Slots, blackjack, and video poker are the Big Three at Everygame Online Casino. Most gamers flock to these games when they access the $5555 Welcome Bonus here at Everygame Casino which culminates in the Everygame Casino No Deposit Bonus.

Nothing wrong with that!

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A Quiet Suggestion from Everygame Casino

What if, instead of heading to the Big Three, gamers headed for the games they never played at a land-based casino! It could be that any land-based casino they ever played at didn’t offer these games. It could be that they were so rooted to THEIR GAME that it never entered their mind to enter the wide world of OTHER GAMES!

So, here we will look for and talk about the wide world of OTHER GAMES!

Tri-Card Poker is the Go-to Game in the Tri-state Area


Bet we got you on that one!

Tri-card Poker is also known as Three Card Poker. First you make your ante bet and then the dealer deals the cards. At Everygame Casino and at all online casinos, the dealer in this case is the software! We still call it the dealer.

You get three cards and the dealer gets three cards. Now you have to decide whether to stay or to fold. If you stay, you have to add another bet equal to the ante. They are counted as separate bets.

Should the Player Always Fold a Weak Hand?

At first it would be easy to fold a poor hand. But there are twists.

The dealer has to qualify to win. He or she or it qualifies with at least a queen high hand. Now we can see all of the possibilities:

  1. The player folds and loses the ante bet. In this case, it doesn’t matter if the dealer qualifies. If the player folds, the dealer wins.
  2. The player does not fold. Here the player adds a second bet equal to the ante bet. Here there are three possibilities:
    • The dealer wins both bets by qualifying and having the better hand,
    • The player wins both hands because he or she had the better hand and the dealer qualified,
    • The dealer does not qualify. In this case, the player wins the ante bet and the second bet is a push.

It is interesting that there are other casino games where the dealer has to qualify to win. Eveygame Casino carries three such games─the Caribbean Poker games.

Play Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Draw, and Caribbean Hold’em

The qualifying minimum hand differs in each of these variations. The second bet, if the player chooses to go on, is double the ante bet. This makes it riskier to continue with a marginal hand.

However, the player can protect his or her ante bet and possibly win the second bet as well in two ways:

  • By winning the hand with a stronger hand than the dealer who has qualified.
  • By winning back the ante bet in the case where the dealer does not qualify.

The hand the dealer needs to qualify is relatively weak in each variation. So, with a hand of even moderate strength, the gamer will usually continue.

The Caribbean Poker games were developed, in the Caribbean, of course, only about 25 years ago. This they are very young as casino games go. The fun gamers have playing them is in inverse relation to their age!


Three Card Rummy

This is a rummy type of game that also requires the gamer to add a bet in order to continue or otherwise to fold. As a change of pace, Three Card Rummy is another fun alternative from the Big Three which are tremendously fun and entertaining but even the most fun game needs an exciting alternative as a change of pace.

Caribbean Poker is Not the Only “Odd” Poker Variation at Everygame Casino

Say hello to Pai Gow Poker!

Pai Gow has a long pedigree in Chinese games and the poker aspect was added to make it amenable to casino gamers.

In Pai Gow Poker, the player and the dealer are each given seven cards. They have to arrange a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The five-card hand has to be better than the two-card hand. The dealer has to follow certain rules for forming their hands.

Here are a couple of tips for formulating your hands.

  1. Gamers will usually break two pairs into a lower pair and a higher pair. This makes it possible to win both the high hand and the low hand.
  2. Always use a high pair as the two-card hand if you can still form a solid five-card hand.
  3. The player can win both hands or lose both hands. If any hand is a tie in rank and value the house wins.

Gamers love the challenge of creating two winning hands with the seven cards. It is a lot more difficult than it looks! The difficulty in seeing the less obvious way to set the hands is what makes Pai Gow so popular.

Baccarat and Roulette

These are great games. We readily accept that the whooping and hollering that roulette players love doing at land-based casino roulette wheels makes the game extra exciting on land. As a result, we categorize roulette as a Specialty Game.

We offer two versions of roulette: American Roulette and European Roulette. May we suggest that you play only European Roulette which has just a 0 and not the American 00? Our house edge in European Roulette is half the house edge in American Roulette.

Baccarat is famous because of the smoky and sweaty baccarat scenes in James Bond movies. In reality, baccarat is fun to play because it is a card game in which the player makes no decisions other than to decide how to bet.

Gamers can bet on the bank (or Banco), the player, or for a tie. A tie bet pays handsomely but it is statistically a poor bet. It is ironic in the extreme that a bet on the bank is better than a bet on the player!

Fish Catch and Banana Jones are the Most Special of Everygame’s Specialty Games

In Fish Catch, you try to catch the biggest fish for the most points. You have to choose the best weapon to catch the fish with. This is a game that gamers can play with other gamers across the ponds. This aspect of Fish Catch makes it an international casino game of sorts.

Banana Jones is the hero of the game that bears his name. He is as unlike Indiana Jonesa as a hero. Where Indiana Jones is tall and muscular, Banana Jones is short and cuddly. Banana Jones the game is a happy, rollicking spoof of the Indiana Jones movies.

Banana Jones is trying to rescue the Crystal Banana from the castle where she-it is being kept. Banana will go Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo when you win!

There are a Lot More Games than the Big Three at Everygame Casino

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