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Casino Gaming Should be Fun before All Else

It’s a well-known fact that almost all online casino gamers eventually go to a land based casino and that probably all players who have ever been to a land-based casino play far more often at an online casino.  In this article, we’ll talk about some simple ways to get the most pleasure out of casino gaming be it at a land based casino or here at Everygame Casino. 

Stay Friendly

We all know that land-based casinos are "full" of people.  If another gamer says or does something irritating, it will very quickly put a serious damper on your own gaming pleasure if you take their statement or action to heart.  Online gamers often join forums or chat rooms.  In these places, some people get vulgar or worse.  When that happens, the best remedy is simply to leave the forum or chat room.

Always stay in friendly mode; honey is far and away the best way to get good vibes and have a good gaming experience.

Contact the Casino

Land-based casinos also welcome your feedback but here we will talk more about online casinos.  We, at Everygame, welcome your questions and comments.  That’s why we have a customer service office that runs on a 24/7 basis.

If you are a new player, we encourage you to contact us with any question at all.  We want to show you the extent to which we value our response to your inquiries.  In the spirit of staying in friendly mode, we are always in friendly mode and we love communicating with gamers who are also in permanent friendly mode.

Use the Casino’s Advantages to Your Own Advantage

Online casinos offer many extra benefits that land based casinos can’t offer to the same extent.  One example is free play.  Land-based casinos need every penny which gamers feed into the terminals.  That’s because they have high maintenance costs.

Online casinos also have maintenance costs but we have the advantage of the virtually unlimited space available on the internet.  So, we can offer unlimited free play in all of our games.

Free play is a category of benefits in and of itself.  First, free play allows you to emphasize the fun side of online gaming.  If your bankroll is limited or if you just want to play without placing a bet, our free play mode gives you the chance to do so for as long as you like.

Second, free play is the absolute best way to learn a new game.  You can even enjoy slots, which have no real strategy to learn, in free play mode.  Every slots game has a theme and a gameplay that is unique to that particular slot.  So, by playing in free play mode for a time, you’ll find out if you want to play it for real money as well.

Not every slot appeals to every gamer, which is one of the reasons we offer so many slots.  If you find one individual slot to be not to your liking, it’s a lot better to do so at no cost at all!

Learn the Cerebral Games

Blackjack, poker, and video poker are extremely popular and do require some studious attention in order to approach getting even odds with the house.  These games are intensely challenging to gamers.  The best way to learn any of these games and their many variations is in free play.  You risk nothing and can learn “everything”.

Enjoy Creativity

Every game we offer has its own history starting with a simple idea at the game provider’s office.  Slots are the most obvious game that exudes creativity but every game involves such aspects as design, game play, color contrasts, music, and much more.

If you come to the casino just to gamble, you’ll miss out on all the creativity that the casino and the game provider put into everything you find at the casino.  A big part of the pleasure of online casino gaming lies in appreciating the creative genius at work in developing every game, promotion, feature, and article.

Land based casinos also have a lot of creativity on display but there it is mostly in the decor of the casino.

A great way to increase the enjoyment you get from any online casino game is to try to develop one on your own.  Again, slots are the most amenable to this type of mental activity.  Think of a theme, the characters, and symbols, plus the game play and bonuses.  If you do that for ten slots, you can do it for 100 slots.

Anytime you see more deeply into something that you enjoy doing, your enjoyment increases.  Imagine hiking in the forest in autumn and not noticing the change in colors!  When you play our online casino games, pay particular attention to the little details.  You’ll enjoy playing a lot more!


We encourage players to research the games they play; here we mean researching historical societies or periods.  There are a lot of slots with themes from ancient societies and cultures.  You’ll enjoy playing these games a lot more if you know something about the cultures and eras they depict.

We also encourage players to learn something about the history of other games offered at the casino.  When was blackjack developed?  Was poker just a Wild West card game?  Roulette sounds like it was invented in France; was it?

Getting Rich is not the Goal

It is true that if you win a progressive jackpot, you’ll be “rich”.  But the real pleasure in gaming whether online at Everygame or on land, is simply to have fun.  The fun side of online gaming comes from enjoying the storyline in slots, the many bets in craps and roulette, and the challenges present in the thoughtful games such as blackjack, poker, and video poker.

So, the ultimate goal is pure entertainment with a lot of intellectual challenges for the large number of players who like them.