The first mobile devices were so big and clunky and cost so much to buy that no one really liked carrying them around with them.  The only people who bought a first-generation mobile phone were either businesspeople who needed one for work or wealthy egoists who always flock to the next “toy”.

The First Generation of Buyers Helped the Price Come Down

These people bought enough mobile phones to bring the price of cellular phones down to a much more reasonable level for a large group of consumers and they bought cell phones by the millions.


Mobile Gaming Still Lagged Behind

But as far as mobile casino gaming, was concerned, the second and subsequent generations of phones were not good enough.  They were still very big and the graphics and animation technologies were still in the germination stage.

The Cell Phone Evolves into the Smart Phone

About twenty years ago, cell phones “got smart” and the rest is history.  From a cell phone, the mobile communication device became a smartphone.  The ability to download apps made a smartphone an invaluable tool for many everyday activities or information searches.

Thus online casino gaming on a modern mobile device became popular and its popularity continues to grow!

Cell Phone Gaming Allows Gamers to Relax More

One of the many benefits of online casino gaming is that gamers can play every day if they so desire.  That means that gamers can play for the sheer fun of spinning a few slots, going for that very elusive multi-million progressive jackpot, or challenging themselves in the games of skill, primarily blackjack and video poker.

The Online Alternative to “Offline” Casino Gaming

This has been the case with online gaming since the first online casino came aboard in 1994!   Mobile casino gaming adds an important element of comfort to the gaming mix.

Online and mobile casinos are a great alternative to land-based casino gaming.

Many of us remember when the only gaming to be had was at land-based casinos in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

The Inconvenience of Travel to a Casino Has Become a Nightmare

Travel to either of these cities has never been a veritable picnic and it is worse now with security being such a high priority.  In short, flying is no longer the adventure it once was!

Online and mobile gaming take all of the inconvenience and nuisance of travel out of the gaming equation.  The cost of travel, which includes the flight, the hotel, meals, souvenirs, shows, and much more, can be re-budgeted to many other pursuits.

Get Cozy

Mobile gaming adds an important element of relaxation as it allows gamers to easily recline and snuggle on their sofa, easy chair, or in bed.  As such, it also adds a major element of romantic gaming with one’s significant other!  Land-based casino gaming was never able to capture the romantic side of gaming in the seamless way that mobile gaming does!

Travel in the Poet-corona Era

If travel has become a nightmare for many people, can it be anything but a nightmare to go on a “real” vacation?  The answer has to do with the angle of “looking forward” to the trip!

People used to look forward to a trip to a land-based casino because that was the only way to play casino games.  That sense of excitement is no longer as pervasive as it once was.  In fact, we suspect that a lot of people, on their way to a land-based casino, know in their heart of hearts that they “should” be playing online!

With the mobile casino, players can take the casino with them and look forward to an exciting real vacation!  Whether one is driving, flying, or travelling by bus or train, the very fact that they are embarking on a real vacation makes the travel much less of a nightmare and much more of a happy part of the overall vacation experience!  There are many bucket lists online that recommend travel in the post-corona era.

Travel with Mobile and Get the Most out of Both Gaming and Vacationing

Here at Everygame Casino, we offer the absolute finest in online and mobile gaming!

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