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The History of Online Gaming is Truly Fascinating

Everygame came online in 1996 so we have been serving the world public since the very start of the online casino era.  We hope you find this article on the history of online casinos both interesting and informative.

The Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator, generally called the RNG, determines the end result of every game at an online casino.  The reason online casinos need the RNG is obvious: the games you play at Everygame are all virtual games.  The poker game has no dealer dealing out real cards - it's the RNG that determines which card comes up each time you click on "deal".

At a land based casino, the roulette wheel is a physical wheel, the craps table is a physical table, and the blackjack table is a physical table.  The roulette ball, the craps dice, and the playing cards are real as well.  At a land based casino, they also use the RNG for slots and video poker.

The casino tells the software company to calibrate the RNG to give a specific overall return-to-player rate for all games.  This rate is a general parameter so the actual return to player rate does fluctuate slightly from test to test.

As an online casino, Everygame has much lower expenses than land based casinos have so we give those “savings” back to you and our return to player rate is about 97%.  The rate at land based casinos hovers closer to 60%.


In the very early days of online casinos, many gamers were skeptical of the RNG.  The slots that players were used to playing were often physical games with a mechanical arm the player pulled.  It started the wheels spinning and when they were done you saw the results.  It's not that way with online slots.

Online casinos saw early on that they needed to be licensed, regulated, and certified by independent outside bodies in order to get the public to feel that online casino games were being run fairly.

Several regulatory agencies came along to guarantee the fairness of online casinos.  Nowadays, many governments regulate the online casinos that operate within their jurisdiction.  The first historical point to keep in mind is that the RNG and the willingness to be regulated and frequently checked by the regulatory body fueled the online casino boom that shows no sign of slowing down.


Many of our casino operations, including the RNG, banking practices, and the safety of your moiney,  are frequently reviewed by iTech Labs.  On the Everygame Casino site you can actually access the iTech Labs periodic reports to check that the findings were all on the up-and-up.

Everygame began operation in 1996 and has safely returned several billion dollars to our gamers in the years since.  We invite you to become another lucky gamer here at Everygame. 

Massive Growth

The internet now reaches every corner of the globe.  So, while at first there were just a few online casinos, today there are thousands.  We urge you to stay here at Everygame because we have always been fully regulated and certified and we have a great assortment of games, banking options, and promotions to keep things hopping.  Furthermore, our customer service team operates non-stop every day of the year.

In addition to the fast growth of casinos, at first there were just a couple of game developers while today there are hundreds.  Our games provider, Real Time Gaming, has a sterling reputation for innovation especially in slots.  So, let’s look at how the online environment has influenced the development of slots.

Infinite Space

There are two main factors that account for the explosive growth in online casino slots.  First, the digital age has made it possible to create slots with themes.  This simple fact means that slots makers need to employ exceptionally creative people who can develop slots so frequently that the casino can say that they introduce a new slots game every month.

Second, the internet exists in a “place” known as cyberspace.  As far as we know, cyberspace is infinite.  Even if it isn’t infinite it is a lot larger than the brick and mortar casinos.  So, while a land based casino might have to take out one slot in order to put in a new one, online casinos simply bring in the new games.

Meaning:  online gamers have a lot more games to choose from!

In slots, the great availability of space has made it possible for Real Time Gaming to develop slots in a large number of themes.  This aspect of slots now has trickled down to land based casinos as well.  It means that online slots players have a wealth of themes to choose from.  And since there is infinite space online you can play dozens of slots in one session without changing your seat!


For many years, it was necessary to download the casino to your computer’s hard drive.  This took more and more hard drive space as the online casinos grew in size.

In a very important sense, Everygame has kept the line on the weight downloading the casino created for your hard drive.  Most online casinos simply added new games as we said above.  Everygame has always considered the gaming needs and preferences of you, our players, so when we realize that a game has become obsolete for any reason we simply remove it from our library of games.

As a result, downloading Everygame Casino is far less weighty to your hard drive than downloading most other online casinos.

The really good news is that you can play right on your internet server without needing to download the casino at all!

Instant Play

Online casinos long searched for improvements in computer graphics.  Finally, in the last decade or so, these great improvements have been available.  As a result, we can offer you great graphics on your browser so you can save your hard drive space for photos or work product!

The software that allows you to play on your server is called Instant Play.  All of our gamers who play exclusively on their browsers tell us that the graphics on our instant Play software is simply stunning!


This is the new frontier in online casino gaming - well, not so new anymore!  The great graphics that made Instant Play so successful are also making mobile gaming successful.  Mobile gaming has always been more convenient and comfortable but the graphics were less than satisfactory.  Today the graphics are great, the screens are bigger and clearer, and mobile casino gaming is more popular than desktop gaming!


The final historical development was the advent of ewallets for deposits and withdrawals.  Now we can offer many banking options including credit cards, ewallets, and direct deposits - even bitcoin.  We make sure that your transactions are secure through encryption software.  This software is as good as the software online banks, investment stores, and businesses use to secure your money.


The online world has undergone many developments in the past 30 years and the online casino world is no different.  At Everygame, we will do everything we can to keep your gaming experience at the top of the pyramid for online casino gaming.