Playing blackjack online for real money is great fun for gamers who learn, accept, and follow the best strategy for the variation they are playing. There are many blackjack real money online games, far more than at even the biggest land-based casinos!

Everygame Online Casino Offers Many Variations of Blackjack

Why are There More Online Blackjack Games?

At any land-based casino, space is at a premium. Blackjack real money tables take up a lot of space that the casino would rather devote to slots.

At Everygame Casino and all top online casinos, blackjack takes up no more "space" than a slots game! So, we can and do offer many different online blackjack real money games!

What Should a Gamer Know before Starting to Play Online Blackjack?

Playing online blackjack is all about the strategy. We spoke about this aspect of blackjack above.

There are different strategies for the many different online blackjack variations. When a gamer decides to play online blackjack games for real money, he or she should be well-versed in the best strategy for the variation they are going to play.

In contrast to real money blackjack games, a good online casino such as Everygame Casino, will offer free play! Free play is a great way to become experienced at any online blackjack game before playing it for real money.

What Makes Blackjack Strategy Difficult to Learn?

Actually, blackjack strategy is NOT difficult to learn! It is difficult sometimes to believe! Basic strategy in blackjack requires that gamers realize a few things at a deep emotional and psychological level.

The House Edge in Blackjack is Very Small

If the gamer plays correctly on every hand, the house edge is one-half of one percent! The two key elements that make basic strategy challenging are "playing correctly" and "every hand".

Playing correctly on every hand means stopping when you feel too tired to be alert on every hand. And playing correctly means accepting statistics over emotions in making blackjack decisions.

The Player Always Goes First

All blackjack players know that if they go over 21 points, they lose the hand automatically. This leads a lot of players to ignore the statistically proven best strategy in favor of standing with 12 or more points!

It is often correct to hit with 12 or 13 points!

In all of those instances where it is better to hit with 12 points instead of standing, if the player stands anyway, he or she is unwittingly increasing the house edge!

As difficult as it is emotionally to bust by hitting with 12 or 13 points, that is quite often the best strategy play.

The Dealer is Showing an Ace

What should a gamer do?

The instinctive reaction would be to take insurance. All blackjack software offers insurance when the dealer has an ace showing. We tell our gamers that insurance has been shown to be a statistically poor bet.


Splitting is Great Strategy

That is to say, a lot of the time! We tell gamers to hold onto two ten-point cards and not to split them. This is the correct play even if the dealer has a 5 or 6 showing!

Always split eights. Sixteen points is a very poor hand for the player and splitting the 8's gives the player a good chance to break even on the hand!

18 Points is Not a Great Hand for the Player

The dealer has to hit with 16 points and often with soft 17. There is a good chance that the dealer will end up with 17-21 points on any hand. If you have 18 points and the dealer has 18 points, the hand is a push.

This happens quite often so it would seem to contradict the advice to split 8's. However, 16 points for the player is a really poor hand and loses a lot more than it wins! So, splitting 8's is still the best move!

Real Money Online Blackjack Involves Real Money!

This is obvious, right?

It isn't! Many gamers will play on in a session in which luck is not a lady! "Just until I get back even", they say. When you are experiencing a losing streak, it is best to take full advantage of playing online blackjack!

Online Casino Gaming Means There is Always Another Day!

When you play online blackjack, you can end a session "early" and get on with your evening! Get together with friends, family, colleagues, or mere acquaintances. Work on your hobby. Write in your journal. Brainstorm for a solution to a work problem.

None of these alternatives involve making real money bets! A hobby might cost some money but that is the only way to enjoy that specific hobby. Going out with friends also costs real money but you get a meal and the good vibes of being with good friends!

Play Casino Games Online

It isn't just good advice to play blackjack online, it is good advice to play all casino games online. Everygame is one of the top online casinos for many reasons, one of which is the many real money blackjack games we offer.

Still, we offer over 300 online casino games! In fact, slots are still the number one game at Everygame Casino! We offer video poker, Banana Jones, baccarat, European Roulette, and a slew of other fun games!

The Everygame Welcome Package is Big!

At one time, new gamers received a welcome bonus. Now, we and many other online casinos offer a series of welcome bonuses. Our bonuses, including the no deposit bonus that we award at the end of the Welcome Package, can be worth as much s $5555 in our money!

Whenever you deposit real money at Everygame, we urge you to take a deposit bonus! In that way, you can play with our money instead of playing with your own money.

The Deposit Bonuses at Everygame Have High Bonus Percentages

Everygame offers many bonuses for at least 100% and often more. Some bonuses are for less than 100% and these are accompanied by free spins!

We also offer a large selection of promotions which have deposit bonuses and free spins wrapped in a single package.

Businesses also offer many bonuses!

Make Everygame Casino Your Go to Online Blackjack Casino

Everygame has it all in the online real money blackjack milieu. You can play blackjack and hundreds of other games.