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So Many Advantages to Playing at an Online Casino!

There are so many advantages to playing at an online casino versus at a land based casino.  We couldn’t figure out which advantages were “better” than the others so we’ll talk about many of the online casino advantages in no specific order!  Taken together, they demonstrate why online casino gaming continues to grow!

No Waiting

Online casinos like Everygame Casino Red exist in cyberspace and as far as anyone knows cyberspace has no outer limits.  That means that as few as one or as many as a billion people could be playing the same game at the same time and everyone gets a seat and no one has to wait!  One of the biggest frustrations players at land based casinos have is that they might have to wait for the terminal they want to play to open up.

There is Always Something Else to Do

This comes under the heading of proper time management.  You want to play some casino games but, as a normal adult, you have other responsibilities too.  At an online casino, you can pause to answer the phone, finish cooking dinner, or work on a work project.  It is far easier to manage your time when you play online.

Windows and Clocks

Land based casinos discovered a long time ago that they had so-called captive audiences at their casinos since there is really little to do besides gamble, eat, drink, and sleep.  These casinos took out all of their clocks and windows so their players couldn’t keep track of time easily. 

In this way, land based casinos get players on the casino floor in the wee hours of the morning yawning but playing on.  Online casinos encourage you to get some rest when you’re tired and come back later when you're refreshed and ready for some fun!

Fewer Distractions

There is a very good reason that cocktail waitresses at land based casinos wear skimpy outfits.  They distract the men (and maybe some women!).  A distracted gamer will lose concentration on the game they are playing.  When you play online, there are also distractions.  We mentioned three of then above: work, cooking dinner, and answering the phone.  Once you’ve done what you need to do, you can return to the game you’re playing with full concentration.

One of the most serious distractions at land based casinos is free alcohol.  The casinos know that even one drink for most players will result in more losses.  Online casinos urge all gamers to save the whisky for after the gaming session.

Better Money Management

We mentioned time management above.  Land based casinos also make money management more difficult simply because there is little else to do but gamble.  Many players will buy more chips because they still have 24 or more hours on their travel itinerary.

Within the category of money management are the bonuses we offer at Everygame Casino.  Every casino has wagering requirements before you can withdraw winnings from your account after you’ve accepted a bonus.  It is simply next to impossible to fulfill your wagering requirement when you play at a land based casino because you only have a day or two to do so.  When you play online, you can spread your betting toward the wagering requirement over a much longer period of time.

Online casinos can offer many more bonuses as well for the same reason.  So, money management is much easier at an online casino.

No Travel Costs

Since we spoke about travel, we should point out the obvious here: when you travel to a land based casino, you have travel costs and when you play online at home or on you mobile devoice you incur exactly zero travel costs.

Travel costs include flights, hotel, car rental, restaurants, tips, bar costs if you drink before or after the gaming, souvenirs, and shows if you can afford them.  Your travel costs have to be taken into account as losses when you gamble at a land based casino.

Fewer Costs for the Casino

Online casinos have costs, of course, but they pale in comparison with the costs of running a land based casino.  The result is that online casinos can offer higher return to player rates in many games.  Some players at land based casinos are superstitious about where the slots are placed.  They believe that the casino can alter the payout rate for certain games based on where the game is positioned.

It is true that the casinos can decide in advance what the payout rate will be in some games.  That’s because all terminal games use a Random Number Generator or RNG.  The casino can decide at was percentage to calibrate the games for wins.  The really live games like blackjack, roulette, or carps run live so there is no RNG.

All games at an online casino use a RNG to determine the outcomes.  So there is no reason to be superstitious about game placement.  And because of lower overhead costs, online casinos can simply return more to players in the form of winnings.

Free Play

Because there is no limit to the space available for players at an online casino, they can offer unlimited free play.  This is a great way to learn new games or simply to play for the purest fun of playing.


The fantastic improvements that we have seen in mobile gaming graphics in the last few years have made mobile gaming the number one platform for gaming above both land based and desktop gaming.  Mobile gaming is convenient because it is available all the time.  Mobile gaming is comfortable because you can play while you lounge on your favorite soft chair or sofa.

Finally, mobile gaming is great because you can play with your significant other while in bed or on the sofa.  You can easily go from a romantic slot to a slot with high adventure.   You can spin the roulette wheel or roll the dice at will.

Online Casinos Continue to Proliferate

The fact is that online gaming is the wave of the future that's here already.  It is similar to the rapid growth in online retailing or online travel sites.  It stands to reason that there would be many advantages to online gaming over land based gaming.