Gamers are playing casino games at Everygame Casino Online. A player wants to accept an Everygame no deposit bonus and is asked to use the Everygame no deposit bonus codes. The gamer reasonably asks:

  1. How does the casino keep track of my bonus money?
  2. How does the casino keep track of all of the games I play with my bonus money?

All Game Results at Everygame Casino are Produced by a Top-of-the-Line Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator is a Big Part of the Integrity of Everygame Casino

The random number generator is actually not the answer to either of the two questions asked above. Everygame Casino’s giant bank of computers keeps track of every bonus and every game that every player plays!

It does this in real time!

What is the Role of the Random Number Generator?

We have chosen to talk about the RNG because it is a “new” kind of technology, one that, unlike banks of computers, gamers and the average person knows next to nothing about.

We may not “know” large computer banks like a computer person does but we are comfortable that fast computers can keep track of a lot of data in real-time in the flash of a second. We do not know how the random number generator works and what, in fact, it is.

The Random Number Generator is…

Powerful software that acts like a continuous motion machine. The technological part is that the RNG never actually “stops”. It appears to stop a specified number of moments after a gamer presses spin, play, deal or whatever prompt the game he or she is playing has.

A random number generator “produces” millions of numbers, symbols, and so on that are never used in the game being played at that moment! This is a key point. An RNG has to continue to produce “numbers” until a gamer presses spin or deal. It is the continuous formation of numbers that gives an RNG its own integrity.

One vital point is that the numbers generated by an RNG cannot form a pattern. This non-pattern has to extend to millions upon millions of generated numbers. In other words, a random number generator is so random that it is impossible to hack it and affect the outcome of a game.

Online casinos need the random number generator to determine the outcome of all games except live casino games. The term “live casino games” can be a bit misleading as it implies that an online casino and a land-based casino are “almost” one and the same.

That they are not! An online casino is almost entirely online and needs a way to determine the outcomes of thousands of hands and spins right now in real time. Live casino games at an online casino are a very modern addition to the games available at that casino. Live casino games at an online casino are usually played in a studio. Gamers can interact with the dealer and with each other but the games are not played in a real land-based casino.

At a land-based casino, there are many games that are played entirely live. These famously include blackjack and baccarat played at tables; poker of course; and craps and roulette loudly played at giant tables as players exhort the wheel or the dice to be a lady tonight.


There are Also Games Run by a Random Number Generator at Land-based Casinos

These are slots, video poker, and any other game the casino offers at a terminal. The random number generator had to be developed in order to make online casinos possible. We may say that land-based casinos have a kind of “natural” randomness. Online casinos can only operate with external or unnatural randomness.

There is a happy sidelight to the use of random number generators by online casinos: an RNG is so random that it actually increases the reliability and integrity of any online casino!

Land-based Casinos Can Manipulate a Random Number Generator

The RMN can be calibrated to give any specific return-to-player rate. Most land-based casinos, because operating such casinos is so expensive, calibrate the RNG in slots to return several or even many percentage points less money wagered back to players.

Here at Everygame Casino, we calibrate the RNG in slots to return 96-97% of money wagered back to gamers. Land-based casinos return quite a bit less.

Casinos Cannot Manipulate the Random Number Generator in Blackjack or Video Poker

In both games at an online casino, the cards are reshuffled after every hand. The same is done in video poker at land-based casinos. In blackjack, a land-based casino may use a shoe that holds as many as 8 decks. This makes card counting much more difficult. At a land-based casino in single-deck blackjack, a good card counter can gain a solid edge over the casino.

In order to counter the lack of manipulation in video poker and blackjack, many land-based casinos pay out less than online casinos do.

In blackjack, many land-based casinos pay 6-5 for a blackjack. In video poker they might pay 8-5 or 7-5 for a full house or flush.

Everygame Casino always pays 3-2 for a blackjack and 9-6 for a full house and flush.

This simple difference adds greatly to the integrity of Everygame Casino and all reputable online casinos.

The result is that with the correct strategy, the return to player rate in video poker and blackjack at Everygame Casino is about 99.5% while at a land-based casino it is substantially less.

How Does an Online Casino Maintain the Integrity of its Random Number Generator?

We have the random number generator checked regularly. The RNG and our powerful computers are what keep us going! Gamers have to know that the outcomes of every game we have on offer are fair!

The Information our Computers Track is Also Fairly Collected and Stored

We have to return to the integrity Everygame Casino enjoys because of its massive bank of computers. The computers enable us to track the outcome of every game played by thousands of gamers around the clock and in real time.

Our computers can also track the many bonuses we offer gamers. Bonuses come with a wagering requirement that is a factor of the bonus the gamer has to bet before he or she can withdraw winnings.

Our computers also track every gamer’s comp points in real time.

All of these wondrous things our computers do combined with the wonder that is the random number generator make gaming at Everygame Casino a completely safe, fair, aboveboard, reliable, and fun activity of an evening.