Is it Good to Listen to Music while Online Casino Gaming?

As you might expect, there are two very different thoughts on this question.  We will try here to present an even-handed discussion as to the pros and cons of music while gaming online with a bonus from Everygame Casino including the Everygame Casino no deposit bonus!

The Value of Good Music while Online Casino Gaming

That Reference to the No Deposit Bonus was Made Tongue in Cheek, Right?

Yes, of course it was!

Still, there are few things gamers should know about the no deposit bonus before we get into the idea of musical gaming!

  1. The no deposit bonus is relatively small when it is compared to the four deposit bonuses Everygame Casino Online offers to new gamers.
  2. The total new gamer Welcome Package is for $5555 with the no deposit bonus accounting for the last $55.
  3. So, the no deposit bonus is mostly symbolic while the four deposit bonuses promise a lot of gaming with Everygame Casino’s own money.
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Should a Gamer Listen to Music while Playing?

There are a number of factors involved in the answer to this question.

  1. Does the style of music a player wants to listen to meld well with the types of online casino games they like to play?
  2. Will listening to music be more distraction than calming factor?
  3. Will listening to music artificially extend a gaming session?
  4. Will listening to music give a gamer the feeling that he or she is still “fully awake” when, in fact, they are physically and cognitively too tired to continue playing?
  5. Will listening to music encourage gamers to drink whisky while gaming?

Why is Music so Important to People?

Music has a very long history.  In his classic song, Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen speaks about “a chord that pleased the Lord”.  He was referring to the Psalms, assumed to have been written by King David three thousand years ago.

The Psalms were written to be sung even though King David produced no music to go with his poems.

Every Culture Has its Own Unique Music

World cultures are incredibly diverse.  This is a major reason why travel has become so popular in our affluent times.  Even as we can see that different cultures have different music, the very fact that they all have music makes music a binding force among very different cultures.

We like to think that we live in the era of instant communication, and we do.  But before mobile communication devices, the same devices that make online casino gaming, among thousands of other accoutrements of modern society possible, music was the mass communication method for thousands of years.

As such, music shares a hallowed place with cuisine and local styles of dress as unifying aspects of human diversity.  Perhaps we will talk about food and dress in later articles!

As for now, let’s return to music!


Why is Music Important?

Most people are all that analytical but, if they were to analyze their everyday state of mind, they would say that there isa cacophony of sounds and instructions in their mind.  Stop! Go! Don’t do that! Do this! Stay the course. Take a break.

Music has the ability to dramatically reduce the cacophony.  When we play casino games, we are also beset by instructions especially in the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker.

Stand! Hit! Hold the high pair. Go for the flush!

Even when a gamer plays games of chance, especially slots, music can enhance the calming effect of the games themselves.

Are All Types of Music Created Equal?

In one sense, yes and in another sense, no!

Everyone has their own musical preferences.  It is at this point that each person has to subjectively decide which type of music will enhance the gaming mood and which will not.

One person might like easy listening while another likes rap.  Whichever style of music is a gamer’s favorite, if that style of music is too overwhelming, it might be better to eschew music altogether while gaming.

Music Sets the Tempo

If you are playing a fast game such as slots, you might choose to listen to slower music.  The music will enable you to play a little bit slower.  You will get the sense that the session lasts a little longer.

On the other hand, if you are playing a slow game such as blackjack, a faster style of music will uplift your spirit ang give you the feeling that your deep thought on every decision is based on well considered guidelines.

Isn’t Music a Distraction?

It is certainly true that music can be a distraction.  When you play at an online casino, such as Everygame Casino, you will have very few distractions.  When you play at a land-based casino, you will be compelled to deal with many distractions!

So, if music is too much of a distraction while gaming, set listening to music aside until after the gaming session is over.  For some gamers, not listening to music while gaming makes it easier to set a reasonable time limit on gaming sessions.

Land-based Casinos are Minefields of Distractions

As much as music may be an unwelcome distraction to online casino gamers, it is nothing like the distractions a player encounters at a land-based casino.

The free-flowing alcohol at land-based casinos may be the biggest of the many distractions there.  Even one alcoholic drink will reduce a player’s cognitive skills to the point that many players make mistakes that they would never make if they had been totally sober.

Free alcohol also produces many players who are under the influence.  A person under the influence is diametrically more likely to try to hit on other players.  The simple knowledge that they might be the object of an inebriated player’s affection is a very big distraction for most players.

Free buffet meals are another major distraction and a more sinister in their way since players are usually unawares of what the meal does to them.  Buffets are full of appetizing food!  Players with a free voucher for a buffet meal will generally and naturally overeat.  Then, since they are at a land-based casino, they will return to the casino and make mistakes as their digestion causes their minds to get tired and foggy.

The lack of clocks and windows are also distractions as they cause players to lose track of time by hours not mere minutes.

Music is Usually a Welcome and Benign Distraction

Here at Everygame Casino, we feel that adding the right kind of music can add a great extra dimension to online gaming.  This contrasts with the background music at land-based casinos which is the kind of music very few players would choose on their own.