Winter Fun has two distinct meanings this month. Everygame Casino is running a $240,000 online slots gaming promotion called Winter Fun and, well, winter fun means…winter fun!

Let’s talk about Everygame Casino’s Winter Fun promotion first and then we can look into what people consider to be winter fun.

People Love to Have Fun Outdoors Even in the Winter

$240,000 is a Lot of Winter Fun!

Everygame has been running this promotion since December 4 and it is set to end at the end of January. We give away $30,000 every Monday to the top leaderboard players. Players deposit $75 per week to participate in the tournament and can earn points by playing any game in the casino.

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Just saying.

At the end of the promotion, another $1000 will find its way into the casino account of one lucky gamer who placed in the top 20 on one of the weekly leaderboards.

Everygame Casino Runs a Lot of Promotions

One of the best features of Everygame Casino, and there are a lot of great features here at Everygame, is that we run a good number of excellent promotions. Gamers have many ways to enjoy slots and our over 300 games in total through our promotions.

We love hearing from gamers who enjoyed hours of gaming fun online with ones of our big deposit bonuses!

Winter Fun covers a lot of territory:

  1. It points to FUN as the key word we use often here at Everygame. Our goal is to facilitate fun for gamers.
  2. It reminds us all that we have entered winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter means early sunsets, ice and snow, cold brr temperatures, a lot more indoor activities than during the summer, and people thinking that 68° is warm!

Still, there is a lot of winter fun awaiting the more intrepid winter warrior. Let’s take a look.

Ice Skating

Many cities flood city parks in the winter since temperatures remain below or just a bit above freezing for many weeks in the winter. People can go ice skating in Central Park in New York City.

In Ottawa, Canada (the county’s capital city) many people skate to work in the government buildings by skating on the Rideau River which freezes naturally. It is quite the sight to see men and women in business clothes gracefully skating on the river while carrying a business briefcase in the hand and a backpack with their office shoes inside.

Glacial lakes freeze every winter and give people a lot of simple winter fun. All northern countries enjoy this simple winter pastime! Even Texas in the Deep South in the United States has a state-of-the-art outdoor skating rink!

Winter Hiking

The key here is that everything looks different in the dead of winter than it does in the heat of summer. Trees have lost their leaves and the leaves are now piled on the ground either frozen by the cold or decomposing.

While summer hikes are known for being massively sweaty with sun screen a pre-requisite, plenty of water to prevent dehydration, mosquitos and other critters getting tin the way, winter hikes are fun as long as you dress warmly enough.

When the temps are just a bit below or just a bit above freezing and the wind chills are manageable, a lot of people take even their little kids for a hike. A good winter style hat, coat, sweater, earmuffs, gloves or mittens are a must but it is worth it to spend some happy hours in the brisk winter outdoors.


Have You Ever Laid a Picnic Blanket Down on a Bed of Snow?

So, now you know what you might do before the ants come back! Again, it is important to dress warmly. A winter picnic will in all likelihood be shorter than a summer picnic but the kids will love rolling around in the snow while mom and dad enjoy a hot toddy or two with both hot and toddy the watchwords!

Sledding and Tobogganing

Some places still have sledding and tobogganing slides but it is also fin to go to a hilly area and sled down with the other people who had the same idea! In more mountainous areas, the snow will last well into Spring so this activity can be fun at least until June!

Kids love to sled down a slope. Even the most modernized screen and texting maven will love to climb back up for yet another slide down!

Skiing and Snowmobiling

These are time-tested outdoor winter activities. The most important thing to remember when participating in these activities is to proceed at your own most realistic pace.

Go to a State Park

Here is where online casino gaming marries winter fun to create a lot of….fun! You see, if you don’t spend money travelling to a land-based casino, you can earmark that money for a long weekend as a family or with friends. There are thousands of state parks in the United States.

Winter in a state park is much different than summer in a state park. Just as we say that curling up on the sofa with one’s special someone is a great segue to even more romantic fun, getting cold at a state park and then curling up with a hot drink afterwards is a great way to have a romantic winter interlude.

Ice Fishing

We wonder how much fishing takes place in those huts on the ice or if the fishing pole is a decoy for the fishing flask! Still, ice fishing is a great winter activity! Carving out your space on a frozen lake is a modern way a man marks his territory!

Make a Snowman

These days, we might better talk about making a snowperson! Whichever we make, requires a sufficient amount of snow, of course. When there is enough snow, the kids love to make a snowperson and put together his or her face.

Use Snow to Keep Cold Drinks Cold

If the air temperature is freezing or below but not ridiculously below, the snow will make a great refrigerator for keeping drinks cold. If you are having a party and you don’t have enough space in the refrigerator, look outside and help is on the way.

Hot Chocolate

Now that we have given you great advice on how to expand your refrigerator in the winter, we have to backtrack a bit to what may very well be the single most important part of winter fun: hot, hot, hot chocolate.

Everygame Casino Gaming Goes Perfectly with Hot Chocolate

As we say as often as we can, wait until after the gaming session is over to have a drink or two. So, when you are playing, hot chocolate makes the best wintertime drink!

Here at Everygame Casino, we are happy to be able to sponsor the $240,000 Winter Fun promotion. Naturally, if you have to be a member of the Everygame family to take part in the promotion. So, if you aren’t yet a member…