There are Quite a Few Types of Slots

When new gamers start their happy journey at Everygame Casino, they take as much of Everygame Casino Welcome Bonus as they can.  The Welcome Package is a series of four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus all together totaling a cool $5555!

As soon as a new gamer has completed the registration process, he or she can access the first deposit bonus which is for 125% up to $1000.

Then the question is always “what games should I play first”?

Most gamers head straight to the slots area under the “games” heading.  There is a happy conundrum at this point.  You see, there are so many different kinds of slots!  We could go into depth talking about three-reel, five-reel, six-reel, oddly shaped reels, classic slots, new slots, progressives, 3D slots, HD slots, fruit slots…. The list goes on and on!

Everygame Online Casino Offers Hundreds of Great Slots

Aren’t Three-Reel Slots Old Fashioned?

Some three-reel slots are indeed old fashioned!  Even though they are old fashioned, there is a small cohort of gamers who love to play them!

This is one of the ways gaming at Everygame Casino online is better than travelling to a land-based casino to play casino games.  We can keep old fashioned slots available to the few gamers who want to play them since we are not restricted in the space we have to carry games.

Land-based casinos—even the very big ones—are actually very restricted in available floor space for new games so when they bring in a few terminals of a new slot game, they have to take out the same number of terminals

Therefore, Everygame Casino can carry three-reel slots that most land-based casinos cannot carry!

Classic slots may be slots from years ago or they may be first generation video slots.  First generation video slots may be fewer than twenty years old and already classics.

Most Slots Have Five Reels

Having said all that about three-reel slots, we have to talk about the very popular five-reel slots.  One of the many advantages of having five reels instead of three is that five reels afford many more winning lines!  A five-reel slot with 50 or more winning lines is not at all uncommon today even as it was rare to non-existent a couple of slot game generations ago!

If Five-reel Slots Have Many Winning Lines Six-reel Slots have Even More

A few years ago, game developers discovered the concept of “ways to win”.  These were not winning lines per se; they were ways that the slot embodied that allowed gamers to win!

Six-reel slots have many more ways to win than five-reel slots have!  So, going forward, we might see many more six-reel slots than we see now!

How Many New Slots Does Everygame Casino Offer?

Our exclusive game provider, SpinLogic, brings out at least one new slot every month!  We know in advance what the new slot will entail and we write a short blurb about it.  We also write a somewhat longer review of the slot especially extolling the excitement gamers will have playing it!


How Can SpinLogic Bring out So Many New Slots?

Imagination is the key element in any new slot.  The first slots were basically fruit slots.  Today, there are as many different themes in slots as there is imagination in the development teams!  Suffice it to say that the teams at SpinLogic exude imagination with every new slot!

The themes in modern slots run a very wide gamut of ideas.  A popular genre is ancient civilizations and Spinlogic has produced slots based on Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Irish, Aztec, Inca, Mayan, and other ethnic cultures!

The Characters and Symbols Set the Tone for Every New Slot

Having a theme is still just the start for a new slot.

In many ways, the characters make the slots games.  Characters must be realistic within the framework of the game.  So, a slots game based on Irish mythology will feature a leprechaun even though we all know that leprechauns are not real.  In these slots, not only are they real, they are the heart and soul of the slots.

As there are several slots in each theme category, the creative teams have to imagine new and different characters and symbols to make yet another slot based on ancient Greek culture exciting and fun to play!

Wild and Scatter Symbols are Emblematic of Modern Slots

The scatter symbols win in all positions while the wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter (in most slots).  The scatter symbol takes gamers to the free spins bonus rounds where there are even more ways to enrich one’s bankroll such as multipliers and strange, new abilities in the wild symbols.

Wild symbols enhance game play in so many ways that gamers look forward to seeing how the wild symbol will behave in every new slot.  Wild symbols are no longer merely “wild”!  They expand, move, stack on a reel, take over the entire reel, explode, stick to a reel for an extended period of time, and multiply wins by a factor of from 2x to a whole lot of X!

Technology Has Brought Slots to a Golden Era

Technology has wrought amazing advances in online slots and the widening range of slot types, such as 3D and HD slots, exemplifies these technological advances.

Another modern miracle of technology is mobile slots.  When mobile started to be a popular way to play casino games, the graphics were less than satisfactory and the selection of games was meager.  Everygame Casino is a leader in the excellence of our mobile gaming.

This is because the graphics in mobile slots has gotten to the point that mobile gaming is now more popular than desktop gaming.  Mobile casino slots are so good and mobile is so popular that we love to point out a great irony about mobile gaming and especially slots.

Believe it or not, some land-based casinos now offer an in-house mobile gaming platform so people can spend a lot of money to travel to the casino and play on the casino’s mobile network!

Strategy in Slots

Slots are a pure game of chance so there is very little in the way of strategy that gamers can use to win more.  This is totally different than what obtains in the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker where strategy is the single most important element in keeping the return to player rate at about 99.5%!

Volatility and Gamers’ Bankrolls

Volatility is perhaps the single most “strategic” aspect of slots!  High volatility slots have few winning spins but each is for a relatively large sum while low volatility slots are the opposite: they have many, small winning spins.

So, a gamer who is looking to have fun and conserve his or her bankroll is better

suited to playing low volatility slots.

Progressive slots are a type of high volatility slot.  The inducement of a seven figure payout attracts a lot of gamers.  We simply suggest that gamers pay close attention to their bankroll when spinning for a progressive jackpot as the requirement of betting the maximum on the winning payline makes these slots potentially very volatile!

Everygame Offers Over 300 Games!

We have spent a very long article on the virtues of slots!  We also offer many other games and several variations of many games.  The article began with a short discussion on how Everygame Casino makes gamers feel welcome.

We will talk about the other games at a future time.  For now, we hope that the discussion about slots has pointed you in the direction of JOINING EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO NOW!