Everygame Casino Red offers over 300 games.  Many of these games appeal to one particular gaming personality type while others appeal to an entirely different type of gamer.  Let’s take a look at personality types as they refer to online casino gaming.

Your Gaming Personality Type Determines which Online Casino Games you Like to Play - Everygame explains

Online Gaming Allows Personality Types to Expand their Horizons

At land-based casinos, players stay within the game niche they prefer since they don’t want to have to give up a seat in order to roam about the casino and explore other gaming options.  At Everygame Casino and all other online casinos, gamers can easily switch from game genre to game genre and switch back at their pleasure.

Thus, online casino gaming offers a much broader gaming experience than can be had at a land-based casino.

What is a Personality Type?

There are many different personality types.  it depends on who is defining them and what they are trying to demonstrate.  Carl Jung, a famous psychoanalyst from the early decades of the 20th century, defined 16 personality types.  You can look it up!

Most Jungian personality types are too complex for our purposes.  Here we are talking about personality types as the concept refers to casino gaming.

So, here are our personality types:

  1. The Die Hards.  These players still play exclusively at land-based casinos despite knowing that online casinos such as Everygame offer a much broader gaming experience!  Stubborn might also describe this personality type well.
  2. Happy-go-lucky gamers usually play slots online.  These gamers like slots because they help them relax.  Slots at land-based casinos are money guzzlers that cause players a lot of inner stress.  Because online gamers set a time and money limit on gaming sessions, slots can be a relatively low-cost entertainment that leaves gamers feeling happy.
  3. Analytical gamers usually prefer the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker.  These gamers often have to be convinced to try slots since slots are a game of chance.  Many analytical gamers come to love slots for the same reasons that the happy-go-lucky gamers love them: they are a great way to relax!

We have identified three basic online casino gamer personality types.  So, let’s look a little further.

Why Do the Die Hards Continue to Go to Land-based Casinos?

We mentioned that these players are very stubborn.  But there is also likely more beneath the surface than the superficial diagnosis of excessive stubbornness.

Gamers who started out at land-based casinos when there were no online casinos may be unable to make decisions about changing how or where they play.  As small a decision as joining an online casino is, there are probably quite a few players who simply don’t feel comfortable making what to them must seem like a momentous decision.

Die Hards are Hard to Explain

These players spend a lot of money just getting to a land-based casino.   Then they have to splurge for a hotel room.  If they are committed to a long weekend at the casino, they will probably play way too much and bet way too much!

These players will take as much free alcohol as they can get if they know that it reduces their ability to make good decisions!  They will also take free meals at the buffet where they will overeat and still, they will come back to the casinos where they will now be too drowsy to make good decisions.


We Must Not Karenize These Gamers

Karens are men or women who criticize other people for mistakes real or imagined.  This personality type is most common in poker but they appear in all games of skill.

The term “Karen” is a hyper-modern term that originated with the Covid 19 lockdowns.  The Karens were the ones who went out looking for other people who were somehow not following the official directives of the government regarding the lockdowns.  The shriller the rebuke, the more “Karenish” the Karen.

Phil Helmuth may be the most Karen of all poker players.  Rare indeed is the amateur poker player who he won’t Karenize if the amateur plays a hand wrong but wins in the end.

Being in a position to criticize a gamer’s mistakes means that the Karen is looking over the gamer’s shoulders.  Another type of player who looks over other players’ shoulders is the kibitzer.

Daniel Negreanu is a Kibitzer Par Excellence

Daniel Negreanu is a famous poker player who has many YouTube clips of him making astounding reads in tournament poker.  Negreanu is a kibitzer who never stops talking during games.  He is also a happy-go-lucky type who never tilts at a bad beat!

If you are playing online casino games, probably on your mobile device while comfortably ensconced on the sofa with another person, likely your significant other, please refrain from becoming a Karen at his or her mistakes.  Much better to e a “Negreanu” kibitzing in good humor at the vicissitudes of online gaming.

Sly as a Fox

This gamer type is also common to poker but there are also many sly foxes at blackjack and video poker.  You see, these great online games of chance have many strategy moves that are hard to understand intuitively.

The sly fox plays correctly even when the kibitzers are questioning his or her tactics.

The Plotter and the Mastermind

These two gamer types are very similar.  The plotter is a gamer who plans every move out in advance.  This gamer type is common in chess and other similar board games.  He or she is also common in many card games.

Plotters can also be big fans of slots.  Here online casino gaming at Everygame Casino Red stands out over land-based casinos since an online slots gamer can plan out the different slots he or she wants to play in that evening’s gaming session.

It is always questionable whether a player will be able to play ANY of the slots he or she would like to play at a land-based casino!

The mastermind is the superstar plotter.  In the business world, mastermind groups are a new and growing trend.

Here at Everygame Casino Red, we hope that all of our gamers are masterminds who plan their online gaming sessions well in terms of time and money budgets.  Our gamers can also decide how many hands of video poker or blackjack to play.  Then our gamers can top off a gaming session with that maraschino cherry bundle of joy we call Banana Jones!