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How Does SpinLogic Gaming Continue to Make Casino Gaming Fun?

There are about 150 game providers in the online casino market.  Everygame Casino is proud to bring you several hundred games developed by SpinLogic Gaming or SLG, one of the great innovators in online casino gaming.

SLG began operation in 1998, well before most online casinos existed!  SLG is known for innovation, creativity, imagination, and smooth playability.  Here is an in-depth look at SLG, our great game developer.


Graphics is the aspect of online gaming that has powered the online gaming boom.  SLG is always in the forefront of every new development in graphics and gamers at Everygame Casino continue to reap the benefits.  Here are two prominent examples:

Instant Play

When online casinos were young, everyone had to download the casino to their computer hard drive in order to get the best graphics.  There was another way to play, usually called flash, but the graphics were very inferior.  SLG worked closely with software developers to design and incorporate the best graphics available in all of SLG’s games. 

One of the great benefits of the extraordinary developments in graphics is Instant Play.  Instant Play is a prominent feature here at Everygame and gamers possibly play most of their desktop games on Everygame’ Instant Play platform.  This allows gamers to save space on their hard drives and play the games directly on their internet browser.  This works only because of the impressive improvements in graphics brought about by SLG game development teams.


The graphics boom led directly to the mobile casino boom, as well.  SLG was a prominent player in developing the excellent graphics for mobile casinos.  As a result, most gaming at Everygame these days is done on our mobile gaming platform.

SLG Games at Everygame

Slots are still the single most popular games category at Everygame.  SLG continues to pursue a varied set of themes for slots.  Here are just a few of the latest slots that SLG has provided to Everygame:

  • The Mariachi 5 has a Mexican theme celebrating Mexican freedom and traditional Mexican music.
  • Pig Winner celebrates the Chinese Year of the Pig.
  • Wu Zetian is placed in a fictional kingdom that you rule over.
  • Fire Dragon is based on ancient Chinese mythology.
  • Cubee is a time travel game.

SLG has provided so many imaginative slots to Everygame that our gamers enjoy sampling them all.  Through the magic of unlimited space at Everygame Casino, you can go from game to game at will and you never lose your place at your favorite game!  At Everygame, SLG allows you to travel back in time or into the future; you can explore ancient civilizations or stay in the here and now; you can go far out in space or far below under the sea; you can experience deep romance or high adventure.

All of this is owing to the fine staff of tireless creative people at SLG.  The creative people at SLG find new ways to make slots more and more fun.  Many new developments are in the way the wild symbols act in SLG slots.  You can have stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and other great ways wilds work for you to make playing slots even more fun.

Table Games

These games include blackjack, roulette, and casino poker.  As challenging as producing new and exciting slots is every month, SLG took on the challenge of making online table games visually exciting so that they would also be fun to play online.

The first thing SLG mastered was the speed of the games.  Many game providers still have very slow movement in their games.  In the SLG games we offer you at Everygame, the gameplay is as fast as you might like it.  That means that you can think as long as you wish but when you click to continue the game, the software responds instantaneously.

SLG has made it possible for Everygame to offer a full slate of table games.

Video Poker

This is a strategy based variation of poker.  SLG spent untold hours developing the graphics for their video poker games.  The graphics are so good, and the return to player rate is so high, that video poker is now one of the most popular game types at Everygame.

An Ongoing Commitment

We, at Everygame, have one single ongoing commitment to you: to make online gaming as fun and entertaining as possible.  Our game provider, SLG, has exactly the same ongoing commitment.  SLG provides the games.  We provide the gaming platforms on which you can play the games SLG provides.

At Everygame, you get safe and secure gaming, many bonuses and promotions, and 24/7 customer service.  SLG provides the pure entertainment.

A generation of players at Everygame has discovered that the mutual core commitments we and SLG have toward you our gamers has worked out quite well.  As a new player, we are sure that this mutual core commitment will work well for you as well.