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Everygame Casino's Varied Banking Options

Everygame Casino has several safe deposit options to suit the needs of every online gamer.  Let’s look at the options we offer.


Before we get into the details about our deposit methods, let’s talk about the safety of your money at the casino.  We use the strongest encryption system there is to insure that your money stays safe at all times in your casino account.  Encryption means that there has to be a secure connection between the two financial accounts—the account where the money is and the account the money is going to.

All online financial institutions and companies that accept payment online use encryption software to make the transactions safe.  Since you know that many thousands of transactions are performed online every day, you can rest assured that your money is safe at Everygame Casino.

Electronic Wallets

These are usually called ewallets or digital wallets.  Everygame Casino Red offers six different ewallet options.

For some gamers, ewallets offer great benefits that the other deposit methods don’t.  ewallets are more private than credit cards.  When you deposit through a credit card, the destination of your payment is registered along with your gasoline purchases, grocery bills, utility payments, and travel costs.  Some players prefer to use an ewallet to add a layer of privacy to their online casino activity.

This is generally how an ewallet works.  You send money to the ewallet.  Then you instruct the wallet to send money to the casino.  You can’t send more money to the casino than you already have in the wallet in the same way that you can’t spend cash you aren’t carrying with you at the time.

Many gamers use ewallets to help them control their gaming budget.  Depositing with a credit card might make it too tempting simply to send more money immediately through the credit card when the player is having a streak of poor luck.

Another reason many gamers prefer using an ewallet is that there are no interest payments with ewallets.  Since you can’t send more than you already have, you can’t go into ewallet debt.  The monthly interest rate for credit cards is very high so players like to control that expense by using an ewallet.

Credit Cards

As popular as ewallets are, the most popular method of depositing is still the old reliable credit card.  Millennials don’t remember the days when credit cards were rare.  Today everyone carries at least one credit card and some stores are already no longer dealing in cash.

Credit cards are no easier to use than ewallets.  The difference is simply that depositing with a credit card is a one-step operation while using an ewallet requires two steps.

Direct Bank Transfer

Some players who aren’t concerned about the privacy factor that can be resolved by using an ewallet still don’t want to use a credit card to make deposits because of the interest rate involved.  These players often choose to make a direct deposit from their bank to the casino.


Bitcoin is one of many so-called cryptocurrencies in “circulation”.  The term cryptocurrency means that it is not exactly a real currency even though in many ways it acts exactly like a real currency.  Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies are a 21st century phenomenon.

These currencies were “invented” by people who saw that governments were increasing the number of official currencies at an alarming rate.  Some countries experienced hyper-inflation as a result of the fast growth in their money supply.

Most online casinos still do not accept deposits in Bitcoin.  This probably is because cryptocurrencies are relatively new and are a bit difficult to understand.  Of course, you don’t have to fully understand the ins-and-outs of them to use them as a deposit method.

Call Us

Everygame Red Casino runs a customer service office that is open 24/7.  If you have any questions regarding deposit methods, we invite you to call us or write to us.  We’ll respond quickly and our well-trained staff will answer every question you have.  The third way to contact us is through live chat.

One of the questions we get most often is why it takes longer to withdraw money than to deposit it.  Go back to the first paragraph in this article when we spoke about safety.  Your money is completely safe at Everygame Casino. However, cyberspace is full of people looking to steal identities.

No one will steal an identity just to deposit money in your account at the casino.  They might try to hack the system in order to get withdrawals from your account.  So, to add a layer of protection to your money when you ask to withdraw some, we ask you for specific forms of identification to guarantee to us that the withdrawal request came from the rightful owner.

Setting Limits

Although this is not technically a deposit method, Everygame Casino allows gamers to set limits on their gaming.  That means that if you want to set any sum of wagers as your limit, we will gladly accommodate you.  In a sense this is the same as depositing a fixed amount of money as that also limits your gaming activity.

Changing Deposit Methods

Sometimes a gamer will decide to stop using one deposit method and will want to use a different one.  This is very easy to do.  You simply let us know and we will make sure that the change goes smoothly.

When Should I Deposit?

This is, of course, a subjective matter.  However, there are a few good guidelines for the best timing of a deposit.

One thing you should do is follow our deposit bonus promotions.  It is much better to deposit and get a bonus than to simply deposit.

Many gamers find that in the interest of sound money management it is better for them to deposit when they are ready to end a gaming session.  Another aspect of sound money management is to accept a bonus but to deposit less than the maximum amount.  After all, a player who is in complete control of their gaming may not need the full bonus.

Play for Free

We have to conclude this article by reminding you that we offer unlimited free play.  This is another way to get online casino entertainment but to maintain excellent money management.  It’s also a great way to become familiar with new games.  In that way, when you decide to play the game for real money, you’ll feel confident that you know the game well.