It must seem odd that we, Everygame Red Casino, are opening an article with a reference to good behavior at a land-based casino! We admit that the headline is a kind of misdirection! We encourage all gamers to stop going to land-based casinos in favor of playing the hundreds of games we offer here at Casino Red.

Still, we recognize that many gamers will still want to go to a land-based casino! So, we will segue from the many manifest advantages of online casino gaming here at Everygame Casino Red to how to organize yourselves for a trip to a land-based casino.

How to Make a Long Weekend Work at a Land-based Casino

Online Casinos are More Convenient than Land-based Casinos

In almost all articles on the advantages of online versus 'onland' casinos, convenience usually comes up as the number one advantage. So, we suggest that if you are going to a land-based casino, you do either of two things: Either go to a local casino or fly into Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or the Mississippi Coast.

If you plan to go to a land-based casino, you are clearly prepared to give up some convenience for the excitement of the land-based casino experience.

Always Go to a Casino with a Strong Time and Money Budget in Place

We recommend this all the time. We also say that far too many players at a land-based casino do not have such time and money budgets in place. As a result, they often spend way too much time on the casino floor, bet a lot more than they can reasonably afford to bet, and lose the excitement with which they came to the casino.

We say as often as we can that gamers who set sound time limits on gaming sessions can end a session and then pursue the many other things people can do in the evening. This includes hobbies, personal responsibilities, or simply getting together with friends or family.

How Can a Hobby Help Players at a Land-based Casino?

If your hobby is bird watching, music, sketching, and similar types of hobbies, you can spend valuable and quality time doing those activities instead of spending more time on the casino floor. It might be more difficult to pursue a hobby such as coin or stamp collection while at a land-based casino hub.

All the more reason to play at Everygame Casino Red and eschew the land-based casino experience.

Visit State Parks

There are a few excellent state parks near Las Vegas. You might not want to go there during the hot summer months, which in Nevada are also the spring and autumn months! So, go to Las Vegas in the winter if you must.

This will also make it more enjoyable to simply take a walk as a great way to stick with your prearranged time limit for gaming.

The main street of old downtown in Las Vegas is Fremont Street. There are a lot of outdoor vendors selling their wares so going to Fremont Street can be a happy diversion of many hours in Las Vegas.

Guess What Great Attraction is a Short Ride from Atlantic City

Yes, New York City!

If you have decided on an Atlantic City land-based casino trip, try to schedule in a day in New York City! There is way too much in New York City to list everything but here is a short list of great NYC attractions to get you started.

  1. A huge number of must-see museums. Even the most dedicated museum avoider will love MOMA and many others!
  2. A long walk through Central Park.
  3. The outdoor used book dealer who changes location often and was last seen on Amsterdam Ave around 70th street.
  4. Matinees on Broadway, off Broadway, and off off Broadway.
  5. Concerts and such at the Lincoln Center.
  6. If you like food, well, NYC is the place to be!

In other words, you can easily make a day of it outside of the casino if you are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.


Play Video Poker

We understand that slots are a lot more popular at any casino than video poker is. But the return to player rate in slots at many land-based casinos is close to 90% while the return to player rate in video poker is close to 100%, 99.5% to be exact! To only kickers are that the player has to use the best strategy on every hand and has to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the extra Royal Flush bonus.

Learning the best strategy for every hand takes some time. The payback is worth it! One of the biggest advantages online casinos have over land-based casinos is that we can offer free play in any game so, if you are learning video poker, you can play for free as practice here at Everygame Casino Red while land-based casinos cannot afford to offer unlimited free play!

We Hear That Some Land-based Casinos Pay Less than Online Casinos

This is true in video poker and in blackjack!

Advantage: online casinos!

In video poker, many land-based casinos pay only 7-5 or 8-5 for a full house and a flush while Casino Red pays 9-6. If you want to take your share of the 99.5% return to player rate in video poker, you have to play 9-6 video poker.

In blackjack, many land-based casinos now pay only 6-5 for a blackjack instead of the Casino red standard 3-2.

As a result of these two payout tricks, the return to player rates in blackjack and video poker in many land-based casinos is far less than the return at Everygame Casino Red!

If You Do Go to a Land-based Casino, here are our Recommendations of Proper Etiquette

  1. Never accept a free drink if you intend in still playing. If you are offered a free drink, and you accept it, end the gaming session.
  2. If you encounter a bothersome player who has had too much to drink, be calm and respectful and report the player to the floor managers.
  3. If you accept a voucher for a free meal at the buffet, it’s okay to go eat but then do not go back to the casino floor. You will be drowsy from digesting all that food and drowsiness leads to mistakes.
  4. Do not ever accept a sure-fire betting system!
  5. If a player at the blackjack table blames you for his or her losses, stay calm and respectful. You can point out that these “mistakes” you made were really based on statistical analysis. You can always leave the table.
  6. If you get a bas beat which is actually inevitable, the best way to deal with it is to leave the casino and take a long walk or buy a cold drink. Anything to get your mind off of the casino!

Everygame Casino Red is Designed for Frequent, Short Gaming Sessions

We recommend short sessions at frequent intervals. After all, Everygame Casino is ready to serve up great gaming in a safe and secure environment with many amazing bonus offers (something land-based casinos cannot offer).