player relaxing with warm drink playing blackjack on his laptop

Play Everygame Blackjack Well for Long-Lasting Good Vibes

Some gamers, when they make the move from land based casinos to Everygame Casino online, prefer to play the games of chance over the games of skill.  For these players, online casino gaming is a form of relaxation after a long day at work.  In this article, we will explain some of the value of playing blackjack, the classic game that combines luck with skill.

Best Strategy

Blackjack is a game with a very high return to player rate (RTP).  Because the RTP is close to 100%, you can play blackjack for a long stretch and come out very close to even.  If you use the best strategy, you will come out ahead very often.  The very fact that you know in advance that with best strategy you’ll win a little or lose a little means that you can play blackjack as much for fun as for the mental challenge.

The key, of course, is to play with best strategy.

Card Counting

There are two big reasons why card counting defeats the purpose of relaxing with online casino gaming.  The first is the obvious one: you have to concentrate so hard to always have the right count that the game becomes the exact opposite of a relaxing pastime.

The second reason has to do with online gaming in general.  We use a Random Number Generator to determine the result of every hand.  In fact, the RNG determines the result of every game!  In blackjack, the RNG does not use a single deck.  Instead it “shuffles” the deck after every hand.

Some will say that only by counting cards can a blackjack player have a chance to beat the house.  This is not correct.  In fact, card counting is very overrated as a winning strategy in blackjack.  The best strategy in blackjack is to use a strategy card.  This card is readily available online and is easy to learn.

Practice for Free

When you have a strategy card, you can practice using it in our unlimited free play mode.   There are some interesting strategy aspects that show up on the standard strategy card.  As you practice, you’ll see how best strategy plays out in real time. 

Enjoying Blackjack

Remember, best strategy in blackjack doesn’t mean that you’ll win every time.  It means that you’ll make the best play for that specific situation.  The best play for any given situation is based strictly on statistics rather than on hunches or what “seems” right!

The enjoyment you’ll get from blackjack has as much to do with the game play of our blackjack options as the good feeling you get when you win with correct strategy.  For example, some blackjack players never hit when they have 12 or more points.  It feels great to hit and win with 12 or more points when that is the best strategic play you can make!

The Strategy Card

The first thing you’ll notice about the strategy card is that it is very colorful.  The reason for that is to make it easier for you to see the various obvious and unusual plays that the card advises you to make.

Next, notice on the left that the player’s hand is divided into four sections.  The first is a player’s holding of 12 to 17 points.  Next are all holdings of 9-11 points plus the grouping of 5-8 points. Next are all players’ hands with an ace.  Finally, the strategy card covers all pairs. 

Now look at the top row of the card.  It shows the dealer’s up card.  It is at the intersection of the player’s hand on the left with the dealer’s up card on the top that statistics determine the best play.

Standing with 12 or More Points

We can quickly see that it is a big mistake to always stand with 12 or more points.  In fact, it is best strategy to hit even with 16 points if the dealer shows a seven or better.

Also notice that if you have 12 points and the dealer shows a 2 or a 3, it is better for you to hit than to stand.  This seems counter-intuitive to most blackjack players but statistics bear out that hitting here is best.

When to Double Down

The second section has the obvious hit strategy for holdings of 5-8 points.  It also tells you to double down in almost all cases with 10 or 11 points.  It is interesting that with 9 points you hit more often than you double down.  With 9 points, doubling down is best only when the dealer shows 3-6 and not if the dealer shows a 2!  A dealer up card of a 2 once again produces a strategy play that is counter-intuitive.

What Should I Do with an Ace?

Many players will stand if they have 17 or 18 points with an ace.  The reason doubling down is best here is because you win double when you double down and you follow this strategy when the dealer’s up card is the weak 3-6.  In other words, having an ace allows you to double your wins when the dealer has a weak up card.


The last section on the card covers pairs.  Much of this is obvious.  However, many players will not split twos or threes because they fear busting.  Still, splitting here wins more money than merely hitting.

The strategy for a pair of nines is also unusual.  You split a pair of nines except when the dealer shows a 7, 10, or ace.  In the latter two cases, the best play is obvious but the strategy for when you have a pair of nines and the dealer has a 7 is odd indeed.

Best Strategy Has a Calming Effect

We began by talking about how playing games of skill can also be relaxing.  Players feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction when they make the best play in blackjack even when that play seemed strange to them.

The same effect occurs often in the business world.  So, even after a long, arduous day at work, blackjack played well can have not only a calming effect but can carry over the lingering positive effect to tomorrow’s work day!