Everygame Online Casino is one of the most established online casinos.  We were there when online casinos started giving free credits and other tremendous promotions to new and veteran online gamers.

Everygame Casino is a top free credits online casino!

Collect Free Credits at Everygame Casino and Have More Fun

What are Free Credits?

Now, the term free credits speaks to a casino that attracts gamers from many countries and plays in one or a few of the world’s top currencies.  So, rather than say free Euro or free Dollars (of which there are many in different countries) we sometimes use the term “credits”.

In practice free money and free credits are the same!

Is it Gambling or Gaming?

It is true that many people see online and land-based casinos as places where people gamble for real money.  Here at Everygame Online Casino we feel that instead of saying free money gambling we should talk about free money gaming!

Free Money Changes the Experience

The free money, of which we will talk soon, turns any notion of gambling into gaming.  We also encourage gamers to set aside relatively short sessions for online gaming and relatively small monetary budgets as well.

Everygame is available to gamers on a 24/7 basis so we feel that there is no pressing need to play for many hours at a time unlike what happens so often at a land-based casino where a player may play for a very many hours in a row!

Gamers begin to enjoy free money at Everygame Casino from the moment they register to play here!

Some call it the free money casino sign up but we call it our Welcome Package!

We Say Welcome in Style

Our Welcome Package is four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus to top it off.  The package is worth up to $5555!  We have to say something about deposit bonuses in general.

All deposit bonuses are good but some are better than others.  The difference comes from the maximum size of the bonus and the bonus rate.  Some casinos offer a 50% bonus or even a 100% bonus for up to, say, $500.

We offer two bonuses of 125% and two of 150%.  The lowest bonus amount is up to $1000 with the 150% bonuses for up to $1500 and $2000.

A bonus is free money in every respect.

The Wagering Requirement

All deposit bonuses, whether in the Welcome Package or in another promotion, comes with a wagering requirement.  This is a factor of the bonus so that no gamer can cash out immediately upon receiving the bonus.

This did happen to online casinos in the very early days when we were experimenting with bonuses!

This kind of requirement can work only at an online casino where a gamer has as many days as he or she needs to complete the requirement.  When they have completed the wagering requirement, they can then withdraw any winnings they have.

Players at land-based casinos simply do not have enough time to complete a wagering requirement so land-based casinos don’t offer deposit bonuses.

Promotions Offer Free Credits and Free Spins

Everygame loves to offer promotions.  We may have a New Game Promotion or a Game of the Month Promotion or both.  Actually, any promotion our team works out gets a managerial hearing and often finds its way to the casino!

After the Welcome Package set of bonuses, our other promotions usually offer both deposit bonuses and free spins.  In these cases, the deposit bonus may be for a bit less money or credits since the free spins are potentially worth thousands of dollars.


Comp Points Accrue Quickly and Almost Invisibly!

Comp Points are points we award gamers for every game they play.  Comp Points are based on the amount of one’s bets.  So, gamers who bet more get comp points faster than gamers who bet less.

Given that we also encourage financial modesty in gaming, it is common that a gamer may take weeks or even longer to get enough comp points to redeem them for casino credits.

This is what we meant when we said that comp points accumulate invisibly.  Gamers don’t keep track of their comp points from session to session but when they have grown enough, we make sure they know that it is time to redeem them.

Do Land-based Casinos Also Offer Comp Points?

Yes, they do but there is a major twist in the comp points a land-based casino offers.  The twist is in how the points are tracked.  At a land-based casino, comp points are tracked on the player’s card.  So, when a player returns to that land-based casino, he or she has to remember to bring their player’s card with them!

How Does Everygame Casino Keep Track of Comp Points?

We have a large bank of computers that track not only comp points but everything gamers do at Everygame Casino.  Gamers don’t have to worry about remembering to bring their player’s card or where they put it last!

All of your gaming information is kept secure and true on our computers.

In the Post-Covid World More Gamers are Staying at Online Casinos

Remember that there was a time when land-based casinos were the only casinos around.  In 1994, the first online casino entered the casino gaming market and it was soon joined by others.

It takes time and money to set up an online casino but not nearly as much time nor as much money as it takes to build one land-based casino.  So, online casinos now outstep land-based casinos in the sheer numbers of casinos.

What Hath the Virus Wrought?

The corona virus caused land-based casinos around the world to shut down.  This caused many gamers who had never or rarely played online to begin playing online.  These gamers liked what they found at online casinos such as Everygame.

Once a person gets used to not having something, they often don’t return to it even if they can.  This is exactly what has happened at online casinos!

Comfort and Convenience

Online casinos offer a lot more comfort and convenience than land-based casinos can offer.  Gamers can always come back to the same game they left a minute before to get a snack, a cup of coffee, or a trip to the bathroom.

It costs zero dollars to go from the kitchen to the sofa to play our online casino games while lounging comfortably on the sofa.

Finally, former land-based casino devotees discovered the immense value in receiving free casino credits from Everygame!  There is a lot to be said for being able to play with free credits!

Online Casinos are Now More Mobile than Ever!

This really is the final reason why so many gamers stay at Everygame and other online casinos!  We offer great mobile gaming for the most convenience and the most comfort!

When you put it all together, free casino credits are just one part, albeit a very important part, of what make gaming online at Everygame so satisfying to so many gamers!