What Do Bonuses Teach Us?

In the world of online casinos, there is always a lot of talk about bonuses.  The $5555 Welcome Package at Everygame Casino ends with the Everygame Casino no deposit bonus. This bonus is modest as bonuses go but it is a lot more than just a virtual maraschino cherry on top of the big bonuses.

Gamers love to receive bonuses and Everygame Online Casino, like so many other online casinos, offers many chances for gamers to receive big bonuses!

Everygame Online Casino Offers Many Bonuses

Mixing and Matching Cash Bonuses and Free Spins

There are two types of cash bonuses.  The most common type, by far, is a deposit bonus in which the gamer deposits an amount and receives a bonus as a factor of that amount.  For example, a $100 deposit with a 100% deposit bonus means that the gamer has $200 to play with.

Free spins are exactly that: free spins on a specified slot.  Many of the excellent promotions here at Everygame Casino have a combination of cash bonuses and free spins.  The cash bonuses are more flexible as there is a range of games the player can play to fulfill the wagering requirement while the free spins are generally for one specific slot.

Still, gamers love taking those free spins!

What is the Wagering Requirement?

We knew you would ask us that as we mentioned the term above with no explanation!

Would you believe that in the early days of online casino gaming, some gamers took a deposit bonus and cashed out immediately without making even a single bet?

Well, the earliest online casinos learned quickly that they had to have a quid pro quo from gamers to make it worthwhile to offer deposit bonuses.  The quid pro quo is the wagering requirement which means that the player has to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw winnings.

Do Land-based Casinos Also Have a Wagering Requirement?

This is a trick answer!  The answer is “no” because land-based casinos can’t offer deposit bonuses in the amounts that Everygame Casino and most other good online casinos can offer.  There is simply not enough time for players at a land-based casino to fulfill the wagering requirement for a big deposit bonus!

Even a loooong weekend is not long enough!


A Deposit Bonus is Free Money

Even with the wagering requirement, a deposit bonus is free money.  You can use the money to play any game at the casino.  Ultimately, if you win big, you will be able to withdraw your largesse.

Free spins are also a type of free money as they are free, meaning that the gamer doesn’t have to put his or her own money down to be able to win money on the subsequent spins!

Bonuses are the most important way for online casinos to attract new gamers!  The Welcome Package at Everygame Casino is worth $5555!  Gamers can avail themselves of all of the set of four deposit bonuses plus the no deposit bonus or a fraction of the bonuses.

Promotions are Also a Form of Free Money

As we said above, we offer many promotions that combine deposit bonuses and free spins.  We also have a great comp points promotion that also awards gamers free money to play with when the accumulation of comp points reaches a minimum level.

The more comp points you accumulate, the more casino credits you qualify to receive.

Many Businesses Offer Free Money to Customers!

There is a kicker to this statement: the free money that businesses offer is usually called a “sale”!

If a business is offering say 40% off, it means that 40% of the original retail price is offered to customers as free money!

Now, it is certainly ironic that 40% off an item of clothing for example is generally considered a great sale price while the majority of the deposit bonuses here at Everygame Casino are for 100% of the deposit!  In other words, we offer more free money than businesses looking to sell overstocks to make room for the next season’s clothes are willing to offer.

What Does That Remind You Of?

Here is a similar irony that demonstrates one of the main advantages of online casino gaming as opposed to land-based casino gaming.  When a land-based casino wants to bring in the “new season’s” games, primarily slots, it has to take out some older slots since the casino is limited by its four walls.

Here at Everygame Casino, we don’t have walls so we don’t have to take any games out to make room for the next set of games!  Thus we can keep the classics on hand even if very few gamers play them!  And we still offer great deposit bonus rates!

In addition, we can bring in one new slot and thousands (millions?) of gamers can play that one game at the same time while a land-based casino brings in several terminals of a new game (and takes out an equal number of terminals) and then the number of players that can play the new game is equal to the number of terminals the casino brought in!

A Loss Leader Also Represents Free Money

Before any holiday in which a host or hosts entertain a large number of guests, be they friends or family, supermarkets will fall all over themselves offering a staple of the holiday meals for such a low price that they actually lose money on the purchase of that one item.

This is called a loss leader as it attracts customers to spend a large sum of money on all of the other holiday meal items!

Some Stores Brag about “Everyday Low Prices”

A store that offers any given item at a permanently low price is actually offering customers free money that they can then earmark for other purchases.  If you shop at this type of store and you save the “savings” from the everyday low prices, you will eventually have enough money saved up for a long weekend at a state park or some other real vacation spot!

A Bonus is a Type of Motivational Factor

Motivation is a big element in modern society.  Thousands of people attend motivational speeches every year in Western countries.  Businesses offer bonuses to attract and motivate employees.

A company trip is a form of motivational bonus that encourages workers to work harder and longer.

Here is where the modern business bonus as a motivating benefit converges with online casino gaming!  As we all work harder and longer to feel that we are worth the bonuses our company is giving us, we need some soft landing spot to unwind and relax in the evening.

Online casino gaming at Everygame Casino is that perfect landing spot!  You can play for just the right amount of time to feel the relaxing effects of gaming!  You can play with Everygame Casino’s own money in the form of bonuses!  As such, bonuses are well worth it!

So, get in on the wonderful world of online casino bonuses by JOINING EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO NOW!