Early New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

December is here and that means that it is time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions for 2023!  Here at Everygame Casino Red, we feel that there are quite a few resolutions that online casino gamers can make that relate either directly or indirectly to casino gaming. So, here are a few resolutions we hope every gamer to whom a resolution is relevant will make that resolution and see it through during 2023.

Do you Have Any Resolutions for 2023?

Stick to a Time Budget

Gamers have a tendency to extend a pre-set time budget.  They might be riding a hot streak or might be trying to get even before ending the session.

We feel that a well-thought-out time budget gives gamers the chance to explore and participate in many other healthy activities.  After all, Everygame Casino is available on a 24/7 basis.

There is simply no need to spend an inordinate amount of time at the casino since you can always come back tomorrow, the next day, or whenever you have a fancy for some online casino gaming.

This Resolution to Two Related Resolutions

The first is to avoid land-based casinos entirely.  A trip to a land-based casino costs time and our parent resolution was to set reasonable and actionable time budgets for gaming.

The second corollary resolution is to extend oneself into previously unexplored free time activities.  We can still find clubs for books, bridge, chess, checkers, hiking, and an endless number of additional activities.

Get a Fun Hobby

We do not suggest getting a hobby for the hobby’s sake.  We suggest getting a hobby for your own sake to fill the time with an activity you like doing in addition to casino gaming.

Everyone should have at least one hobby.  People can play their hobby alone or with other like-minded people.

Set a Sound and Reasonable Money Limit on Gaming

We are all so used to setting money limits on all of the things we do or buy.  If a bottle of wine or whisky is too expensive, or whisky we buy a different bottle of wine.  If a shirt, a suit, a pair of shoes, or a book is too expensive we decide not to spend the money and buy something else.

The reason the first class and business class sections of airplanes are so much smaller than the economy section is because we all automatically set money budgets on the things we buy.

The same should apply to online casino gaming.

Thus, our first set of 2023 New Year’s Resolutions is to set time and money budgets and to extend our interests in as many directions as we can.


Determine to Play Many Games

This resolution applies primarily to erstwhile land-based casino players who were shut out of their choice of casino for many months during the corona virus crisis.

Eventually, most of these gamers found their way to Everygame Casino Red or other excellent online casinos.  But some habits die hard and many of these new gamers continued the practice that they had honed over many years playing at land-based casinos: to play as few games as possible and to play those select few games for very long stretches of time!

Everygame Casino offers a wide range of great online games and we urge all gamers to play every game!

Everygame Casino Offers Over 300 Games

Every game is interesting and fun to play in its own right.  A gaming session that includes several games fits in with the idea that gamers should play our games as they play other games: as games and not as serious competitions.

Blackjack and video poker are known as games of skill but they are also great fun to play.  The top strategy for these games is already well known even if it at times seems counter-intuitive.

One of the attractions of blackjack and video poker is to make the correct strategy play even when it is so counter-intuitive.  As such, these games are great confidence builders.

What if I am Not Familiar with a Game?

Here, again, is a great New Year’s Resolution: learn to play as many games as you can and play in our unlimited free play mode while you check out a game!  This simple technique will add unlimited fun and enjoyment to your gaming.

Gaming is for Gaming

While it is true that a player can become instantly rich by winning a giant jackpot or a massive lottery, the odds against being such a person are enormously against.

However, the odds of being a happy gamer who plays a lot of games for the fun of doing so without any regard for the get-rich-quick side of playing for real money is hugely in the favor of gamers who embrace the idea of gaming for the fun side of gaming!

Avoid All “Guaranteed” Get Rich Quick Schemes

There are a lot of schemes for sale; resolve never to spend a single dime on any of these schemes.  The Martingale is one such scheme.  It is the most famous and, if you use it and you never have a losing streak, the Martingale System will work to the extent that you can win your original bet again and again.

Here is how it works.  We will assume a $5 base bet.  You bet $5 on an even money bet such as red or black in roulette.  This is not a pure even money bet as the 0 or 00 can and will come up at times.  Still, red or black, odds or evens, the first half or second half of the numbers are as close as we can come to an even money bet in roulette.

Some players apply the Martingale to blackjack and to other games as well.   If you don’t have a losing streak, you will win your original bet.  So, in our example, you bet $5 and lose.  The system calls for you to double your bet the next time.

Why is the Martingale a Poor System?

If you win, you win $10 and your original bet was $5 so you have won $5!  All well and good, but what if you have a losing streak of five hands or spins?  You will lose the $5, $10, $20, $40, and $80 hands or spins.

Now you have to bet $160 in order to win your original $5 bet!  These are extraordinarily poor odds.  In poker, a player with such poor odds would fold forthwith!

May we Wish you an Early Happy New Year?

We have covered a few good New Year’s Resolutions and as we get closer to the new year, we might return to this theme.  Still, you need not wait a month to JOIN EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO!