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Can You Give Me Any Tips to Improve My Gaming Experience?

The most common tips people give about online casino gaming is which slots to play, gambling strategies, perfect betting systems, how to win all the time and many others.  We want to give you a different set of tips. 

First of all, all of our slots are fun to play!  Gambling strategies are good for games of skill but there is no real strategy in games of luck such as slots.  Finally, there are no betting systems that work!  So, here are a few different types of tips for better gaming at Everygame.

Safe Banking

Everygame Casino has several ways to manage your money.  All of these money management methods operate equally between the desktop casino and Everygame mobile casino - one casino account no matter where you're playing. The key is to be sure that your money is safe.  Everygame online casino uses the most sophisticated method of protecting your money.  Our banking encryption scrambles the information about money or any other thing an online site wants to hide from uninvited eyes.

Once you’ve registered at Everygame and you’ve decided on a deposit method, the rest is fun, FUN, FUN!

That's Entertainment....

Online gaming involves money.  We just spoke about safe banking.  Since it involves money, it’s important to see the money you wager at Everygame as part of your entertainment budget.  That way you’ll always be in control of your money and your gaming.

Conserve Yourself

It is just as important to manage yourself as it is to manage your money.  Land based casinos have several traps to get you to play on when you should stop - free drinks, free buffets.  We offer tips on how to stop at the right time.

Play only when you feel fresh and alert.  Land based casinos take out their clocks and windows so gamers don’t know if it’s night or day.  They lose track of time and play long after they are too tired to continue playing happily.

We always say over and over that gaming is fun before all else.  So, when you’re tired, stop gaming.  There are a lot of other things you can do that don’t involve making bets, however small, on casino games.

You can always continue to play the games in free play mode just for the fun of it!

And come back when you're rested!

Alcohol - When Yes, and When No?

Another big trap of land based casinos is free flowing drinks.  Everyone likes a drink of course.  If you’re playing slots, a drink might not be a big deal since slots are a game of chance.  But if you’re playing a game of skill such as blackjack or video poker, you should not drink at all until the session is over.

Distractions - Good or Bad?

Land based casinos also know that when you are distracted you bet more and make less sensible betting decisions.  The best way to distract a gamer at a land based casino is to have waitresses walk around in tiny costumes.  The atmosphere at many land based casinos also prompts the female gamers to walk around in, shall we say, head-turning attire.

At home, the distractions are all about your other responsibilities.  When you start to think about getting dinner ready or getting back to work, end the session so you can tend to your other tasks.

Learn the Games

We suggest that you learn any new game by playing for free.  We offer free play for as long as you wish.  By playing for free, you learn how a game plays out at no cost.  We offer so many games that you’ll want to sample every one - and every one, except progressives, is available for free play mode.  The safest way to sample a new game and to learn the rules is to play for free.

Enjoy Youself

This sounds like a no brainer.  It is very interesting that many gamers forget that they are playing at an online casino and stay with the same game for a very long stretch of time.  Of course, if you have a favorite game, you should play it.  But how do you know what your favorite game is if you haven’t tried out all of the games here at Everygame Casino?

A lot of gamers at brick and mortar casinos get rooted to a seat.  Otherwise, the casino experience would be like a game of musical chairs!  At Everygame, you have one “seat” but you can play all 300 games (we add more games every month) from the same seat.  So, add to your gaming fun by going from game to game.

Bet the Max

There are two situations when you should bet the maximum.  The first is on any progressive jackpot game.  What a great moment—the moment when a lucky gamer wins the progressive jackpot!  But you qualify for the big win only if you bet the max o the winning payline.

If your budget doesn’t allow betting the max, then you’re much better off playing a non-progressive slot.  Remember, gaming is first and foremost fun!

The second time to bet the max is in video poker.  That’s because you qualify for the big jackpot for a Royal Flush only if you bet the max.  Video poker has a very high return to player rate—almost 100%.   So, find a video poker variation which has a low base wager and play five times that—the maximum bet—in order to qualify for the Royal Flush.

Many gamers love to play multi-hand video poker.  You can play up to 100 hands at Everygame Casino.  That’s fine if it stays within your budget because it means betting the max on all of the hands!  There is really nothing like seeing all the winning hands come up in multi-hand video poker.

Understand Volatility

This means the frequency of small wins against the frequency of big wins.  In a progressive slot, there will be relatively few small wins.  In many other slots, there will be many small wins.  It’s usually best to play a game with the kind of volatility that suits your personality.

Hit the Promotions

Read every month at least about the latest promotions at Everygame.  Promotions don’t end with deposit bonuses although these are very good ways to extend your bankroll.

We have a loyalty points promotion that everyone “joins” when you finish the registration process.  We offer many other promotions.  Some promotions change constantly weekly, monthly, while others last for several months.

Customer Support - Service with a Smile

This means we help you solve any problem or we answer any question.  Customer support is so important that we invite you to speak to a customer service representative when you join and from time to time thereafter.  We want to serve you.  One of the best ways we can serve you is simply to answer the phone when you call to say hi!