When a new gamer takes the Welcome Package here at Everygame Casino, he or she can use the modest Everygame Casino no deposit bonus to take a tour of our casino. We are often asked what a new gamer should look for first after accepting the no deposit bonus.

Everygame Casino Offers Great Online Casino Gaming

Most Gamers Go Straight to the Slots

Everygame Casino has about 250 slots in our library, so it’s natural for new gamers to flock to the slots. Let’s turn the tables on the normal and common and start our trek through Everygame Casino with Banana Jones and Fish Catch.

Who? What?

Yes, Banana Jones and Fish Catch are what we call specialty games. These games have unique features that none of our other games have.

Slots, Blackjack, and Video Poker are the Big Three at Everygame Casino

Slots, of course, have reels that spin. Some slots have three reels while others have five and the occasional slot has six. As much fun as slots are, they are all basically the same in the sense that gamers spin the reels and hope to get very lucky.

Blackjack is a great game. It has been popular all over the world for centuries. The object is always to get to 21 points or less and to avoid going over 21 points since that loses immediately for the player.

We carry many variations of blackjack. We always pay 3-2 for a blackjack as opposed to so many land-based casinos now paying 6-5. The return to player rate in blackjack at Everygame Casino when the gamer applies the best strategy on every hand is about 99.5%

It is quite a bit less at land-based casinos that pay only 6-5 for a blackjack.

We also carry many variations of video poker. Like blackjack, video poker has a 99.5% return to player rate when the gamer uses the best strategy on every hand.

We always pay 9-6, meaning 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. Many land-based casinos now pay 8-5 or, even, 7-5. This reduces the return to player rate at these land-based casinos dramatically.

Why Are Fish Catch and Banana Jones Considered Specialty Games?

These games don’t easily fit into any other category.

Fish Catch is a fishing game that takes place in the deep, blue sea. Gamers can play against other people from around the world.

Gamers have to decide which fish they will try to catch and which gun they will use to do so. You need a higher caliber gun to catch the larger fish. The strategy in Fish Catch is to balance catching many smaller fish with the lower caliber guns and catching a big fish or two with the bigger guns.

Being able to compete with gamers from anywhere and everywhere adds a special element to Fish Catch. In this game, competition can lead to a long-distance friendship.

Who Does Banana Jones Remind You Of?

Actually, no one!

Banana Jones the character is a portly and pudgy little guy who is on a quest to find the Crystal Banana and bring her to a museum where she belongs.

Now we are sure that you understand that Banana Jones the game is a spoof of the Indiana Jones movies!

Banana Jones is also a take-off on Chutes and Ladders. Yes, the famous game we played for hours as kids! The chutes are snakes, and the ladders are vines.

When you are lucky enough to reach the castle where the Crystal Banana is being kept, the game becomes a treasure chest hunt that can reward you handsomely if you are lucky.

You choose one treasure chest at a time. Each chest has a fruit inside. When you collect three of the same fruit, you win the amount that that fruit pays.

Then Banana Jones lets out with a giant “whoo hoo, whoo hoo” and you start another game of Banana Jones!


Caribbean Poker Plays Well in Winter and Summer!

Everygame Casino offers all three of the Caribbean Poker variations. This game was invented only in the last few decades. Obviously, it was invented in the Caribbean. So, while you contemplate your next Caribbean vacation−possibly your first as you start to take real vacations instead of going to land-based casinos−you can sip a cold drink and get into Caribbean Poker with your Welcome Package bonuses including the no deposit bonus.

What Makes Caribbean Poker Unique?

The dealer has to have a minimum hand in order to “qualify” to win the hand! This gives gamers a clear incentive to continue in the hand instead of folding and surrendering their ante bet right away!

Oh, My! It Sounds Confusing!

We think that is why Caribbean Poker has not yet cracked the Big Three−slots, blackjack, and video poker. Everygame Casino is ready to add Caribbean Poker to the list of go to online casino games and make it one of the Big Four! When you add in Fish Catch AND Banana Jones, you have a Big Six!

Actually, Caribbean Poker is not confusing. It is challenging, exciting, stimulating, and inspiring among many ways to describe the game! Gamers who get into the Caribbean Poker variations love them and come back to them again and again!

Here are the Rules in Short:

  1. Gamers make their bet.
  2. The dealer deals the cards. There are Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Draw, and Caribbean Hold’em.
  3. In stud and draw, the player looks at his or her cards and decides to either fold or go on. If they go on, they add another bet that is twice the ante bet.
  4. In Caribbean Hold’em, the players make their decision after the flop.
  5. Then the dealer continues the game until all of the necessary cards have been dealt.
  6. Showdown. Setting up an OK Corral in your living room is optional!
  7. The dealer has to qualify in order to win both bets.
  8. The dealer cannot win the ante bet alone unless the player folds.
  9. If the player folds, he or she loses their ante bet right away.
  10. If the player continues and the dealer does not qualify, the player wins the ante bet and the second bet is considered a push.
  11. In the above scenario, the player wins their ante bet even if the dealer had a better hand!! Failing to qualify is an automatic loser for the dealer if the player has continued!
  12. If the player continues and the dealer qualifies, either the dealer or the player will win both bets.

See, Caribbean Poker is not at all confusing! We urge all gamers to try Caribbean Poker with your Welcome Bonus money!

Everygame Casino is a Great Place to Play Casino Games Online

We have really just touched the surface of what we have to offer gamers here at Everygame Casino Online.