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Happy Memorial Day from Everygame Casino

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Celebrate Our Military Heroes and Heroines

We try to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we and our children can remain free and continue to enjoy our freedom to the fullest.  One way we enjoy our freedom is by playing games.

Online casino games are not the only games we play on solemn days such as Memorial Day.  We may go out to the ballpark for a baseball game.  We may have a picnic or spend the day at the beach.  We may visit a State or National Park and hike on the land our great soldiers have fought to keep free.

Deposit Bonuses

The best way to enrich your bankroll at Everygame Casino is through either winning or taking a bonus.  When you play with a bonus, you are truly playing with the casino’s money.  The no deposit bonus is completely the casino’s money!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was first observed in 1868.  It followed the bloody Civil War which saw hundreds of thousands of soldiers die and get severely wounded in battle.  The Civil War was fought between the northern states and the rebellious southern states so the incorporation of a Memorial Day was a bit different in the two parts of the country.

The day became nationally famous because of the memorial service that took place at Gettysburg, the site of the greatest battle of the Civil War and also the site months later of President Abraham Lincoln’s famed Gettysburg Address.

It is Altogether Proper

It is a fascinating aspect of Washington D.C. that even in the cold of winter and very late at night, there are visitors to the city that go to the Lincoln Memorial to read the Gettysburg Address.  In it, President Lincoln said that “it is altogether proper” to commemorate the soldiers who gave their lives on that battlefield.

It is also altogether proper that we celebrate our fallen heroes at solemn ceremonies and also by playing games.  Had they lived they too would want to commemorate the loss others gave and at the same time celebrate our great freedom. 

So, this year let’s make Memorial Day a time of renewed patriotism and also a time of renewed dedication to the fruits of our heroes sacrifice by accepting the great bonus offers from Everygame Casino.