Actually, the Everygame no deposit bonus is modest in comparison with the four deposit bonuses that make up the Everygame Casino Welcome Package for new gamers.

We will give you the happy details about the Welcome Package in full towards the end of the article. First, let’s talk about games! Which games should a new gamer play?

The No Deposit Bonus at Everygame Online Casino Goes a Long Way

Everygame is an Online Casino!

There are so many differences between a top-level online casino such as Everygame and land-based casinos, even the big, famous ones! One such difference is that gamers at Everygame Casino can play as many games as they wish without having to give up their seat!

There is no waiting at Everygame! We can accommodate hundreds of thousands of gamers at the same time!

We offer many games and we never have to take out a game to make way for new terminals. Thus, we can and we do carry many classic games that few gamers play!

And we offer many promotions that usually involve deposit bonuses and often include free spins.

The truth is that at any land-based casino, players do have to give up a seat to play a different game, the casino cannot accommodate hundreds of thousands of players at the same time, there may be substantial waiting at a land-based casino, and land-based casinos cannot offer deposit bonuses worth thousands of dollars!


Play a Wide Variety of Games

We suggest playing in short sessions of one half to one hour. Some gamers play longer sessions and, with sound money management, a gamer can play for a few hours with little loss of cash.

We recommend short yet fun and productive gaming sessions since gamers can come back every day to play here at Everygame Casino if they so desire! No player at a land-based casino plays there every day unless they live in the city where the casino is or if they live at the casino!

People who match this description are few and far between. So, players at a land-based casino come once a year perhaps for a long weekend. They are leery of giving up a seat so do so only to relieve themselves, eat, or sleep.

Land-based casinos are vey good at taking care of the need for players to eat as they often give away free meals at the buffet. This causes the players to get very tired making it a lot more likely that they will make mistakes playing.

So, we highly recommend that gamers play a wide range of games with their bonus money as new players. As you will see soon, the bonus money is usually counted in the few thousands of dollars up to $5555! This is the Welcome Package and doesn’t come close to matching the largesse gamers can enjoy from our many promotions.

What Does it Mean to Play a Wide Range of Games?

The most popular casino game is slots. We offer about 200 slots from the talented people at SpinLogic. Whereas a player at a land-based casino, who has not and cannot receive a huge Welcome Package, may play a small handful of slots in a long weekend, at Everygame Casino, you can play dozens of slots with the no deposit bonus alone!

It requires making small bets and going on to a different slot after a few spins. But the variety of slots we offer is so vast, that a new gamer may feel cognitive overload on that first night of gaming.

No worries! Take a break from the casino, get on with your other interests or responsibilities and come back the next day!

How Wide is the Everygame Casino Library of Games?

In a word, very!

As we said, we offer about 200 slots. The themes in our slots cover a massive amount of entertaining ground from ancient cultures, to more modern themes, to slots where color itself is the theme, to elves and imps and witches and much, much more!

We also offer many variations of blackjack and video poker. These games have the highest return to player rate of about 99.5%. It does take a little time and effort to learn the correct strategy for every hand in video poker and blackjack but the fun of playing and the near 100% return make video poker and blackjack great entertainment!

Everygame Offers Great Games in Other Categories

We offer craps and roulette. The graphics and animation in these games are great but we readily acknowledge that these two games are more popular at land-based casinos where players whoop and holler on every spin of the wheel or throw of the dice.

We offer European Roulette where the house edge is half the edge in American Roulette which is usually the only kind of roulette offered at land-based casinos.

Everygame Offers Fish Catch and Banana Jones

These are what we call specialty games.

Fish Catch is a deep-sea fishing game that gamers can play with and against gamers from all over the world. The idea is to catch the biggest fish with the strongest weapon necessary to catch those fish. You get points for good shooting and for the number and size of the fish you catch.

As with all of the games here at Everygame, the graphics and animation in Fish Catch are spectacular!

Banana Jones is the Cuddly Version of Indiana Jones

Now, we admit that Indiana Jones was a heartthrob but we contend that he wasn’t cuddly! Banana Jones is off on a quest to save the Crystal Banana from her captivity in the castle and he is decidedly cuddly!

Banana Jones the game is at the same time a spoof on the Indiana Jones movies and also a retro revisioning of the famous kids’ game Chutes and Ladders. Vines are the ladders and snakes are the chutes!

When you get to the castle, you choose treasure chests until three of the same fruit appear. Then you win!

When you win, Banana Jones will expend massive amounts of cuddly energy on Whoo Hoo, Whoo Hoo!

What are the Happy Details of the Welcome Package at Everygame Casino?

You asked for it, you got it: the details! The Welcome Package is a series of four deposit bonuses and that wonderful small yet electric no deposit bonus at the end.

  1. The first deposit has a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  2. The second deposit has a 150% bonus up to $1500.
  3. The third deposit carries a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  4. The fourth deposit is for 150% up to $2000.
  5. Then the no deposit bonus puts $55 in your casino account!

We feel that you are ready to……