Even before the Covid 19 pandemic hit, online video poker was already one of the most popular games at Everygame Casino. Then as so many land-based casinos had to close their doors for an indefinite length of time, people who preferred gaming on land came to Everygame and other top online video poker casinos.

They discovered here at Everygame Casino a much broader video poker online experience!

Take up the Challenge of Video Poker at Everygame Casino

Play a Wide Range of Video Poker

At an online casino, because we have unlimited space, we can carry many variations of video poker. Simply put, the digital world of online casino gaming is (possibly) infinitely broader than the limited number of video poker terminals even a large brick-and-mortar casino can carry!  Video poker play at Everygame Casino is both exciting and challenging!

Here is a quick list of the many video poker games we offer here at Everygame:

  1. Jacks or Better, the classic version of video poker.
  2. Aces and Eights
  3. All American Poker
  4. Bonus Poker
  5. Double Bonus Poker
  6. Double Jackpot Poker
  7. Double Double Jackpot Poker
  8. Joker Poker
  9. Mystery Bonus Poker
  10. Deuces Wild
  11. Bonus Deuces Wild
  12. Loose Deuces
  13. Sevens Go Wild

Everygame Casino also offers multi-hand video poker in some variations.

Play Video Poker and Win Real Money

One of the reasons that video poker is such a popular game at Everygame Online Casino is because the return to player rate is almost 100%, 99.5% to be exact! This assumes that the garner plays with the best video poker strategy on every hand.

Video poker strategy has been studied in depth by computer software and the best strategy for every variation is available online. Rather than go over the minutiae of video poker tactics and strategy, we will offer tips and advice on how to get the most out of every video poker session.

Online Casinos Offer Better Video Poker Game Play

One thing all gamers should understand is that the game itself is the same at a land-based casino and at Everygame or other top online casinos. The difference between online video poker and land-based video poker is in the pay tables!

The Economics of Land-based Casinos is Vastly Different than the Economics of an Online Casino

Land-based casinos need to generate as much income as they can so that they can cover their huge expenses. A land-based casino may have a hotel, it might have a full-service restaurant, and it might have a theater where they book top entertainers at enormous weekly salaries. A land-based casino may have an exploding volcano or some other "attraction".

Land-based Casinos Have Learned to Tweak the Pay Table

They do this by paying 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush. Everygame Casino always pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. This change makes video poker a lot less attractive at land-based casinos.

The return to player rate in 8-5 video poker is several percentage points less than the RTP rate at Everygame Online Casino.

Which are the Most Popular Video Poker Games?

This is hard to say as there are so many variations of video poker, especially online video poker. A lot of players like the video poker games with wild cards and others love to play multi-hand video poker.

Let's dive right in and ask the first important question:

What Exactly is Video Poker?

Almost every video poker game is based on five card draw poker. If you play five-card draw poker with friends, you will be playing against each other. In video poker, you play only against the pay table.

The reduced pay table at so many land-based casinos is the most significant reason why online video poker offers better game play!


Video Poker Allows Gamers Great Flexibility

In video poker, gamers can exchange all five of their cards if they choose to do so. It is neither common nor uncommon for a gamer to chuck in all five cards. But when a dealt hand is so poor in every aspect, it is important to know that you can exchange all five cards.

The Extra Payout for a Royal Flush Carries a Major Commitment

In order to cash in on this extra payout, gamers have to bet the max on the winning hand. Gamers do not have to bet the max on every hand but, since we don't know when a Royal Flush win hit, it behooves all video poker gamers to bet the max on every hand.

The max bet may put a strain on a gamer's bankroll. Still, most gamers can easily cover the max bet given that with the correct strategy, they will win back about 99.5% of the money they wager.

The Challenge to a Gamer's Bankroll Increases with Multi-hand Games

We offer 100 hands on some variations. If the max bet is $5, that might put a serious squeeze on a gamer's bankroll. This is especially true if the player has bad luck on the very first hand.

Multi-hand video poker adds a huge measure of thrill and excitement to the game but it may not be amenable to every bankroll.

Strategy May Sometimes Seem Strange

In video poker, gamers play against the pay table. A winning pair pays 1-1 so it is often better strategy to go for a higher-paying hand and to give up a winning pair. New video poker players often keep the winning pair because they don't yet fully understand that going for a better hand is the better strategy. The key is how many and which cards does the player need to get a better return for the hand.

Going for a flush with a pair and high cards is better than settling for the pair. But going for an inside straight is not a good option.

What Does Going for an Inside Straight Do?

Going for an inside straight reduces the number of cards that can make the straight by half. Any time in games where the odds of getting the result you seek is lowered by 50%, you should probably look for an alternative strategy.

It is also true that often a player or a team has no choice but to try for the impossible and very unlikely play. In our example, the player has a winning pair and a very poor shot at an inside straight. So, in that case, keeping the pair is probably better than chasing the straight.

Learn the Nuances of all our Video Poker Games

The top video poker games are all based on Jacks or Better but there are also other variations such as Tens or Better. The pay table change based on the game so the best strategy also changes with the variations.

One way we at Everygame Casino help our gamers to achieve enough understanding of a video poker variant to make it a real money game is to offer free play! Gamers can learn the unique sets of rules of the variations at no risk.

Accept Our Welcome Bonus

In addition to offering free play, we offer a huge Welcome Bonus which is actually four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus at the end all worth up to $5555., Gamers can play with our money rather than playing with their own money as they learn more about various video poker games.

Expect to Win at Video Poker

With such a high return to player rate, it is totally fair to expect to win at video poker. Gamers enjoy a great thrill when they complete another video poker session in the winning column. It is always fun to outsmart the game! But you ought not to expect to win big!

Video poker is a great game to play if you like the intellectual challenge of making the correct decision on every hand and if you also like to finish a session either slightly ahead or slightly behind.

Even gamers who mostly enjoy playing other games at Everygame Casino, find the time to play some hands of video poker. It makes for an excellent change of pace from the other games people play.

Everygame Casino Offers a Vast Range of Gaming Options

Video poker is one of the most popular real money games at Everygame Casino. You can start playing for real money right away or take your time in free-play mode. We offer all of the popular variations of video poker.