When the corona virus hit back in 2019, few people thought that it would last a long time.  Then it hit even harder and governments all over the world were compelled to shut their countries down for the sake of the public’s health.  This meant that land-based casinos had to close their doors with no known date for their reopening.

Welcome at Everygame Casino is a Culture

Many people came to online casinos such as Everygame Casino and the first thing they discovered was that online casinos offered very sizable Welcome Packages.  The Everygame Casino welcome bonus is just one of five bonuses that we offer together as our Welcome Package.

The Welcome Package Tells Gamers a Lot about an Online Casino

There is actually a lot of thought that goes into an online casino’s Welcome Package.  We can take the Everygame Casino Welcome Package as a perfect example.

If a gamer takes all five bonuses fully, the total package is worth $5555!  Some online casinos might offer the full sum as one deposit bonus.  This makes it much more difficult for a new gamer to receive the full bonus.  It is much easier for gamers to get the benefit of the full package if the bonuses are divided into more accessible parts.

The Bonus Percentage is a Major Element of a Bonus Offer

Gamers should be on the lookout for big bonus percentages.  Everygame Casino does offer high bonus percentages in the deposit bonuses that comprise our Welcome Package.

For example, a casino might offer a bonus can be for up to $1000.  If the bonus is for 50%, the player has to deposit $2000 to get the $1000 bonus.  If the bonus is 100%, the deposit has to be $1000.

At Everygame Casino, the first and the third deposit bonuses are for $1000 and the bonus rate is 125%!  That means that a new gamer only has to deposit $800 to get the $1000 bonus!

Land-based Casinos Do Not Offer Bonuses at this Level

A large deposit bonus carries with it a wagering requirement.  This means that the gamer has to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can take out their winnings.  When online casinos first appeared and gave deposit bonuses, they discovered to their dismay that some players accepted a bonus and then immediately cashed out!  That is why the wagering requirement was created.


Online Gamers Have More Flexibility to Complete the Wagering Requirement

Online casinos such as Everygame are available all the time.  Land-based casinos are not available to all players all the time.  It requires planning and travel to get to a land-based casino.

Whereas online gamers can complete a wagering requirement over time at their own pace and at their leisure, players at land-based casinos have only one to three days that they will be at the casino to fulfill a wagering requirement.

This is so unrealistic that land-based casinos simply do not make these bonus offers!

There is irony in the conundrum of deposit bonuses that would make Ferriss Bueller’s teacher proud!

Dripping with Irony

  1. It costs money to travel to a land-based casino.
  2. Land-based casinos do not offer deposit bonuses.
  3. It does not cost money to “travel” to an online casino.
  4. Online casinos such as Everygame do offer deposit bonuses.
  5. So, a deposit bonus is a way of “making money” with which to play casino games.
  6. Gamers can use the money they “save” by not travelling to a land-based casino to “make“ deposit bonus money to enlarge their gaming portfolio and have more fun gaming!

Everygame Casino Offers Many More Deposit Bonuses

We spent some time explaining the many virtues of the Everygame Casino Welcome Package.  We wish to point out that we offer many other bonuses in the course of our many promotions.

Many of the deposit bonuses we offer as promotions also include free spins.  Online gamers often see free spins as even more valuable than deposit bonus cash!  There is no wagering requirement o free spins!

Joining Everygame Casino

The process for joining any online casino is basically the same from casino to casino.  We admit that the registration process is a sticky area, especially for players who used to play at land-based casinos and came to an online casino only when the corona virus closed land-based casinos.

You see, to play on land, a player only has to enter the casino and buy credits.  These may be real money coins for slot machines, they may be chips to use at table games, or they may be credits to the gamer’s player’s card.

To join an online casino a gamer has to fill out the registration form.  The form asks for some personal information.  We readily acknowledge that this is a sticky point for some gamers.

We ask for some personal information because being a digital casino, we need to be able to correctly identify a gamer who is asking to withdraw money from his or her account.

Being able to correctly identify a gamer in this way 100% of the time is the only way to earn the trust of the gaming public!

Everygame Casino Protects Gamers’ Assets

We use encryption software to protect your assets from prying eyes.  Many people in these digital times take such protections for granted when they buy anything online.

People pay hundreds of dollars for airline tickets, theater tickets, clothing, new telephones, computers, and so much more!  Every business or government that accepts payment online via a credit card has to have powerful encryption software to protect their clients’, customers’, or citizens’ personal information and assets.

We use encryption software that is as good as the same software that online banks and investment firms use!

Online Casino Gaming is Fun

We talk about fun all the time.  There are innumerable ways to have fun.  Online gaming at Everygame Casino can be a happy addition to all of the other ways you have fun!

Everygame offers more than 300 games.  We offer a large collection of promotions with bonuses and free spins.  We have a visually striking mobile gaming platform that is so good that about 80% of all gaming through our auspices is done on mobile.

Online gaming is an excellent way to unwind in the evening.  It can be a very romantic way for two people to connect with each other either on the sofa or entwined together in bed!

The Welcome Bonuses are just our way of saying “hello, come in and feel at home!”