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Everygame Casino Leads in Producing the Online Casino of the Future

Everygame Casino has been offering great online gaming for over twenty years.  We have seen it all!  And yet we realize that in the future there will be new developments in which we will lead the online casino business.  What are those future developments?

Read on, friends.


This is the area that runs the online casino market.  We don’t have any physical games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps tables.  We offer great gaming because the technology continues to improve.  In the future, the graphics for all of our games will get sharper, clearer, more real, and more attractive - maybe interactive?  Maybe we won't need our computer mouse or pad, just think the moves we want to make?  The sky's the limit. 

Technological developments come about every few years and we are always at the center of them.  Here are two major developments from the last ten years.

Instant Play

This is the modern version of what used to be called Flash.  Instant Play is far better for players.  The graphics are better and you can play on your internet browser instead of having to download the casino to your hard drive.  That leaves a lot of room on your hard drive and still you have great online casino gaming at your fingertips. 

We might have said that Instant Play is the epitome of technological advances in the online casino market except for…

Mobile Gaming

This truly is the great advancement of the last ten years.  Graphics on mobile screens has gotten so good that most online casino gaming is done on mobile these days.  It isn’t just gaming.  Most searches are made on one’s mobile device.  Communication is the essence of mobile but mobile devices are far more than portable telephones.

Michael McIntyre, the great British stand-up comedian, has a hilarious riff about what we didn’t do before we had smartphones that we do now.  We didn’t take an entire encyclopedia with us when we left the house!  We didn’t take all of the pictures we had ever taken!  We didn’t take some puzzles or games with us!  We didn’t take a flashlight! But these days, we take all of those things with us - and more - in our pockets. 

Our mobile culture means that even as working commutes get longer, we can play some casino games while we’re on the bullet train to and from work.  Naturally, we also work while zooming ahead on the bullet train.  Mobile gaming when we’re not home is a diversion.  This is the next important development.

International Reach

Technology is actually far cheaper today than modernization was a hundred or more years ago.  The world is connected like never before.  Developing economies may all be developed within a generation.  That means that access to online gaming will be available to all and that online games will have to reflect the world community in every way.

Short Sessions

There are so many entertainment opportunities these days that gaming often occupies a small fraction of our entertainment time.  Mobile is perfectly suited for short gaming sessions.  It is almost instantly accessible.  Many gamers will take a dozen or so spins on a progressive jackpot slot hoping to win over a million dollars.

Then, back to work on that soon-to-be-due project.  In terms of what we do on long commutes, online casino gaming on a mobile device is the paper newspaper of the present.... and the future.

More Promotions

As the number of online casinos continues to multiply, so do the promotions they all offer.  In order to stand out, we will all need to amplify the set of promotions we offer gamers.  Everygame is already in a leading position in this regard  - it's hard to imagine how we could improve - but, surely we will expand the number and type of our promotions in the future.

More Imagination

The number of online casinos now numbers in the thousands.  The number of game providers is about 150.  As intellectual property becomes the driving force of more and more developing economies, we expect to see a fat increase in the number of online casino games providers.

This means that human imagination will go to areas that no one has at yet imagined possible.  New games will surely be invented.  New variations of old standards may be invented.  New ways to make slots exciting may come into the market. Slots used to be dull three reel affairs.  Today, they are five reel storybooks of excitement.  At Everygame, you can play as many games as you wish without losing your seat!  In other words, online gaming gives players the most flexibility imaginable.  We can anticipate that flexibility in slots and all of the other games we offer will get even better in the near future.

Combining the storybook nature of modern slots with the quick access to online casinos from anywhere in the world, we can see that slots will become more ethnic both as tales from history but also from the here and now.


At present we accept bitcoin for online casino banking.  However there are many so-called cryptocurrencies.  We can see a time in the near future that we might accept more alternative currencies than credit cards and ewallets combined.  Banking with bitcoin is fast, secure, and anonymous - and sure to expand in the future.

Live Gaming

This has been tried at online casinos for many years but it has never caught on big time.  Since technology rules all, we can see the day coming soon when live gaming at Everygame will be as real as live gaming in a brick and mortar casino.


Can the day be far away when a robot becomes the dealer in a live casino game at Everygame?  We think not.  We might also see virtual robots dealing blackjack, spinning the roulette wheel, and running the craps table.  We might have a robot call out the numbers in bingo.

A robot might become a customer service representative with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything connected to the superb online gaming at Everygame Red.  In the meantime, enjoy our super friendly, very human staff.

International Meeting Place

We can already communicate with people anywhere in the world instantaneously.  Online gaming may become a way to meet people for fun, networking, or might we say, romance.

As affluence increases and as work becomes less strenuous, we will look for more ways to play.  Everything we have said here shows that the challenges of reaching billions of people in the very near future will be a driving force for Everygame Casino going forward.