Why Choose Everygame Casino

This article is directed at new gamers who are looking for an online alternative to the land-based casino or casinos that they frequented on a regular basis before the corona virus shut so many businesses down.  Everygame Casino Red is a top-level online casino with over 300 great games and many ongoing and new promotions!

So, let’s find out why Everygame is such a good choice for disaffected, erstwhile land-based casino players.

Everygame Casino Red as the Leading Edge of the Online Casino Boom

Why are Players Leaving Land-based Casinos?

Before we get into the many advantages of gaming at an online casino such as Everygame Casino, we should go over the many reasons land-based casino players are looking for that aforementioned online alternative.

People Talk

Word of mouth is a powerful influencer!  When the corona virus struck and closed down casinos far and wide, many players found “refuge” in the online casino alternative.  This included a very large cohort of players who had never joined an online casino before!

What these people found at Everygame Casino and other excellent online casinos opened their eyes!  People who have had their eyes opened like to tell other people about it!

So, one of the reasons people are leaving land-based casinos for an online casino is simply because a friend, colleague, or family member extolled the virtues of online casino gaming!

It Costs No Money to Walk from the Kitchen to the Living Room!

There has always been a high cost to travelling to any land-based casino.  With gasoline prices sky high, even a short trip to a local land-based casino costs too much money for many gamers.

We should also point out that many local land-based casinos are relatively small enterprises that close at night and have fewer games and amenities that the big yet distant casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City have.

The Reality of Travel Makes Itself Known

Before the pandemic, committed land-based casino players shrugged off the cost of travelling to the casino.   They loved the excitement of a land-based casino.  They loved yelling loudly at the roulette or craps table.  They loved the bells and whistles of a land-based casino.

Months of not being able to go to a land-based casino made them think about the cost of travelling to yell and scream and hear the bells and whistles.

The money not spent on land-based casinos was suddenly available and could be allocated to what has become known as a “real vacation”!

Road Trips with Friends

Within a hundred miles or so in any direction (unless you live at or near a coast) there are enough great places to vast that you can fill many long weekends travelling with friends.  When people divide the cost of travelling together, they can go to the mountains, the valleys, small towns, or travel the back roads just to see what awaits them!

In the fall, the leaves turn from green to brilliant shades of yellow, red, orange, and more and around every bend in the road is yet another ooh and aah moment!  The mountains offer refreshing coolness in the summer and going south is often a remedy for thy incessant cold of winter.

Europe is a big continent with many small countries all of which have a unique flavor all their own!

Online Casino Gaming is One of Many Activities

People who discover the joys of online casino gaming find that they can expand their areas of interest.  If it takes an hour to prepare a meal from scratch, it can also take an hour or so to relax in the evening with online casino games here at Everygame Casino!

As much as online gaming is one of many excellent ways to spend free time, a long weekend at a land-based casino is a commitment to spending as much time as possible on the casino floor.


What Does Everygame Casino Red Offer?

This was the question we opened the article with.  Everygame Casino offers a smooth gaming platform for people who like to play casino games for real money and also have many other interesting pursuits.

We have over 300 games on offer.  The large banks of slots at many land-based casinos fool players into thinking that the land-based casino also has a lot of games to offer.  Many of the slots terminals are duplicates since in the physical world there is room for only one player per terminal.

At Everygame, as many people as would like to play a single game, be it a slot, a table game, or Banana Jones, can play at the same time!

As such, Everygame offers great flexibility in gaming!

Gamers Can Move from Game to Game

This is a lot easier to do at Everygame Online Casino since gamers can return to the game they were playing with just a tap of the finger or mouse or a swipe.

This flexibility is one of the things first-time online casino gamers discover.  It takes casino gaming to an entirely different, and better, level!

Everygame Offers Many Promotions that Land-based Casinos Cannot Offer

By going to the promotions page at Everygame, players can see the many promotions we offer that include deposit bonuses and free spins.

We have an amazing Welcome Package worth $5555 in bonuses!

We offer new promotions every month!

We have a great comp points program which is also a type of bonus promotion as gamers get real money to play with when they accumulate enough comp points.

Everygame Casino is Internet Safe

That means that just as the big internet stores have to have a way to protect customers’ money, Everygame uses the same technology to protect our gamers’ money.

This technology is called encryption.  We use the most sophisticated form of encryption since, as a holder of money accounts, we are actually a kind of online bank!

Everygame Casino Offers Mobile Gaming

Mobile will be the go-to way to play online casino games for the foreseeable future.  Mobile was not always considered a great way to play but technology has caught up with people’s desire for a more comfortable way to play!

Now, a large majority of online gaming at Everygame Casino Red is done on our excellent mobile platform!

The great irony of the move to mobile is that while we have spoken at some length here about the cost of travelling to a land-based casino, we now see that some of the bigger land-based casinos are offering mobile gaming to their players!

We wonder how many of the new players here at Everygame spent as much time playing on a land-based casino’s mobile platform as they spent on the casino floor!

And if so, why travel to a land-based casino at all!

Choose Everygame Casino

So, we have come full circle in this discussion of the virtues of our great online casino here at Everygame Casino Red versus the manifest inconvenience of land-based casino gaming!

Casino gaming is now a function of comfort and convenience and online gaming, especially from the comfort of one’s most comfortable chair or sofa, is also the most convenient way to play.

Anyone who has spent any time recently in an airport will attest to that!