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Playing Online Casino Games is a Relaxing Pastime

The modern world is full of stressful situations from issues at work, to daily news events, to the simple challenge of maintaining healthy relationships, raising a family, or simply staying in good health.  People find many ways to ease stress and one of the best ways is to play online casino games. 

We, at Everygame Casino Red, are happy to be able to report that online gaming is an excellent format for healthy relaxation if it is done properly.

Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos are not as good as online casinos for alleviating stress for a few reasons.  First, when you travel to a land-based casino, you make an investment in travel, hotel costs, restaurants, in addition to the possible cost of gambling itself.

The people at land based casinos may be in very good moods but they may also be highly stressed out themselves.  There may be players wandering the casino floor who have had too much to drink and are in a borderline state of becoming a nuisance.  At the blackjack table, there will inevitably be a player who blames the other players for making poor decisions and causing him to lose.

Online Casinos

None of the above problems that may or may not occur at land based casinos normally occur when you play at an online casino.  Let’s look at the various games we offer at Everygame Red Casino to see how each, in its own way, can alleviate stress.

Free Play

First, we must remind everyone that you can always play any game at our casino in free play mode.  In that mode, the games become pure fun and entertainment.  While some players always play for free, most players do play for real money even if they start out playing a game for free in order to “check it out”.

Sound Money Management

Whichever games you play for real money, it is absolutely essential that you play within your financial means.  We support all efforts by the casino industry, governments, and private organizations to promote responsible gaming.

The Games of Chance

In this category are such games as roulette, craps, bingo, casual games, and slots.  Roulette players like to watch the spin of the wheel.  Many prefer European Roulette because the odds are better for the player.  Roulette players also enjoy trying any of the multitude of possible bets.

Craps players like the large variety of bets as well as they like the gameplay.  Both craps and roulette are perfect games for couples.

We all know how to “play” bingo!  Bingo and the other casual games simply bring a smile to players’ faces without any stress at all. 

In all of the games of chance, you can play for long stretches by making small bets.  This is one of the reasons we urge our gamers to see gaming as a fun pastime above all else.

We will return to the games of chance when we devote an entire section to the joy of playing slots.

The Games of Skill

Blackjack, table poker, and video poker fall into this category.  First of all, we again stress the importance of playing within your means.  The great pleasure so many people get from playing the games of skill derives from their accepting the intellectual challenge of making the best betting decisions on every hand rather than on the challenge to win big.

There is a very special feeling that comes from playing blackjack for an hour or so and winning a few dollars!

Video poker allows players to play up to 100 hands at a time.  The return to player rate is close to 100% so, when you play multi-hand video poker, you have a good chance to see some excellent hands come your way!  Playing multi-hand video poker with your significant other is often a great way to combat the stress that the long work day develops. 


The joy of playing slots derives primarily from being able to vicariously experience many situations that you can’t experience in real life.  No one, as far as we know, can go back in time to ancient Rome or Greece or to the Inca, Maya, or Aztec societies.  Few people can travel into space or to the depths of the ocean.

On a cold winter night with the wind howling outside, it gives us great emotional relief to be able to play a slots game that takes us to a warm vacation spot!

Slots these days have unique themes.  Each individual slot has its own special characters that the game providers may spend months developing.  When you play slots, we encourage you to look closely at the symbols.  The small details that might pass you by will make you value the efforts of the creative people who developed the slots.

Mobile Gaming

When casinos went online, we all played at our desktop computers.  When mobile casinos first entered the market, the graphics were not so good.  Today, everything has reversed.  The graphics on mobile devices, especially large screen tablets but also on smartphones are excellent.

There is nothing that relieves stress better than simply lounging on a soft, comfortable chair or sofa.  Some do so with a sports game on the television.  Many others lounge in this way with casino games on their mobile device.  To repeat our favorite mantra: if you play primarily for fun, mobile affords the most comfortable platform for long relaxation.

We know that many sports enthusiasts yell at the screen when they watch their favorite teams play.  So, watching sports is often the opposite of a relaxing pastime.  Watching slots is often the exact opposite: a very soft and calming experience.

Playing with Your Favorite Other

Just being with your favorite other is relaxing enough for many people.  We hear from many players that even a few minutes in bed with slots, bingo, or even blackjack or video poker on the screen puts both partners in a state of deep relaxation.  It doesn't get any better....