The Everygame Casino Welcome bonuses are, taken together, the first way we make new gamers feel appreciated.  There are other welcome packages in the business world.  These are mainly new employee welcome packages and new client welcome packages.

Everygame Casino Offers New Gamers Four Top Deposit Bonuses

Let’s Take a Look at the Importance of These Welcome Packages.

A Welcome Package at an online casino such as Everygame Casino should be a series of sizable bonuses.  The Welcome Package here at Everygame is composed of four deposit bonuses and a small no deposit bonus to top it off.

A bit later we will explain why land-based casinos cannot come close to offering the same level of bonuses we offer.  In fact, land-based casinos cannot offer deposit bonuses at all!

Two Requisites of a Good Set of Bonuses

There are two parameters that should be met when an online casino offers a series of deposit bonuses whether as part of its Welcome Package or as part of a promotion.  These parameters are the percentage of the bonus and the maximum size of the bonus.

For example, the first deposit bonus in our Welcome Package is for 125% up to $1000.  That means that an $800 deposit brings a $1000 bonus, and you get $1800 to play with!

The second bonus is for 150% up to $1500.  A $1000 deposit brings the full $1500 bonus.  The third deposit bonus is the same as the first and the fourth has another 150% bonus but this time the maximum bonus is a cool $2000!

A modest $55 no deposit bonus brings the total package to a max of $5555!

Everygame Casino Offers Many Promotions

Some casinos have few promotions after the Welcome Package.  Here at Everygame, we feel that we need to offer many bonuses as part of ongoing and monthly promotions.  Many of the promotions carry free spins to go along with the deposit bonuses.

Everygame Casino Offers Thousands of Dollars in Bonuses

As we said earlier, land-based casinos cannot come close to matching our deposit bonuses.  The reason is simply that every deposit bonus has a wagering requirement that is a factor of the bonus.  The wagering requirement is often for 30x the bonus.

The wagering requirement has to be completed before the gamer can withdraw winnings.

It takes a while for an online gamer to make enough wagers to complete the wagering requirement.  Still, since online casino gaming is available every day a gamer at Everygame Online Casino can complete the wagering requirement for a bonus over time.

Players at land-based casinos usually do not have enough time to complete a wagering requirement for a thousand-dollar bonus so land-based casinos do not offer such bonuses!


Welcome Bonuses in Business

Businesses offer Welcome Packages to new employees.  The market determines to a great extent what will be included in the Welcome Package.

In a growing economy, where new employees have great leverage over prospective employers, they might ask for a starting salary that might have been considered exorbitant in less flush times.

Since the market determines how high a company can go in offering new employees a large Welcome Package, we can list some of the many perks a new employee might ask for.

Keep I mind that many such requests are truly over the top.  New employees may have a great deal of leverage in a growing market economy but few prospective employees will have a monopoly on any new jobs opening up.

So, here are some things new employees may ask for:

  1. A corner office instead of a cubicle.
  2. High company stock options.
  3. A company car.
  4. First class travel to meetings, conferences, and so on.
  5. A high title such as vice president.
  6. A yearly budget for office décor.
  7. A full-time assistant.

Even the richest corporations are not as flush with cash as are governments so a budget for office décor is truly off the wall!

A New Employee Package May Have High-quality Products

These products may include a French press, high-end coffee, a coffee mug, sweatshirt and other small cold weather clothing, high-end chocolates, wine, and many other products.

A company can put its logo on any product and use the gift as a subtle way to promote the company’s brand.

The Written Word Packs a Punch

A good new employee package will also have a letter of welcome.  The first paragraph should be a short thank you to the employee for joining the company and a statement that the company is looking forward to a productive working relationship with the new employee.

The second paragraph should explain the company’s work environment.  In today’s hyper-sensitive social milieu, a well-expressed explanation of corporate policy toward the differently-abled, people on the LGBTQ spectrum, and respect for people’s personal space is not only appropriate but welcome to everyone.

The company’s work environment should be explained during the interview process but a written statement at the point of hire is also necessary.

A company should be aware that writing the second paragraph is much more difficult than writing the first paragraph.

Welcoming New Clients and Customers

Every company should have a way to say thank you to new clients, suppliers, and customers.  As with new employees, a letter of welcome is very important to set the tone of cooperation and thankfulness.

New clients and suppliers are also often a company in and of themselves so they feel the same sense of thankfulness as the company they will be working with.  A new supplier appreciates a dedicated purchasing agent that they can communicate with as needed.  A supplier might also request an expedited system for the delivery of goods.  In supermarkets, it is common for a supplier to have a separate area that features only its products, especially when those products are on sale.

Customers are different as they often have alternative places to spend their money.  While suppliers also have alternative places to market their products, few suppliers would refuse to sell products in a given location.  Customers can refuse to shop at a given store.

Thus, a company should go a step further in expressing its gratitude to new customers.  Some companies offer a credit card with no service fees and points per purchase similar to frequent flyer points which, in their own way, are a major aspect of welcoming new customers!

New customers would appreciate a sale just for them.

Many discount stores have a big SALE sign in the window or a large SALE sign that is the first thing a customer sees when she or he walks into the store.

Online Casinos Say Thank You to Gamers through Bonuses and Promotions

There are a few thousand online casinos so a top-level online casino such as Everygame Casino will have a big Welcome Package for new gamers as we explained above and many promotions with bonuses and free spins.

We also bring in at least one new slot every month and we update the graphics and animation for our table games, casual games, and video poker as new technology comes to the market.