A bitcoin casino is simply an online casino that accepts bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. In the short history of online gaming, we have seen online banking evolve from bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and money orders to ewallets and, now, to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is the Newest Banking Option at Everygame Online Casino

Gamers Can Play the Same Casino Games with Any Banking Method

Bitcoin is the newest banking method at Everygame Casino Online. In the fullest sense, there is really no such thing as online bitcoin casinos, bitcoin casino games, crypto casinos, or any other permutation using the terms "crypto" and "casino"!

Why Does Everygame Casino Accept Bitcoins?

Aha! This is the correct question!

We here at Everygame Casino now accept bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals because our gamers want us to! We studied the idea behind bitcoin before deciding to allow gamers to play at our online casino with bitcoin.  Bitcoin is now prominent in our list of banking methods.

Everygame Studied Every New Banking Method before Deciding to Accept It

We didn't know anything about ewallets at first but as we learned more about them we decided that ewallets represented an excellent new way to bank online. The exact same thing has now happened with bitcoin.

Now ewallets are among the most popular banking options! We expect bitcoin to follow suit in due time!

What is Bitcoin and Why Does Anyone Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of hundreds of alternative currencies called cryptocurrencies. We prefer the term alternative currencies. While bitcoin et al are called cryptocurrencies because they use encryption software to protect transactions, we feel that the prefix crypto gives the impression that these alternative currencies are hiding something.

What are Bitcoins Alternative To?

Cryptocurrencies are alternative to government money! Governments simply borrow and print too much of their own currencies. Alternative currencies are all self-limiting by definition.

At this early stage in the lifetime of alternative or cryptocurrencies, no one knows if they will stand the test of time and if there will be a really devastating financial crisis in government currencies.

For online banking purposes, all of this does not matter since our gamers want to be able to bank in bitcoin, ergo we allow our gamers to bank in crypto!

How Do Gamers Bank with Bitcoin?

Using bitcoin for an online casino is actually pretty simple! A gamer does have to have a bitcoin account in the same they have a private bank account, a credit card account, or an ewallet account. These days, most people have more than one account where they keep their money both for the short term and for the long term!

A bitcoin account is exactly the same except the currency is bitcoin!

How about Online Casino Games?

We all go to casinos online to play games. Bitcoin is a very modern banking method to facilitate playing casino games. Let's take a close look at online casinos and what traditional online casinos have to offer.

Before we get to the games themselves we should talk about the great welcome bonus online casinos including Everygame Casino offer new gamers!

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus here at Everygame is really four deposit bonuses followed by a no deposit bonus. All of these bonuses have the potential value of $5555 in bonuses! Everygame Casino offers a 125% bonus up to $1000 for a new player's first deposit. The bonuses get even bigger after that!

With the bonus cash you can start playing popular casino games and play them for a very long time!


Everygame Leads the Way in Promotions

After new players take some or all of the welcome bonuses, they can participate in our many industry-leading promotions. Many of our great promotions have generous bonuses and free spins wrapped into one promotion!

When we introduce new slot games, which we do at least once every month, we often offer free spins in those specific slots.

We run a Game of the Month promo with free spins in that slot.

We run many interesting promotions every month! The bonuses and promotions alone are a good reason to join Everygame Casino!

Generous Loyalty Program

We call our Loyalty Program "comp Points". We award comp points for every game gamers play! When the comp points grow large enough, we offer to redeem them for casino credits.

Gamers look at comp points as a kind of found money. We keep track of them and suddenly gamers have a few hundred dollars to play with that they didn't realize they had coming to them!

VIP Programs and Bonuses

If a gamer deposits a large sum and continues to do so for a short time, he or she will be invited to join our exclusive VIP Club. VIPs get many extra benefits among them more and larger deposit bonuses and more free spins.

Before You Begin Playing Call Customer Support

We are proud of our support team and we invite you to call the and ask any question. The reps will explain every detail as well as they can! One question gamers have is how to withdraw funds. This is easy but requires the gamer to show that he or she is the true owner of those funds.

Gamers often need a support rep to explain why this is so. The reason is that we protect our gamers' assets with encryption software just like the encryption software that protects your bitcoins as they move through cyberspace.

There is Another Requirement that Confuses Some Gamers

These are called wagering requirements and come attached to all bonuses. A wagering requirement is usually about 30 times the bonus. This prevents some gamers from cashing out immediately after being given a bonus.

This did in fact happen in the early days of deposit bonuses.

Is There a Most Popular Casino Game?

Slots are probably the most popular game! Gamers like to play progressive jackpot slots for the chance to win a million-dollar jackpot. Gamers also love to play in the free spins bonus rounds where the wild symbols often go truly wild!

In order to win a big jackpot, gamers have to bet the maximum on the winning payline so we always advise our gamers to play for progressive jackpots carefully!

There are Many Other Games Casino Players Love to Play

Blackjack and video poker have a very loyal fan base. These are the primary games of skill here at Everygame. In addition, the return to player rates in these games are about 99.5%! They stand in contrast to progressive jackpots in that no one ever gets life-altering rich playing video poker or blackjack!

Rather than getting rich playing them, gamers have a great time testing themselves on hand after hand!

Everygame Casino Offers the Widest Range of Gaming Options

In addition to slots, blackjack, and video poker, we offer many other table games and casual games such as roulette, craps, Fish Catch, and Banana Jones.

You Can Play Your Favorite Game on Your Mobile Device

Our excellent mobile casino platform makes gaming even more accessible than ever! You can play all the games you like and we keep track of the progress of your comp points, wagering requirement, and your wins!

Banking has never been easier and more flexible now that Everygame is a top bitcoin casino!