Mobile casino gaming has become the overwhelming platform of choice for gamers.  Where online desktop casino gaming was much more convenient than land-based casino gaming and laptop casinos were even more convenient than desktop, mobile casino gaming seems to be exponentially more convenient than even laptop casinos.

Everygame Casino Lauds the Great Convenience of Mobile Casino Gaming

What Drives the Popularity of Mobile Casinos?

There are several happy factors that draw gamers to the online casino’s mobile platform.  Clearly, the first factor is technology.

Do You Remember when a Mobile Telephone was Gigantic and not Smart?

The first mobile phones, which we all called cellular phones since they were so new people had not yet shortened the name to cell phone, were monstrosities.  They could not fit into a pocket or a handbag.

They could barely fit into a glove compartment!

They were also very heavy.  It was decidedly inconvenient to carry one around.

Who Bought the First Generation of Mobile Phones?

There were basically two types of people who bought the expensive early mobile phones: people who had a lot of money and liked to buy new toys for themselves and businesspeople who saw a use for a telephone that they could take with them wherever they went.

May we venture to guess that the early mobile casino gamers were the ones who bought the phone as a toy?

Did People Know that Mobile Phones would Support a Gaming Platform?

Not in the least!

The earliest cell phones could only make and receive calls and messages.  There was no such thing as an app.  In fact, when apps were first introduced, people didn’t know what to make of them.  They were called applications and anyone without a cellphone or a phone that didn’t support an application was sorely confused as to what all the application talk was about!

Cellular Devices Continued to Improve until they could Support Apps

Today there are thousands of apps a person can download to their smartphone.  The term smartphone is still so new that it was only a short time ago that the term phone meant a landline, a cell phone meant a mobile phone, and a smartphone was the genius of the bunch!

Today, every cell phone is a smartphone so the term of choice is “phone”!

This is not a trivial distinction at all!  It indicates how far mobile technology has come in a very short time.  Where just recently mobile casino gaming was unheard of and unthought of by the vast majority of people, today it is the gaming method of choice of hundreds of millions, into the billions, of online casino gamers.

In the Modern World, Convenience is the Name of the Game

We look for convenience in almost everything we do.

  1. In food, we shop at supermarkets, eat fast food, or we eat in a restaurant so that we don’t have to shop, cook, and clean up!
  2. We use the internet for almost all of the knowledge and information we seek.
  3. We do a lot of our shopping online.
  4. We communicate through social media.
  5. We drive on superhighways.
  6. We spend extra money to fly rather than to drive or take a bus or train.
  7. We stream television shows and movies.


We Play Online Casino Games on a Mobile Casino Platform

This is the subject of this article.  Online casino gaming became the go-to way to play casino games for many reasons.  Convenience was at the top of the list as was saving travelling costs.  Here we will talk about convenience since it segues easily to a further discussion of mobile casino gaming.

From Aristotle to Today

Aristotle gave us the scientific method.  It took many centuries from Aristotle to the Industrial Revolution which has brought us every possible convenience including online casino gaming technology.

The technological improvements in online gaming have come so quickly that most people forget what the technology was like just a short time before.  Who today remembers what it was like before smartphones?  Who remembers what phones were like before touch screens?

Graphics and Animation Are Key

Without great graphics, gamers would not play casino games online.   Graphics represent the interface between a game and a gamer.  It is what the gamer sees.  Graphics have to be both bold and subdued.  They have to be colorful yet adult.  They have to be clear and suggest more to come as well!

This level of graphics was not always available in the early days of online casinos and the graphics were even less satisfying in the early days of mobile casino gaming.  As much as we would expect mobile gaming to take the gaming market by storm, that did not happen because the graphics were lacking.

The game providers have worked diligently to improve the graphics of games and gamers can see the improvements if they go back to the games that were popular just five years ago and the games that are popular today.

Online Casinos Offer Classic Games that Land-based Casinos Cannot Offer

This is a little-known aspect of online and land-based casino gaming.  Land-based casinos are limited in floor space.  They may be giant emporiums of casino gaming but they are still limited.  So, when a land-based casino brings in a few terminals of a new slot, it has to take out an equal number of terminals.

The games that get taken out are generally the oldest ones, games that are played a lot less often than newer games especially since the graphics and animation in the newer games are so much better than the graphics and animation in the older games.

“In with the new and out with the old” makes sense at a land-based casino but it is entirely unnecessary at Everygame Online Casino since we have no limitation of space!  As a result, we can keep games that are considered old-fashioned classics!

Mobile Makes the Best Gaming Experience Possible

Just as communication has been improved exponentially by mobile technology, gaming has been enhanced in a similar manner.  We simply love to be able to play our favorite casino games on our modern mobile devices wherever we are and whenever it is reasonable to play.

A young college graduate would never think of taking out his or her tablet to play a few games during a job interview!  But that same college graduate might very well use the mobile gaming platform as the best way to calm down after the interview!

Mobile Casinos are Connected to their Parent Casino

As much as mobile casinos are the go-to way to play casino games these days, they are still adjuncts of a parent casino.  Here at Everygame Casino, our mobile platform is connected to the encryption software we use to protect our gamers’ assets

Mobile gamers also can take part in every promotion the desktop gamers can access.  All points a gamer accrues in the comp points promotion carry equal weight when they are earned on mobile or on the desktop casino.

In short, mobile gaming at Everygame Casino provides the best of what online gaming can offer: great convenience, great promotions, great games, great graphics, and a great gaming experience!