Here at Everygame Red Casino we are happy to already be in October, the month of ghouls, goblins, and Halloween. The most popular kids’ activity on Halloween is Trick or Treat. We hope you have a big supply of Halloween candy on hand for the big Halloween Night Trick or Treat street-wide costume party!

Everygame Red Casino is proud to be an online casino with many excellent promotions! There are no tricks at Everygame Red Casino and a lot of treats! Here we will go over all of our many promotions.

Join in the Halloween Festivities at Everygame Casino Red

The $150,000 Ghost Train

This is Everygame’s newest promotion, and it is just in time for the Halloween spirit. It is running now and will run until November 6th.

We are giving away $30,000 every week until the promotion ends and then one gamer will win a special extra prize!

Every Monday, the top 300 gamers on the leaderboard will win a cash prize. The highest win every Monday is $500. The idea is to deposit at least $75 and to play on until you reach the leaderboard. You earn points when you play any game in the casino!

This means that a dedicated blackjack or video poker gamer can earn a lot of points at little risk since the return to player rate in video poker and blackjack, assuming that you, our prized gamer, use the best strategy on every hand, is about 99.5%!

The $150,000 Ghost Train also has a Thursday draw for gamers who played between Monday and Wednesday.

Divas of Darkness is the Slot of the Month

The divas may be beautiful, but they have their own evil ways. Are you scared? This is a great Halloween Month game. The Slot of the Month has two promotions wrapped in one. The first promotion is double comp points on Divas of Darkness throughout October.

The second promotion ends on October 15. It calls for a 100% deposit bonus for up to (you may have to reread this) $6000! Yes, $6000! In addition to all that bonus money, you can get 60 free spins on Divas of Darkness.

Our New Game Promotion is Legend of the High Seas

Get ready to pounce on this promotion since it also ends on October 15th. Of course, as soon as one promotion ends another takes its place here at Everygame Red Casino but, still, you don’t want to miss the gigantic deposit bonuses and free spins that are the hallmark of the Legend of the High Seas Promo.

There are three deposit bonuses:

  1. 75% for up to $2000.
  2. 100% up to $3000.
  3. 125% up to $4000.

Each bonus comes with free spins! They are 30 for the first bonus, then 40 and then 50 free spins! At the end of all these bonuses and free spins, if you qualify, you get 60 more free spins!

Before All of these Great Bonuses….Welcome!

The Welcome Package here at Everygame Casino Red is a series of four deposit bonuses and a modest no deposit bonus all in all worth up to $5555! This promotion has no ending date. It goes on and on for every new gamer!

A lot of our new gamers come to us through the recommendation of other gamers new or veteran.

Here is how the bonuses work out:

  1. Bonus 1 is for 125% up to $1000.
  2. Bonus 2 is for 150% up to %1500.
  3. Bonus 3 is for 125% up to $1000.
  4. Bonus 4 is for 150% up to $2000.
  5. The no deposit bonus comes next and is worth $55.


The Wheel of Fortune

This is another promotion that keeps giving and never ends! Any gamer who plays, automatically gets on the Wheel of Fortune list. The promotion runs every day and we give away $1000 every day.

Mobile Award

This promotion began long before mobile gaming overtook desktop gaming! Still, we keep it going because gamers love to try to qualify for the modest win. In the Mobile Award promotion, you deposit a little, play a little on your mobile device, and you might win up to $100. The money is awarded to 20 gamers every week.

All Hail the Comp Points Promotion

This is the longest running promotion here at Everygame Casino. It is run by almost all online and land-based casinos. The idea is that you earn points just by playing. You don’t have to keep track of your progress in the comp points promotion since we keep track for you.

When you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for casino credits.

Online gamers, especially ones who used to play at land-based casinos, learned quickly that they grow their comp points a lot faster at Everygame Casino than at any land-based casino.

That’s because online casino gamers can play as often as they wish. Even playing in relatively short sessions, at Everygame Casino, gamers can play several times a week and the points add up quickly.

In contrast, a lot of comp points that players earned at a land-based casino are sitting right now in drawers on the player’s card! Who knows when, if ever, those comp points will be large enough to be redeemed?

How Do Promotions Set Online Casinos Apart?

In this regard Everygame Casino is pretty much like most online casinos. The key elements in online casino gaming are relaxation, fun, reduction of stress, diversion from workaday responsibilities and so on. Online casinos never expect a gamer to play a single game for several hours straight, foregoing food, hydration, bathroom visits and the like!

Online casino gaming is one of many happy activities we can do in our free time and thankfully we have a lot of free time!

Why is Halloween a Hallowed Holiday?

Halloween is called by different names in different societies. It has been called All Saints Day, All Hallows Day, and All Souls Day. The ancient Celts believed that the spirits of the dead rose on All Souls Day.

The custom of dressing in costume goes back to the ancient Celts. Some say that they wore costumes to welcome the spirits of family ancestors while others claim the opposite view: that the costumes were supposed to confuse evil spirits and protect the living from the dead.

When Did Trick or Treat Begin?

This actually brings us back to the affluence that allows gamers to play online casino games for real money. Many believe that in long-ago Celtic society, kids would dress in costume and then go from house to house begging for food. Kids went hungry in those days.

Today’s online casino gamers can play for fun even as kids can ask for candy in a happy mood given the relative affluence average people enjoy these days!

Everygame Casino Red Invites Gamers to Have Fun!

Everygame offers over 300 great games from SpinLogic, our exclusive game provider. We have many promotions as we elaborated on earlier. We celebrate holidays with promotions. We also carry several slots with Halloween themes.