We have written a lot about Everygame Casino’s great online casino gaming! Here we would like to point out that we also offer online poker.  Just as slots remain the most popular game category at our casino, we have seen Texas Holdem become the most popular variation of poker in our poker room!

What are the Ultimate Strategies and Tactics in Texas Holdem?

Hello to Texas Holdem

So, as a way of introducing our casino gamers to the poker room, we will present Ultimate Texas Holdem Online!

First, a Few Advantages of Gaming and Pokering at Everygame

Gamers and players at Everygame have one account for casino, poker, and sports betting.  All of our gamers’ and players’ assets are protected by the most sophisticated encryption software around.

In an odd turn of phrase, Everygame can be seen as an ultimate Texas Holdem online casino!

Gamers and players can easily move from one venue to another under the Everygame banner.  In addition, gamers and players are not pushed to play beyond their physical limits as they are at land-based casinos.

Gamers and players don’t have to append a single penny to “go” to our casino or poker room.  This saves money for the games themselves, for hobbies and other individual pleasures, and for “real vacations”!

Can Gamers Play Holdem for Free?

We think not!

At Everygame Poker, we can say that players come to play ultimate Texas Holdem online for real money!  It should be obvious that a bet in poker is meaningless if it is not for real money!

Within Everygame There are So Many Possibilities

As we have stated on many occasions, gamers at the casino can go from game to game without losing their “seat” at the game they left!  Gamers can go to the kitchen for a cuppa or to the bathroom and take over where they left off!

There are so many advantages to gaming at Everygame that to explain them all would take up this entire article, so, with no further ado, here is Ultimate Texas Holdem Online for Real Money!

How Do You Spell Holdem; Let us Count the Ways!

We have Hold’em, Holdem, Hold em, and HoldEm!  This great poker variation came out of the West Texas oilfields where wildcatters abounded and still abound!  One of the many characteristics of these wildcatters is their rugged individualism!

No wonder there are so many ways to spell their game!  Be advised that no matter how you spell the game it is the same game!

Is There a Smoking Gun Strategy for Texas Holdem?

There might be several such strategies!  Let’s begin with the number of cards.  Every player gets two hole cards and then there are five community cards.  The very first thing any neophyte Texas Holdem player needs to get their head around is that there is a lot of mystery hidden in those two hole cards!

There is No Ante in Texas Holdem

This is unlike the poker games people play with friends where everyone antes a quarter or so before the dealer deals the cards.  In Holdem, even when people play it with friends, there is no ante!

There are blinds, instead!

What is a Blind?

We don’t know where this term came from!  There is a small blind and a big blind.  On every hand, they sit next to each other so the blinds rotate around the table just as the dealer rotates.

The big blind is always double the small blind.  In friendly games, the blinds might be 25 and 50 cents more or less.  In tournaments, the blinds increase at set times and can get into the thousands of dollars!


Do the Blinds Affect the Betting?

They do, indeed!

After the dealer deals the two hole cards, there is a round of betting, called a street, and this round ends at the big blind.  So, everyone has to either call the big blind or raise it or fold.

Since only the blinds have any money in the pot to start, there is a very powerful incentive to every other player to fold at no cost to their stack.  Thus, players in early betting position often fold borderline hands!

This is the second of our most important points for beginner players: if a player calls or raises from an early position he or she might be betting from strength or they might be bluffing!

In Texas Holdem, there is some kind of bluffing on almost every hand!

How Do Texas Holdem Players Recognize a Bluff?

To a very large degree, they don’t!

Being able to smell a bluff when it is coming is a great talent that all Texas Holdem players need to cultivate and only a few master.  At land-based casinos, a player might give his or her bluff away with what are called “tells”.  These are body movements or facial movements that give away to observant opponents that the bet the player made was a bluff.

Since we don’t see the opponents in online casinos, there are much less reliable tells that can give away a bluff.

What are Those Tells?

One is a change in the player’s normal pattern of betting.  Here we have to be very careful because if a player bets very quickly, it could be a bluff or it could be a powerful hand.

A player might bet too much for the pot at hand.  This is called over-betting the pot odds.  Pot odds are simply the amount of money in the pot compared to the number of cards that can give a player a win.

If on the turn (the third round of betting) a player suddenly bets a large fraction of the pot, it is an indication that the player wants everyone else to fold in fear.  This is usually a bluff as a good player would try to lengthen the hand to get more money in the pot!

Playing at the Correct Stakes

New Holdem players should start out at low stakes.  It is possible to win a lot of money at small stakes.  It is also possible to lose a lot of money at small stakes.  But the most common outcome of playing at small stakes is that a good and studious player will win or lose a little but will learn a lot!

When a player is ready for higher stakes, it is okay to move up but always with caution.  At even the next level of stakes, the players will tend to be much better!

Texas Holdem is Like Real Life

This is a very generalized statement but it has validity that good players embrace and benefit from.  Every bet is an investment in a future event.  In the same way, every market investment is directed at a future event, in most cases a rise in the value of the asset.

In poker, your hand is your asset and the hole cards are your most prized possession.  It is important to understand that the same applies to all of the other players!

In real life, we enter into partnerships and other joint ventures almost blindly.  No measure of due diligence can tell a young couple if the marriage will last 50 years or 5.  No one can tell beforehand if a date will be a happy one or an unhappy one.

We make reservations for vacations without any clue as to what the weather will be like then.  We reserve a room at a hotel often based on price without any foreknowledge if the hotel is clean enough for us.

This list can go on and on!

What is Ultimate Texas Holdem?

Holdem, at its core, is a lesson in life!  When a player realizes that and can afford to sit at the table, he or she embarks on a course in life’s lessons.  The journey can be a very good one or a less good one but the lessons are all there for the astute player to learn from.

Holdem Players Should Study Human Nature

Naturally, there are differing opinions as to what human nature is!  A good Texas Holdem player will study all about human nature and will ultimately learn to apply some of what he or she has learned in real time at the poker table!

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