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Here are Some New Gamers Mistakes to Avoid for Maximum Gaming Fun

If you are new to Everygame Casino, thank you for coming to our site.  We always do our best to make your online casino gaming experience enjoyable and great!  To that end, we present this article about some mistakes beginners make.  If you are a true newbie, this article is definitely up your alley.  And even if you are a grizzled veteran of online casino gaming, we believe that you can benefit from checking out what we have to say!

Take Full Advantage of All Online Casino Advantages

A lot of gamers who are new to online gaming have already played at land based casinos.  The mistake some new online gamers make is to see online gaming as the same as land based gaming.

It isn’t!

When you play online, please make use of the following advantages of online casinos:

  • Remember to check out Everygame Mobile Casino!  Perhaps the most common new player mistake is to forget that the best online casinos have adjunct mobile casino platforms.  Everygame is one of the oldest online casinos and our mobile gaming platform is second to none for graphics, animation, and sound and for the wide selection of games you can play at Everygame mobile.

  • Try out a lot of games.  You’ll never lose your seat at Everygame casino because we have an unlimited number of seats.

  • Try out a lot of different types of games. Because there’s no waiting at Everygame, you can sample as many games as you like whenever you want to.  The more games you play, the more games you’ll like!

  • Play for free.  Many gamers use the free play mode as the perfect cost-free way to play new games and learns the ins and outs before putting down their hard-earned cash.

  • Take frequent breaks.  Remember, you never lose your seat at Everygame so take all the breaks you need.  Get a snack, visit the loo, take a walk, answer the phone.  Whatever you need to do, you can do it and still come back to the casino with No Waiting!

  • Take cash bonuses.  This is a great way for you to play casino games - with the casino’s money!  At Everygame, you start out with a very lucrative series of deposit bonuses that culminate in a no deposit bonus - all in all, $1330 in the casino's cash!

  • Save money and enjoy playing more.  The savings you realize up front when you play online as opposed to playing at a land based casino are real.   Add them all up: tickets or tolls or gas, hotel, restaurants, bar costs, and more.  In addition, the return to player rate at Everygame is higher than at any land based casino because we pass on to you our lower operating costs.

Learn about the Random Number Generator

The RNG, as it is called, determines how every hand or every spin will end up.  Because of the RNG, betting systems don’t work.  The new player error here is simply to try out several betting systems in the hope that one will work.  In fact, none of them work!  But do use best game strategies....

Use Best Game Strategy

There is a specific best strategy for every variation of video poker or blackjack.  In addition, there are strategies you can and should follow even in the so-called games of chance.

For example, many gamers feel that the odds of hitting a single number in roulette get better as they continue playing.  This is a common new player mistake that even many experienced players fall into.  The fact is that the RNG “resets” for every spin so the odds against hitting a single number are still 37-1 in American roulette.

The best strategy in the games of skill was determined by statisticians who studied a vast number of hands.  So, please avoid the rookie mistake of discounting the best strategy in blackjack and video poker.

This all means that you should avoid betting with your gut feelings or hunches.  It’s best to save your hunches for when you are deciding what to order at a new restaurant or some other more benign decision.

Using the best strategy may also apply to games of chance such as slots.  In slots, you have to decide on how many win lines to bet on and how much to bet on them.  This decision should be controlled by both your bankroll and the exact features of the slot you want to play.

Every slot at Everygame is great!  Your job is to find the one (or more) you like best!

Remember to Bet the Maximum

There are two situations that “require” that you bet the maximum: video poker and progressive jackpot games.  Please remember to bet the max in these games!  Here’s why.

In video poker, there is a large extra payment for getting a Royal Flush.  At Everygame, you can always bet the maximum of a low starting bet so your investment in each hand is still reasonable and well within your gaming budget. 

In progressive jackpot games, you can qualify for the progressive jackpot only if you have bet the maximum on the winning payline.  So, please, play progressive jackpot games only if the maximum bet on all paylines is within your gaming budget.

Gaming when you should Be Doing Something Else

New gamers tend to play too much.  They sit at the casino when they should rest, work, cook, clean, shop, exercise or any of the many tasks and other responsibilities you have.

The best way to avoid this new player mistake is to budget your gaming sessions.  If you stay within your budgeted gaming time, you’ll avoid this mistake to your own benefit.

Learn the Games You Want to Play

The different variations of video poker, table poker, blackjack and so on have slightly different rules.  Many new players make the mistake of playing them for real money before they have learned the rules that govern every variation.

Get the most enjoyment out of online casino gaming by learning how to play each game first.  As we said above, that’s one of the very best ways you can use our unlimited free play feature.

Maintain Gaming Perspective

You are so lucky to live in an affluent country in the most affluent time in history!  You are lucky to be able to devote a lot of your free time to gaming.  In times past, many people didn’t have any free time at all! 

We know how to maintain perspective in many other activities.  New gamers sometimes play too long and lose perspective.  Gaming is gaming!  We urge all gamers to see gaming as a form of entertainment.  That is the best way to keep gaming in its proper perspective and by keeping gaming in perspective, you’ll maximize the fun you get from every moment at Everygame.