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Great Tips to Guarantee Responsible Gaming

Online casino gaming is great fun!  However, just as in many other activities that we love to do, it is possible to play too much.  Everyone loves to eat and some people overeat.  Everyone knows that exercise is good for you and some people take exercising to an extreme.  Everyone loves to sleep and some people actually sleep too much.  (These people probably don’t have children!)

We could go on and on but we’re sure that you get the idea.  Every online casino, not only Everygame Casino Red, is concerned about the possibility that a gamer might overdo it.  We encourage all efforts to maintain responsible gaming.  In this article, we’ll present 13 ways you can stay responsible in your gaming.

Some of these tips might be obvious but we are sure that a few will be original thoughts.

Gaming not Gambling

We encourage all players to see the activity they are participating in at the casino as gaming not gambling.  Even though you put some money on the line we don’t see the activity as gambling so long as you keep it under control.

You will see that many of the tips we are presenting here are sub-categories of seeing online gaming as gaming not gambling even if you play for real money.  Gambling is buying junk bonds or junk stocks.  Gambling is opening a business in the wrong location.  Gambling is driving too fast for the road and the weather conditions.

Gambling is dangerous.  Gaming is fun.

Play for Fun

This is the most important thing to remember when you play at Everygame Red or at any casino.  If it isn’t fun, we encourage you to stop.  Every game we offer has a primary fun element.  Blackjack and video poker are challenging games.  The challenge is the same whether you wager a penny or a hundred dollars.

Slots are inherently fun.  So, we urge you to emphasize the fun side of gaming.

Play for Free

Our free play mode allows players to learn new games or to check out new slots.  We allow unlimited free play because we have virtually unlimited space.  We also encourage all gamers to play in free play mode if free play fits their bankroll best.

Playing in free play mode also takes any hint of excessive wagering out of the picture.  We suggest starting a session in free play mode as a way of “warming up” and also to end a session in free play mode as a way of “cooling down”.

Set a Time Limit

There is a cliché in the world of investments and in gambling: don’t chase bad money with good money.  Sometimes we have to accept a loss.  The converse to this good advice is that sometimes we have to accept a win.

In investments, selling an asset that is still rising in value is called “taking profits”.  Many investors fail to take profits and often see those profits disappear as the asset suddenly begins to lose value.

The same is true in gaming.  When you set a healthy time limit, you will not be able to chase bad money with good nor will you be able to allow profits to disintegrate.  Always remember, gaming is fun before everything else.

Your time limit should also take other responsibilities in mind.  These include family, work, exercise, and sufficient sleep.  When you set times to do the things you have to do, you will need to set time limits for the fun stuff as well.

Take Breaks

Even though you have set a time limit, you should take short breaks during a session.  A break clears your mind, allows you to rehydrate, and reminds you that the bathroom is calling.  It might seem odd, but many people who get so involved in what they are doing don’t take breaks and often don’t realize that the need to take a break is sapping their concentration.


Office workers hear all the time to get up and stretch at least every thirty minutes.  Online gamers should do the same.  It takes only a few short minutes to stretch out the muscles that have become tight while you sat and played.

Play Online

A corollary to the take a break and stretch tips is that online gaming lends itself much more to this than does land based gaming.  At a land based casino, you may want to play on despite needing a break because you don’t want to give up your seat.  This happens all the time at land based casinos.

It should never happen at an online casino since we have unlimited space.  You can’t lose your seat at Everygame Red!

Reduce Time at Land Based Casinos

When you’re at land based casino, you will have a tendency to play longer than is healthy for your body or your bankroll.  There isn’t much to do at a land based casino except gamble, eat, and sleep.  They encourage you to stay awake long past your bedtime by having no windows or clocks.

They offer free alcohol to keep you playing with reduced cognitive ability.

Set an Exact Bankroll

We do this all the time when we research concert tickets, airline tickets, hotel rates, new car prices, groceries, and the high cost of babysitters!  We should do the same for gaming.  Without set betting limits, gaming becomes gambling.

Stay Within your One Loss Limit

One loss limit is a term that more gamers should use.  If you have set $100 as your exact bankroll, it would not be responsible to put the entire amount on a single hand at blackjack or a single number in roulette.

Understand the Rules

Some games have slightly different rules than other games in the same category.  Always learn the exact rules before you begin to put real money on a game.

Play with Good Strategy

This is true even in slots which are a pure game of luck.  If you decide to play a progressive jackpot slot, you need to understand that you’ll qualify for the big jackpot only if you bet the maximum.  In video poker, there is a big extra bonus for a Royal Flush.  To qualify for the big bonus, you also have to bet the maximum.

In the decision oriented games, you should learn the best strategy for each game.  Video poker has a return to player rate that is very close to 100%.  You need to play with top strategy to get that high level of win rate.

Pay Yourself

This is great advice!  It simply means that you pay yourself a set percentage of every win.  You can set the self-payment at any percentage.  Players who follow this advice usually set 10% as the self-payment rate.

This advice almost guarantees that you’ll still have money left over when your time limit runs out. 

We hope that you can incorporate all of these tips and can thus always be on the responsible side of casino gaming.